Hope everyone had a fulfilling holiday period and is well rested and well fed.  Now we can go into full swing, as we get ready for the next set of holidays.  Today is November 29, 2004 and already I have been subjected to tons of Christmas music on the local radio stations and I just feel like sayin Bah-Hum Bug. 

Thanksgiving was lacking.  Soap-wise that is because all I really wanted was to see the Qís end up having pizza.  I look forward to that yearly tradition and the fun episode it usually brings.  This year all I got was a re-run of a bad episode.  I watched on fast forward and basically all I learned was that the episode was even worse the second time around.  I only wished I caught a glimpse of Cameron, i really liked him.  I did catch a glimpse of Garcia and saw him cuff Jason to the handrail and though well too bad they made him crazy and bad too.  Why is it that the new GH exit it death by insanity?  Think about it Ė no one leaves unless they go bonkers first.  Mary did, Zander sure did and in a blaze of glory at that.  Heather will go nuttier, Conner came that way so it makes sense heíll go that way.  Samís sanity is hanging by a thread so maybe she could be on her way out as well.  Oh the nuts of Port Chuck.  What a crazy place to dwell. 

I am having a man dry spell.  Being single has itís perks but after over a year it can get a little lonely, so I thought maybe I could find some dating advice from the woman of Port Charles.  I found two issues right away, my town has no docks, and I hyperventilate in hospitals.  Also we have no crazed mobsters (that I know) that can kidnap me at gunpoint nor have I found a rich playboy who wants to make a bet.  It was fun trying to remember where all the couples have met and how they got together and really all I could think of is they either meet on the docks or they meet in the hospital.  Why not try some trivia and see if we can pinpoint locations of recent romance.

Lorenzo and Lois met Ö

Courtney and Jax met Ö

Ric and Alexis met Ö

Sonny and Carly met Ö

And truthfully I canít pinpoint even one except Carly and Jason met at Jakes.  LOL


Anyone catching those Carly and Steven sparks?  Yeah, me neither.  Canít we find a better match for her than Steven Webber or a recycled Lorenzo.  Better yet why not have Carly team up with Uncle Luke in his most recent venture.  I know he had some spark (and not the nasty kind) with Sarah Brownís Carly but I havenít seen him and Tamara interact very much or at all that I can recall.  It might be nice for Carly to try and learn to be alone for a while and maybe even secure her fledgling bond with Jason. 

They did it.  Finally the writers have turned me anti-Emily.  I canít stomach her anymore.  She is not making any sense.  I canít understand why she wants to bond with Conner or why she would be mad her fiancť is a stand up guy who wants to admit to what happened with Helena.  Her new motto is lie and then lie some more to anyone who will listen.  I have no respect for her character anymore.  I wish she fell instead of Helena off that darn cliff. 

Soaps are supposed to be based in fantasy and a little bit removed from our reality.  I realize that a lot of the appeal has to do with the fantasy aspect.  The thing is that although the soap was fantastical there was always a little hope in the back of the romantic watchers head that whispered ďmaybe that can happen to me.Ē  I think that element is gone.  No one is going to bet me 10 million dollars that I will sleep with him in 3 months, fact is, he looks like that and tells me he is falling in love with me you damn well better believe heís right and Iíd do it for a bargain too.  LOL.  Every man who lands in my town will not only NOT be in love with me they also will not be rich and gorgeous.  No one is going to give a single 24-year-old girl custody of a 17 year old boy.  No police commissioner shares offices with the DA and lets him run the police station.  No one is going to put me up in a penthouse, take care of me, love my baby and then when everything falls apart keep me or offer to take care of me forever no strings attached.

These things just donít happen and we know it.  The fiction of GH is spoiling the fantasy because we know that it is just too fake to even hope. 

I was a fan of the Jagger, Karen, and Brenda storyline because at that time I was about that age.  I believed in the misguided bad girl who pined for the bad boy who really wanted the good girl.  I believed the story of Robin and Stone because as tragic as it was it could happen.  I was invested in the Jason and Robin story because it was possible and there was nothing better than finally getting the guy you crushed on so long ago.  Anna and Robertís lives were filled with adventure but for some reason the way it was done and the secret government agency although fictional was believable.  There could be a WSB and Frisco, Sean and Robert all could be the covert operatives.

Thing is, I donít believe a deck of cards killed Jaxís Dad or that a man who kidnapped a pregnant woman could ever be a District Attorney or a good step father.  I donít believe that Sonny would ever choose Carly over Brenda and I donít believe in Miracle Hospital.  Perhaps the truth lay in the fact that a good writing team can make anything believable and maybe that is what GH lacks most of all because there is no lack of talented actors walking on that set. 


I had a few messages and found a few people watch LOST.  I love that show.  I think it has one of the greatests casts, most original storylines and is one of the best shows on TV.  At first I though well how can you make a few season off a bunch of castaways on an Island and then I saw.  Each week we go into the mind of one of the characters and find out what brought them to that fateful plane.  Each character has something deeper going on inside than the others see on the Island.  The biggest question now is where are they really and did they all really survive.  Is the Island Heaven or Hell?  One man wanted to go on an Australian walk-about thing is before his plane crashed he was paralyzed.  Another man had to kick his drug habit and as a reward the Island gave back his guitar (he was a musician).  Yet another man is dealing with being a trained Arab (I think) terrorist and believes he may have caused the death of the woman he loved.

I am thoroughly enjoying learning these peopleís secrets and believe there are only more to come, not to mention the secret of the Island.