Why havenít the Soaps moved me of late? 

That to me is a very good question.  The storylines are there, the acting is there, but I am watching from the sidelines feeling completely removed.  Iím not invested in what happens on my screen. 

I donít care that Carly has gone crazy.  She gone round the bend but good, yet I feel nothing.  Iím tired of Sonny trying to play hero with Carly.  Telling her how he will always love her is only adding validity to her delusions.  The way in which he is behaving would confuse even a sane woman.  Than he leaves her in the care of all the people she hates most.  Ric had already traumatized her, Reese triggered the breakdown and Sam is the only one that showed even one real iota of concern over Carlyís sad condition.  This woman needs help and as always, Sonny cannot provide it. 

Jaxís head is spinning once again and Dr. Jekyl has returned (or is it Mr. Hyde, who can tell the difference?)  Now he is all about peace love and honeymoons FOR Liz and Lucky.  Yes of course joint custody is the reasonable solution, but why was he taking out his anger at Courtney on Liz, Lucky and the unborn child to begin with? 

Saint Liz, Saint Em and now Saint Robin returning maybe the mob will have to cease and desist.

Saint Liz does not get upset when Lucky canít take 4 minutes to finish his vows before running off to save Jesse and the Teens. Why do you bring and leave on your cell at your own wedding anyway? 

Saint Emily is busy helping Sonny, the boys, Carly, Liz and whomever else she can.

Saint Robin will probably hit town just in time to save Robo-Jase. 

The teen story, hmmmÖ Arenít these supposed to happen during summer months?  Cop Jesse has no more maturity than any of the rest of them it scares me he is a police officer.  Now Dillon is the fall guy and his so called friends are so quick to believe he could be the culprit.  (All boys want naked pictures of their cousin - yeuck!).  The whole plot oozes ridiculousness. 

Over on OLTL I havenít seen Nash and Tess in so long I forgot why I used to be invested.  They seem to have been swallowed by wine country and no one really seems to care very much that Jessica is missing.  Vicky might, but I havenít seen her either. 

Evangeline is out to free Cristian under the guise of all that is good and just when in reality it is only a see through ploy to get John back all for herself.  I am so disappointed. 

Starr makes me believe in the old adage that children should be seen and not heard.  Ever! 

How does Marcie get all these hot guys chasing after her?  Can she share?   

On a positive note, from here it HAS to get better!


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