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My new favorite thing to do is to watch GH and see how many different times Sonny can make no sense.  I shuddered when in the same sentence he stated Jason is his best friend.  Then after a short breath he accused Jason of wanting to steal his daughter and take his place in both Samís and Lilyís life.  This was a conversation he was having with Sam no less and not to Jasonís face.  This manís arrogance knows no boundaries.   

On the other side of the very same coin why does Jason want Sonnyís mistress and unborn baby?  All I can figure is that Jason does indeed harbor some very deep seated anger about how Sonny ďtookĒ Carly and Michael even though according to Jason he ďgaveĒ them to Sonny.  Does this illustrate just how objectified woman and children have become in Port Charles or what?  The words I use here have indeed been uttered many times over by these very men.   

I know that I am supposed to love the romantic coupling of Jax and Courtney.  I know it is the new in your face, you better love them story line but for me I am watching something that I have already seen and saw it done better.  This Courtney thing is the very thing Jax already did with Sonny and Brenda and now he is being forced to re-live it with Courtney and Jason.  Everything that Jax is doing with Courtney he already tried with Brenda and in the end he left Brenda because no matter what she said he knew she would always love Sonny.  At least Brenda tried on occasion to deny it.  Courtney tells him flat out that she will always love Jason.  For me this story is just one where the parallels are just running so close together with the past the lines are blurred and the story screams repeat. 

Tracy Q is not a fool.  She is not a clown and she should not be used as a punching bag or as slapstick comedy relief.  When Faith falls it is funny because she does that.  Faith is the struggling mobstress who tries so hard to be scary that she is funny.  When Tracy is smacked and forced to fall over the bushes it is just another sad reminder that the writers donít know the characters they are writing for.  It breaks my heart to see a woman I know would not tolerate such things as being slapped around and thrown about like garbage.  Tracy was always a force to be reckoned with someone who you really just didnít want to piss off.  I know eventually Heather will get what is coming to her I only can hope that Tracy plays a big part in that. 

I cannot wait for Luke and Skye to come back.  I feel like they have been gone forever and they are missed badly.  I only hope that GH does not forget to acknowledge that Lila was extremely important to both these character and they and the fans deserve to see them grieve over her loss.  I remember many a scenes between Luke and Lila and The Spencer Dog Foster as well as many others.   

I truly wish GH had found a storyline for Cameron Davis because Ric needs therapy more than ever.  He canít focus on a single task and follow through.  He wants to lock up Sam, he feels sorry for Sam.  He has no regard for Danny, and then he feels bad for Danny.  Ric has no consistency and I canít muster a single shred of sympathy for this character.  I hear him whine and all I can think is hell if I was your Momma I would have left your butt behind too.  Since goody two shoes Elizabeth couldnít redeem him how the heck can Alexis who is busy trying to come to grips with her own Corinthos demons.  Nik needs a shrink too.  We need Cameron.   

I want to see a storyline with depth.  A story that gets played through and not solved in a week.  Emily battled cancer and won in a week.  Alexis kills, develops fake multiple personality is exonerated in a week and still is allowed to practice law.  Courtney was addiceted to pills for 4 weeks.  Jax gets shot and heals.  Sonny gets shot and heals.  Carly gets shot and heals.  I want a real unrequited love story and not one that plays to the tune of Lucky follows Emily like a puppy dog.  I want a real addiction with real consequences.  Do they really want to delve into Sonny being manic-depressive?  Do they really want a storline that will affect the whole mob?  Have Faith accidentally kill Michael and watch the pieces fall and if written well, they will fall. 

I am not sure I am really grasping the point of another yacht being blown up just so Jason can be arrested, Ric can stut about sure he finally has something on Sonny and then out of all of it Faith gets arrested.   

How come everyone in Port Charles is rich?  No one has to work.  They have time to run amuck all day long.  Maybe there would be less crime, less teen sex, less pointless storylines if any of these folks had a job and went to work.  Monica and Allen are usually in the Q living room.  Emily is always wandering the streets.  Sam spends time in the Penthouse, the police station or a hospital bed.  Tracey is always lurking about in parks, gardens and hallways.  Seriously they all have too much time on their hands.  We all know Em hasnít studied, so please do not let me see her one-day walking the halls of GH in a white coat pretending to be Dr. Emily.  The teens should have summer jobs that donít involve little blue pills and drag.  I know it is a soap but is is just so removed from any type of reality it makes it hard to swallow. 

Georgie deserves every harsh word Dillon has uttered to her.  Why in the hell is she kissing her own cousin?  Why would that make Dillon and Lynne jealous?  Shouldnít it just make them disgusted and sick to their stomachs?  Incest is wrong, folks.  

I wonít be sad to see Mary go.  I have no real vested interest in too many characters on GH anymore but I never felt for her.  She never elicited a single emotion from me other than laughter at her obvious psychosis.  This opinion is not about the actress, but the character was as pointless to me as Sage is.  And no offense but when Sage goes, I shall applaud. 

I would be remiss to mention that whatever chemistry the writers feel they have found with their new couples I canít find it.  Maybe because it is forced on me from every angle, but I canít feel it.  I could get onboard with Jax and Courtney but they keep making a big deal about the ties of Courtney and Jason and I never felt that either.  I felt Jason and Brenda when she visited and they pretended to be married.  After all this time I felt Brenda and Sonny when she came back and for me that made a mockery of Carly and Sonny and I never felt them the same way.  I felt Georgie and Dillon before they made Georgie into a manipulative, sniveling brat.  I admit it; I also feel Emily and Nikolas because at heart all women I think want that everlasting romance.


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