I asked the EOS staff to give me captions for the following pictures, so I'll share them with you.  This is from Kathy Hardeman:

Listen up, Mom, Iím takin over business since Daddyís always at the hospital and Uncle Jasonís busy taking care of Sam.

Thereís a new kid in town named Diego and Iím makiní him my enforcer.  He doesnít have any experience but he thinks Jason is afraid of him.  I can use that.

And thereís nothiní you can do about it.

So unpack the crystal because Iím ready to start throwiní glass.

No, little man, you listen up. 

If anyone takes over the business it will be me.

Who broke out a baseball bat and swung it at the Five Families?

Me, thatís who.

Who can out drink a sailor?

Me, again!

Who has survived plane crashes, hotel fires and a bullet in the brain.

Thatís right, me.

Besides, MOB Bosses have to be old enough to drink

And you go to bed too early to handle those late night meetings on the docks.

Now take yourself upstairs pronto and pick out a bedtime story for me to read to you.

Carly thinks to herself, ďThatís it.  I am taking away his gangster and Ninja Turtle movies.Ē

From Sarah Doctor:

Carly: "Michael, we need to talk.  And you need to listen to me."
Mikey:  "But mommy, Mr. Guza says that all women are vapid and empty-headed, and that I shouldn't pay any attention to them!"

Carly:  "Michael, I am your mommy, and you WILL listen to me!!  What have I told you about..." blather, blather, blather...
Michael, thinking to self:  Whoa, what the heck is that in her teeth?  It looks like...broccoli.  We had that like...3 days ago...ewwwww...*Carly droning on in background*...God, can't she just shut up, or stick a sock in it or something?  OOH!!  Maybe Jason could take care of her the way that he takes care of all those mean people who want to hurt Daddy!  Hmm...what's his cell number again?...555-5...something...
Carly:  "...and you have GOT to respect me because I'm your mother.  Do you understand, Michael?  Michael?"
Mikey:  "Yes, mommy."  Oh, yeah!!  555-5464... "Can I call Jason?"

Carly:  "Oh, and you know what, Michael?  I'm tired of you doing this over and over, so it's MY turn, now."
Mikey:  "Please, mommy!! I promise never to wipe my boogers on you again!!"

From Kate and Dayna

"Nice tits Mom, you're racktacular!" - Kate

"Nice rack, Mom"  - Dayna

Great minds and all that...