You can believe it or not but I am speechless.  I kept saying I would watch one more GH episode and then have a column to write.  It didn’t happen.  I am a cold unfeeling person because seriously through this whole Kristina thing I felt nothing.

Yes, I noticed the stellar performances and yes I was sad and I understood where almost everyone was coming from but this was a plot device.  It in no way even compared to the BJ story and its sole purpose was to force out the truth about Kristina’s paternity so we could once again watch Sonny declare what is “his” and have another custody battle.  How can this man who claims to be such a family man battle for a child he doesn’t know while leaving Mini-me and Morgan to fend for themselves?  How can such a man of honor leave his other kids alone and stranded?  Face it-Sonny is a lousy Father.  He is actually no better a Dad than Mike was and he is present.  That’s pretty sad.  What can the writers think a man like Sonny can offer a child?  What kind of role model can he possibly be?  Children are like Sonny’s accessories and are of no more significance than the color of his tie.

I felt for Sam.  I really did.  She was getting happy about the baby and she had a real shot but it just wasn’t meant to be.  There were too many Corinthos babies running amuck and someone had to be sacrificed.  In reality, that baby could have lived, could have been Jax’s and could have opened a floodgate of storyline.  If children are to be sacrificed strictly as plot devices than they should not be created. 

            I have no idea what that accent was that Conner was using as he sat in front of Mary’s grave but he sounded more like a man who had developed a sudden physical impairment instead of an accent.  No offense to anyone at all intended but really he spoke like a man with Down’s syndrome or something.  I hit the fast forward button as soon as I see this caricature and find the whole storyline a big waste of time.

            Luke and Heather.  Please.  We all know it never happened.  Great re-write folks- NOT!

            Sage’s picture show made me really miss Zander.  He was a character that needed to grow on me but he did actually have great chemistry with Carly and Liz and maybe he could have with Courtney because her and Jax just don’t work for me.  But we traded in a character and actor such as Zander/Chad Brannon for this new guy Diego.  What a waste.

            If I read one more innuendo about Dillon and Brooke I am going to puke.  Why does every article claim that he is too over protective of her and they harbor secret feelings?  He is treating her like any Uncle would who cares for his niece and is starving for any sort of family connection.  Really, besides Brooke Lynn, these days Dillon’s best friend is quickly becoming Luke because the writers no longer know what to do with Georgie.  Not every character needs a romance to have a story and not every romance should be given a story.

            The character of Ric as he stands by Alexis still seems slimy to me.  He claims he is in this for Alexis and that he cares about her and Kristina and maybe he really thought he did.  All I really see is a man who is so happy to finally have a fight against his brother that he may actually win.  I don’t buy Ric’s redemption any more than I buy Alexis falling for it.

            Sonny and Alexis used to have a real relationship and a real friendship.  It might do TPTB well to remember that as they write this current storyline.  I know Alexis has changed a lot but who says they can’t change her back.  I want to see my scared, hyper-ventilating Alexis back on scene.  Alexis’ quirks is what made her so lovable and so real and we don’t get to see them nearly often enough.  I’m willing to forget the whole personality disorder if everyone else is. 

            I was so happy to finally see someone scold Michael even if he didn’t hear a word Carly said. 



I love the O.C. so much.  It was totally worth the wait.  It reminds me of when I was in High School (sort of) and every love you had was going to be the last.  It’s a feeling you can only have when you are 16 years old.  Every fight you had was the end of the world and every time you made up you thought you’d never fight again.  Granted in The O.C. the fights are a little more severe (oops I got my ex pregnant but the baby may not be mine it may actually be her fiancé’ but everyone is too stupid to take a paternity test so I am going to live with her and leave you) kind of issue, but hey…I also love the dynamic between the characters.  Here is this rich man and woman who take in the “bad” seed from the wrong side of the tracks and now they really treat him like family.  It is touching.  The relationship that has developed between Ryan and Seth is one of real brothers who didn’t like being separated all summer (by circumstance).  You can see how they have grown to rely on each other and their scenes are always touching with a dash of comedy so not to lessen their manliness.

Now if no one actually watched this show here but me please let me know and I will stop writing about thinks that no one has a clue about.

Better yet – start watching.  Thursdays, 8 PM (FOX). 

This is my plan – E Mail me and tell me what you watch at night and would actually like to hear me ramble about. 

Have a great week and see you soon.