Disneyland, January 2005

Eric's focus was on landscaping ideas.  He was particularly attached to these trees.

The City of Anaheim now has buses running to Disneyland one
right after another.

It rained all morning and we even ended up going back to the
hotel for a couple of hours when it was pouring buckets to the
point that it was just totally un-doable.

I don't normally single people out,
but what was this guy thinking?

I guess you can sponsor mosaic tiles
on the main entryway.  Anything
to make a buck, I guess.  I want
the one with the moons and castle
like Paul and Gina's (and Mike,
Ann and Elizabeth's).

My favorite sign in the world,
except for the one that tells
me I'm home again.

Ni-i-ice lattice work with the
shrubbery.  Yes, it's real.

I don't dig on those characters that walk.
Alice kind of copped an attitude.  In the 4th pic over, she's saying all Britishly snide (after
a little girl asked why she was leaving), "I'm not LEAVING, I'm MOVING, you weren't LISTENING!"

Yeah, here comes trouble.  The Queen of Hearts was hassling Dylan hard.

In California Adventure, they had "Playhouse Disney Live on Stage," which my boys loved (while everyone else
went on Tower of Terror).  Dylan was chosen to hold a sign and Nathan was dancing away.
(I think Mickey felt bad for the queen roughing up Dylan, so he had Bear throw him a bone)

I miss Lynn Thigpen (who did the voice of Luna).

Eric was shocked that "Grizzly Peak" (the mountain on which we live) was the theme for the white
water rafting ride.  There was even a highway 49 sign, which is near our home.

Bumper cars that go about 500 feet per hour.

Screwing around with Pluto, who was sitting all by himself.

Inside Tarzan's treehouse.

When I told Dylan that there was a ride called Storybook Land where we would
enter through a whale's mouth, he thought for a second and said, "Where do we come out?"

Delena's excitement over the Dumbo ride is underwhelming.

I think they actually thought they'd get it out.

Delena got the autograph of every character she saw.

Killing time, waiting for the others to show up.  Evidently, Delena joined Black Sabbath while I wasn't looking.

The next day, we went to visit Eric's grandmother.  We surprised him with a visit
from his mother as well.  I love Gram's flamingo.