Hope this column finds everyone happy and healthy and ready for a new year.  I hope Santa was as good to all my friends as he was to me.  I love that Jolly ol’ fat man. 

Jumping right in…

With a different actor I think I actually would have found Steven coming to Sonny’s penthouse and sitting next to him on his sofa amusing.  I want to like Steven Weber if only for the fact that Sonny doesn’t scare him.  Even still I found the whole scene mildly amusing as Steven reminded Sonny that Carly was no longer his wife.  The reality is, I don’t believe you fall in love that fast and his feelings for Carly just don’t seem real to me.  I am not seeing that necessary chemistry that we always talk about.   

Speaking of chemistry, it is there just fine with Jason and Sam.  I thought it adorable when he asked her over.  I also found it so sad that she obviously spent Christmas alone.  I don’t believe Jason would have left her alone on Christmas so soon after her loss and feel that was a major over sight by the writers. 

I thought Brooke Lynn’s mesh, tummy baring Elf suit was hideous and frankly found it insulting to Elves everywhere. 

Alexis and Ric are funny.  I am almost starting to forget whom Ric was and accept this new coupling.  I have to say the credit must go to the actor because I could not otherwise imagine my new outlook.  He is actually endearing and he and Alexis are starting to fit.  They made me smile and this relationship has grown naturally instead of being forced. 

Sonny’s lawyer has the sexiest voice I have ever heard. 

Tracy’s new hair cut looked beautiful.  I found her absolutely stunning on Christmas at the hospital and only wish I saw her more often. 

Carly sure got better fast.  Please lord, if ever I am ailing, send me to GH. 

Thank goodness Courtney is finally making a room for Diego.  Although I’d rather he went to Mexico instead. 

Now that Lucky is suspended maybe he can restart his photography career.   

This is something I never ever want to admit but why does it seem whenever Carly and Sonny break up I want them back together?  These two give off the longing looks and the lusty vibe right through my TV screen.  Except when they are actually together all that chemistry goes away.  They only seem to work when they know they are supposed to be apart.  At first I thought I was imagining it, but then when I watched the exchange over morning coffee, with Carly in sexy sleep wear and Sonny’s grinning at her making innuendos of all sorts.  He has this devilish grin that still melts me and makes me forget he makes me so mad.  It isn’t planned, I don’t think and even if it is, it seems so natural. 

It is crazy, and it makes me confused because I don’t like them together.

I absolutely loved my Holiday.  Instead of the IPOD, I was given a Dell Jukebox and it really is the coolest thing going.  I love my gadgets.  It holds about 9,900 songs and I have put on maybe 100.  Not even a dent.  Best of all I ordered the car kit so that I can drive around with it. 

I have to make a play list called “gym” so I have some upbeat tunes to work out to.  January 3, 2005 will be “D” day all around.  Diet, Exercise … all the things I hate most in this world.



Thanks to W2W for the screencap!