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I love a good haunt and a good psycho.  I love GH without Carly, Sonny, Courtney and Sam.  I Love the Quartermaines.  I absolutely loved that scary mask that was used and if I didnít love it so much I may have had nightmares.   

I didnít love the tactic they used to get Sage in the freezer.  For a second there Georgie needed to be the crazy one.  I am appalled that everyone just watched and allowed Georgie to manhandle Sage knowing full well she was going to lock her in a freezer by herself in a supposed haunted house. 

Had Georgie just walked by and saw Sage in the freezer and closed it wouldnít have been quite so obscene.  I donít know why and maybe I am just as warped but that whole sequence was just wrong.  Plus if Trent was Sageís big defender why didnít he just go with her?  There were many idiosyncrasies within the Q mansion on this dark and dreary night.   

I loved that the kids were in one room while the adults were in a new room I never saw used before and they all acted like they didnít know anyone else was there. 

The Heather communicating Lila was a complete mockery of Lilaís spirit.  Iíll say no more. 

Alice is the coolest!!  And now I canít find a good pic of her with her broom.  But you guys saw it and it made me laugh. 

I was glad Lois wasnít there but Ned sure as hell should have been. 

I was an Emily defender but even I think they are taking this Emily and Nikolas undying love too far.  They are really starting to irk me.  I may be a single bitter you woman but even my happiest relationships were never that sappy.  Iím also not big on the every 2.5 seconds we must declare our love or it isnít real and no one will know.  Get a grip.   

Why didnít Mac bring Lucky the Cop with him on the helicopter? 

This story will never go down in the history books as GHís finest hour but it would be remembered with quite the disdain as Robin and Casey the Alien.  (LOL).  I found I enjoyed Tracey sniping, but was annoyed by the constant bickering of the teens.  I found that by the time Trent was killed I was glad he would finally shut up.  I enjoyed seeing Felicia and Mac involved and I loved that she kissed him as he went off to track a killer.  I found I overdosed on Nik and Em and will be glad when Heather goes.  I found I enjoyed watching new Edward but in my mind and in my head he was more like Uncle Edward (John Ingleís little brother) than the true Q patriarch he should be. 


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August 17, 2004