Author’s Note:  I am a stay at home mother who happens to hold a part time job.  That job is bus driving.  I drive an elementary route and a junior high route.  As you can probably imagine, some amazing and funny events have transpired over the last few years one of which I’ve written below.  Names have been changed to protect…well, basically, to protect me and my job.


Probably you've all heard of the air guitar, the instant instrument that anyone can play.  Just put your hands in the proper position and any tune you choose will be played perfectly - as long as you have a voice.  Air drums are also very popular.   

On my bus I have the unique experience of transporting what I am sure is the only air ukulele band in existence.  It all started with Daryl.  Daryl can imitate anything and he does, constantly.  I fully expect to see him on TV doing impersonations some day.  About a month ago he decided to play the ukulele (air ukulele) with the sole purpose of annoying the other students around him.  He succeeded in his attempts and soon the whole back of the bus was shouting, "Shut up, Daryl."  This tickled Daryl immensely so every few days when the mood struck him we would be treated to an air ukulele concert.   

One day at one of my stops in the middle of one of his concerts, I called Daryl to the front and asked him to sign a piece of paper for me.  I told him that I wanted his autograph because I was sure that no one else in the world was privy to his air ukulele talents and I wanted his autograph now before he became rich and famous.  He loved this and so did the other 8th graders in the back of the bus.  And so, as attention seeking teenagers love to do, the air ukulele band was born.   

They practice almost every day from about 2:50 P.M. to 3:15 P.M.  They stomp, they clap, they take turns playing lead ukulele and drums.  They are overwhelmingly loud but incredibly well behaved since all their attention is occupied with their “music”.   

I truly wish that I could record them on videotape and show all of you, because it cracks me up.  The 6th and 7th graders just look and shake their heads.  Occasionally, one will ask, sometimes with dread and sometimes with laughter, "Are you going to let them play today, Ms. Kathy?"  And I say, “Of course, I am.” 

I bet you wish you were a bus driver too. 

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