I am always behind in my General Hospital watching.  Today is Thursday and so far I have only seen Monday.  One thing did touch me enough to write though.  The scene where Alexis promised Kristina that she would always be with her while Jax watched and then said “here I am” and Alexis grabbed his hand and kissed it.  Jax and Alexis were probably one of the happiest marrieds on GH and I really thought there was a story to be had there, but obviously the writers never agreed.  Alexis and Jax shared an honest relationship that was only made better by their differences.  I recall laughing as Jax tried to get Alexis to exercise and drink protein shakes.  They truly shared a very special bond that I think many people forgot.  I know I did.  When I saw Alexis, on Monday, Take Jax’s hand and I watched his strength fall into her, I remembered.  At that very moment I loved the Jax of the past again and I loved Alexis a little more.  I had one fleeting though and it was, Ric who?  I no longer found anything real between Alexis and Ric when faced with something so real that was always there.

I fast forward Emily and Nicholas and Conner.  I am ashamed to admit I even watch GH when I see such absurd stories pass before my eyes.  It is almost as bad as Robin and alien Casey.  There was no reason to bring Conner to the canvas and no reason we needed to see double Tyler Christopher.  (No offense to the actor who is fine but either as Nik or Conner he just doesn’t mesh well with Em anymore).  

I am actually sad for Carly.  Not for the Carly who stands before me today seriously warped and twisted, but for the Carly who Jason had to make a bet with in order to get her to go through with the marriage.  I am sad for the Carly who was tough with a hidden vulnerability not for the Carly who always looks back at me with an expression of please feel bad for me.  I am sad for the Carly who really wanted a family and I am sad for the Carly who as a consolation prize will gain a romance with a man of which she has chemistry and a Father with less than noble intentions.  I am sad for the Carly who will sit down and take this and not fight with the spit and fire of the true Spencer she is. 

I was not a Mary fan.  I liked the actress but the character never caught on for me, but really I think it is sad when an actress such as Catherine Wadkins is let go, when the actor who plays Diego is put on contract.  I don’t mean to be negative about the talents this actor may or may not possess but frankly I’ve seen this all before.  Stone wanted to be a mobster, as did Xander and Dillon and Juan and pretty much every young boy that has ever set foot in PC.  At one time or another they all had a great idea to work for Sonny or for his enemy.  Frankly its tired.  I really believe the mob needs to be toned down and taken out.  (Except maybe Faith – LOL) 

At first I thought Jax was a pig for taking another woman to bed but then I gave it some more thought and watched Courtney and her high horse and I basically said B--- stop whining.  You pushed him away, you said no, no, no, you were the one who ran hot and cold and frankly you got what you deserved.  Jax needs to be with a real woman not this little girl who plays constant games and can’t stay out of her ex’s business.   

Well anyway – I might be back after I watch a few more episodes.  Now for my Prime time recap which I love doing. 

First and foremost tonight is the season premiere of THE OC and I cannot wait. 

Everwood had an excellent show about teen sex and I really appreciated the candidness in which the whole topic was covered.  Seems teens can be portrayed as responsible when Ephram (who has had 1 partner) went and got tested for any STD’s before he broached the topic with his current love.  Which in a small town led to both parents finding out and each having very open discussions with their respective children.  I am not an advocate for teen sex and if I could do it over again, I would have waited, but for those that won’t I am glad they can see it undertaken responsibly and also see that kids and their parents can talk openly about it.  My parents never discussed it with me and I hope when my time comes to be a parent I can discuss it with my children. 

Las Vegas is just the most fun show.  I love the comedy and the drama and the feeling the cast gives you.  I always feel like I am watching a show about a mixed group of people who just really care for one another.  Plus it has Vanessa Marcil and I will watch anything she is in.  Yes I will be a Brenda fan forever. 

This is as far as I’ve gotten.  I have lots of tapes to watch still.  LOL

Thank the lord for VCR’s