October 26, 2005 

It has been so long since I have written a column I almost I feel like I forgot how.  Life has just been one thing after another the whole month of October.  I took my yearly trip to Salem, Ma, had a surprise party for my Great Aunt and had a wedding bash for my high school best friend.  I have survived it all even if my wallet may never again recover! 

Now it is back to reality (tongue in cheek) and we may as well start with One Life to Live. 

Jessica Buchanan gives a whole new meaning to talking to yourself.  Never again will I look in the mirror and have a conversation with myself in quite the same way.  The tug of war between Tess and Jessica is bordering on comedy for me and frankly I think I would rather keep Tess and Nash.  I mean poor Nash, he was totally bamboozled by this chick that does not even exist.  Add insult to injury and now he has to deal with the sanctimonious son of a bitch Antonio.  Granted he is taking all this new insight much better than I would imagine anyone would.  It is a whole new twist on the classic “Who’s your Daddy?” storyline because now we also have to ask, “Who’s your Momma?” 

It baffles my mind that Antonio went to such lengths to get his daughter back (and to go off on a side tangent what judge in their right mind would think it looks better to have a new girlfriend and be bed hopping than to be a single Dad trying to do it on his own?  Personally I’d find Layla a detriment) just to wreck himself with the social worker the first chance he had.  Then Antonio baffles me in general and perhaps I never noticed it before but he really needs to be leveled. 

With all the alters about being set free you would think I might be frustrated but to be honest I am looking forward to a little Niki Smith action as no one deliver quite like Erika Slezak.  Seeing her on my screen as any character is a bonus in my eyes. 

I’m trying here to focus in on some good points … ooh Ginger.  I like Ginger.  Blair was so mean and horrible to this girl and she played it so well that I felt sympathy for this girl.  Especially since she really didn’t do anything wrong.  Now between the holier than thou Adrianna blasting her and Blair’s little tantrum, I want this girl to get some luck and get a story. 

I really did not get into the scenes of Michael torturing Hugh while he took his blood at the Blood Drive.  I think the scene was meant to be comical and highlight the idea that Michael is jealous, but all it did to me was make him look like an ass.  Basically Michael abused his position and only endeared Hugh to me.  Hugh took it like the girly man he is and if anyone won that round it was Hugh. 

I’m looking forward to the return of the character of Clint to return.  Some very wise soap opera watcher mentioned to me the other day that it is best to get invested in a character and not the actor who plays said character.  So I am keeping an open mind and hoping for some great story. 

General Hospital 

I want to keep Manny of (as MediaHo says) the Miami Lice.  I love that man.  No one plays twisted psychopath better than this guy.  I watch with just an odd fascination and actually am enjoying him torture the Corinthos Clan.  Finally we have a real threat, a believable threat that will stop at nothing to exact revenge. 

Who is Ric Lansing?  Talk about a 180 spin.  This man went from abhorring every thing Sonny stood for to trying desperately to be a player in it.  How can a person flip like that?  Why is what Sonny does no longer so wrong as long as Ric gets to be a part of it?  Just as Ric has lost his way, I lost my way trying to follow him. 

Robin came back on screen with a sputter, quickly reminding us of her HIV status.  I do enjoy the flashbacks and think Soaps should have more of those.  It is like pulling out the old photo album every once in awhile. 

I hate to say it but I am feeling the chemistry between Sonny and Emily.  I think it is the slow and natural way that the relationship is growing and changing.  Sonny is allowing Emily to see sides of him that he very rarely reveals.  Emily is being treated to the full on tortured soul with the big dark eyes that no mortal woman could possibly resist, let alone an Emily type woman who wants to save lost puppies.  Perhaps it is acting opposite Maurice Bernard, but I feel Natalia Livingston steps up her game in her scenes with Sonny.  For some odd reason it made sense that she slept in a chair beside his bed and than was later there to comfort him as he was hit again by the fact that his kids miss their mother.  Sonny’s life is slowly falling to pieces around him, Manny wants him dead, Jason doesn’t know him and Ric is a loose cannon.  From where I’m standing Emily is the only one that is standing there, offering nothing but quiet support and not making any demands. 

I think I may have to just throw in the towel and become a Luke and Big Alice fan.  Now there’s a couple!  (Couple of what I am not quite sure, but they are sure to always bring a smile.) 

I have no idea what to even make of the teen scene in Port Charles.  Diego needs a hair washing of that I am sure.  Wonder why it is that the fashionistas decided that in order to be Lorenzo’s kid he needed a black leather jacket and scraggly hair.  My mouth dropped open when Maxie tried to move into Jesse’s room at Kelly’s.  I am not sure why that shocked me but it did.  I am only grateful he had enough sense to send her packing.  Way to go PC for once again setting a fine example for the young adult females who watch General Hospital.  Not being a Maxie fan these days I am actually hoping to explore the little chemistry between Brook Lynn and Jesse that I saw when Jesse jumped to Brook’s defense.  Dillon and Maxie appear to be just trucking along.  Scary when they may be the most functional couple around these days. 

I refuse to delve into Courtney because that would be a whole column all by its little lonesome.   

Have a great week!


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