Dayna is the fashionista but I would be remiss if I didnít comment, what is this new soap style with long shirts covered by very small and tight sweaters?  Carly and Emily and Sam have all been sporting this new trend with tails hanging out and to me it is just sloppy.


Luke loves Skye and he said so.  I think it is time to let Laura lie.  Laura and Genie are gone and it is just time to move on and let Luke live the way he was meant to.  On a side note though, Luke really needs to get in some quality Lu Lu time.  It would be real nice to see Skye and this little girl develop a relationship especially given the fact that Skye cannot have children of her own.  I think such a relationship would add even more depth to Skyeís already complex character.

I donít know why I donít recall that Brenda is Brookís godmother.  I find it odd that now that we know Brenda is alive and well she isnít in touch with Lois and her goddaughter.  Lois told of Brendaís past with Sonny like someone would who didnít really know her.  The whole scene struck me odd.  For that matter isnít is strange that this new Lois never even talked to Lorenzo about the relationship between Luis and Brenda? 

Sam and Jason might be sporting some chemistry but in my opinion it doesnít hold a candle to the sparks that still exist between Carly and Jason.  Jason was there to comfort Carly when she realized her fatherís lie.  Instead of saying I told you so Jason simply reminded Carly that Johnís recent actions could only be the effect of Johnís real feelings for his daughter.   

Everyone who is tired of Emily and Nik obstacles please raise your hand.  How many obstacles does one couple need?  I canít even remember them all to name them but we had; Nik lost in the fire, Nik loses his memory, Mary stalks them, Helenaís curse and Uncle Stefan tries tries to kill Em.  Iím tired.  Please just let them alone and take them off my screen awhile.  No one in PC ever really goes to prison and no one ever really tells the truth.  Not a soul in PC would actually disbelieve a self-defense story because every one knows what Helena is capable of.  When you further consider the fact we have no more lawyers, just let the Prince go.   

Has anyone noticed Diegoís tendency to sound like Sylvester Stallone in Rocky?

I am all about the Christmas spirit.  I watched Elf last night and it was just adorable.  I decorated my office.  I just wish I knew what to finish buying.  I am struggling with my co-workers (female, 63 and 62 Ė idea and suggestions appreciated)

I am just sad b/c there are no kids in my family.  The youngest is my 16-year-old niece, my brother is estranged and I miss my grandmother fiercely.  The closest kid we have is my best friend of 20 years who has a 7 year old and always spends Christmas Day with my family.

Still, I am very excited and just love getting and giving gifts. 


I never thought I would say this but I think Ice T is an excellent actor.  Last night was one of the best Law & Order SVU episodes I ever saw.  Ice-T as Fin Tutuola managed to come across my screen and make me feel what he was feeling.  Last night, Fin was a man estranged from his son, with his mortality and also dealing with causing the death of (2) armed, 16-year-old boys.  This spiraled into him being labeled a ďheroĒcop and having his face plastered in the newpaper, which prompted a visit from the mother of a long ago case.  In an effort to right wrongs Fin went on a journey only to find the girl dead.  What he did discover is a baby, a long lost grandson to the distraught mother and returned some level of peace to the grieving Mom.  Ice-T played the role to the hilt, his facial expressions, mannerisms and guilt-induced actions both believable and humane.  It makes sense why the whole Law & Order series is such a success. 

Happy Holidays Everyone!!



Thanks to W2W for the screencap!