Just when I thought I could not be more appalled this ridiculous storyline between Courtney and Nikolas is being shoved down my throat.  It is daytime TV and in daytime TV there are supposed to be hot and sweaty secret love affairs, but generally that is just it, they are SECRET.  Courtney and Nikolas have forgotten all about discretion and blatantly make out on rooftops and on the PC docks.  Everyone knows those docks are one of the most traveled places in all of Port Charles.  To add insult to injury upon getting caught I have watched Nik and Courtney blame everyone but themselves for their actions.  Nik blames Emily because she was raped and closed him off.  I am afraid the Prince has missed the boat on this one as his WIFE was raped by a man who looked exactly like him.  The rape was not enough for her to have to process apparently because it is Emily's job to confide in Nik so that he does not feel useless and is then forced to make out with Courtney.  Perhaps Emily should have skipped the therapy, cut off her friends and family and hibernated at Wyndemere so Nik could assuage his ego and feel as if he was actually helping his wife.  Not only is this all Emily's fault as far as Nikolas in concerned, but even after being caught, he cannot fathom why anyone is upset.  You see, as both Courtney and Nik have told anyone who will listen that they never actually slept together.  It is scary when Emily is the only one making sense, as I loved the way she blasted Courtney and called her a home wrecker.  She sure did nail her but well.   

I have a huge problem with anyone who believes that it is only cheating if there is sex involved.  Sex can be just a physical act it is the betrayal of that love and trust that hurts the most and no matter how much Nikolas and Courtney protest, their betrayal of their spouses is of the worst kind. 

Then there is Courtney who not only blamed Jax for her indiscretions (he was paying too much attention to Elizabeth) but then she turned around and blamed Nikolas.  I am sure Courtney has not taken responsibility for not one single thing she has done since she has hit Port Charles but this "misunderstanding" (it cracks me up every time she utters that word) really takes the cake.   

Meanwhile Courtney wanted a baby so bad and big bad Jax went and secured her one yet she has not given even one thought to this child while she had Nik's tongue down her throat.   

Yeah, Yeah, I get it.they haven't slept together..YET!!!! 

This is what a "mis-understanding" looks like

Best Line I heard last week (to paraphrase) Alexis to Carly "Sonny is already the center of HIS Universe; don't make him the center of YOURS." 

I am really enjoying watching Carly lose her marbles, it is quite entertaining for me; only thing is it seems a bit out of character.  Remember this is a woman who plots and plans revenge on those she believes have done her wrong.  She very carefully executed a plan to steal her Mother's husband simply to destroy her for giving her up.  Her unborn child had 3 different fathers (Tony, AJ and Jason) and she went as far as dousing AJ with alcohol to make it look like he fell off the wagon in an effort to keep her son.  Carly created Carly Babes as a way to survive in the Q household.  My point is Carly does not go nuts, she plots revenge and from where I am sitting in her mind Lorenzo is up for a good dose as well as Sonny and Reese.  Trashing Reese's house and writing whore on the mirror is just well below what Carly is capable of. 

I could like Lorenzo and Skye together if Skye would just stop with the 5 cent shrinkage.  I don't really want to hear her remind him anymore of how much he loved/loves Carly.  He knows he loved her, we as the audience have been taught this for months on end, and it is time to just let it go unspoken.  Give us a little more credit over here, we do get it and if you stop reminding us, maybe we as an audience can move on too. 

I love Jason, have always loved Jason and will always love Jason, but the only thing his recent memory loss is doing for me is making me dislike Sam.  It was a pivotal scene where Jason had to inform Carly that he did not know who she was, but the scene of Jason and Sonny passing one another in the elevator, it was just that; strange.  Sonny lacked any real emotion in his reaction and gave Jason very little to play off of.  As a long term viewer and as someone who has been taught for quite a few years now that the bond between mobster and enforcer is very real and strong I was left mystified.  Sonny took the time to call Emily from the plane on his way to Florida, yet he just passed Jason by with very little thought.  I myself just really didn't get it.  Than there is Sam chasing the poor guy all over the place and I am getting really tired of her tear stained longing face as she pleads yet again for Jason to trust her.  Further, Jason has lost his memory but not his instincts, so wouldn't his instincts clue him in that he is really sick?  The last time Jason lost his memory he still knew how to perform some emergency tracheotomy on Nikolas in front of Luke's Club.  With each passing episode I feel almost as nutty as Carly.


I am going to back track a little here to when Antonio bought Jessica home to Llanview.  I was witness to one of the most ridiculous conversations I have ever heard.  Jessica had to explain to Antonio that although she slept around it was really her other personality that was using her body and she (Jessica) wasn't even there.  Plus, Jessica doesn't even remember how many guys there were or who they might have been so doesn't he feel so much better now?  

I think it is time to start dropping some major hints about just what it is that Spencer has over David that could actually make DORIAN pass judgment.  Ummm, hello?  This is Dorian. 

Nash's violent reaction to a missing Tess bordered on Psychotic.  Chill dude, you only just met her and you don't even know her last name.  What did you really expect? 

Roxy just tickles me; she is just such a riot.  I love that she is who and what she is and really does not care at all what anyone else thinks of her. 

Do I even want to broach the subject of Margaret and Todd?  The other night I was watching a re-run of Law and Order where a male stripper claimed he was raped by 3 women who were at the party and I really felt for the guy.  No one would believe him and that is often what women go through, but it has to be even harder for a guy.  I did not see what transpired between Margaret and Todd the first go around but if indeed he was raped all those months ago, than I feel for the guy.  Todd came emotionally scarred to begin with I can only imagine what this would do to him.  To me it was so real (and I am sorry to say and it is not an insult to the current actor but what I would not have given to see Roget Howarth play those scenes) when Todd was saying (to paraphrase) "what kind of monster could we (he and Margaret) have made?  Two rapists?  What good could possibly be in this child?"  I can understand that line of thinking.  That is not to say I agree or disagree, but from a much damaged man who I think has tried for all the years that he has been on the show to be something a little better than what he is, I can understand where he is coming from.  No matter what Todd does, what he becomes, he will always be the man that led the gang rape of Marty Saybrook. 

Someone clear something up for me, please.  I think it was the end of Thursday's episode and the last scene I saw was Nash blasting Tess for flirting with the guy who had come into wherever it is they are.  Then Friday's episode started as if nothing happened with Nash going to get Tess cold medicine.  Did I skip an episode? 

That's all for me - Now that summer has come to an end I expect to post more regularly.

Have a great week!

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