August 12, 2005 


I was thinking, wouldnít it be cool if Jason stayed as he is, with his altered personality, but got all his memories back?  I would really like to see Steve and Kelly play out that storyline.  I would imagine that would have a huge impact on Jason, his life and his relations.  Just a thought. 

John Durant is like a pit bull.  I cannot figure out why he wants Michael to be AJís murderer.  It just doesnít make sense.  Seems the scribes over at GH forgot to make this character human.   

I am so not enjoying this rewrite of history.  They have degraded the character of AJ even further than I ever imagined possible and to what end?  They have further degraded both Alan and Monica and their whole relationship for the past 10 years.  I will never forget Alan, dressed up like a Teddy Bear all to make a young Emily feel at home.  That is the Alan I know and love and this bitter, angry Alan is not really someone I recognize.  I just believe they have gone too far and it could have been so much simpler.  There were so many ways to do this and they didnít even need to kill off AJ in order to make for a successful story.   

I am not sure what side of the fence I am sitting on here, but I am getting really sick of everyone (Reese, Sam, Sonny) telling Carly to go home to her husband.  Carly and Jason have just about 10 years of history, they have been friends, lovers, enemies and as close as brother and sister.  The reality is they will always be a part of one anotherís lives.  The same, if not even more true, goes for Sonny.  They technically share two children together and Michael has been through hell and back.  The reality is they will be tied to one another for the rest of their living lives.  That is what happens when you become parents, they still have to work together and share some decisions and thoughts.  Iím sorry but I really donít see Carly hanging around anywhere she shouldnít be and I wish people would stop telling her to go home.  As a matter of fact it seems to me, Reese is the one always involved in issues and in places she really has no rights or grounds to be in.  Jason gets hit in the head, I expect Carly to be at the hospital, and to me that is just common sense.  These people have a spotted and intricate history together on in which an outsider had no place to pass judgment on.  Further, insecure Alcazar does nothing to me.  Carly is a just a woman, not unlike any other, no more and no less.  Sometimes I wonder if she sprays herself with Alkie-potion on a daily basis to keep the man panting as he is.  Lorenzo was supposed to be a force to be reckoned with not a lovesick puppy.  We all get that he loves her, now pick up your pride and letís move on. 

While I am on the subject of Corinthosí is anyone ever going to remember that Max was in on the kidnapping of Kristina? 

That Maxie sure has a serious set of Ö even at my age I donít want my Dad knowing Iím having sex, yet she gets caught at it and her response is simply she will do whomever she wishes.  Maxie there are words for girls like that, did Kyle teach you nothing at all?   

Georgie is already jealous of Maxie, why would she suggest she move in with Dillon?  Havenít they ever heard of an aero-bed?  Wonít Bobby take her in at the Brownstone? 

Right about now I would be glad to see Elizabeth with Jax.  It sure beats brooding Lucky and super insecure Courtney. 

Courtney is a liar and a cheat.  Think about it.  She came to Port Charles and hooked up with AJ.  While she was married to AJ she started kissing Jason in the rain and took up with Jason.  Next she hooks up with Jax, who before the whole surrogacy was actually pretty darn nice to her, and she decides sheíd rather be kissing Nicholas on the docks.  This is just a girl who always seems to want what is not hers.  I grant that Jax was flat out cruel (to paraphrase:  ďyou should be able to handle the stress since you are not the one who is pregnantĒ Ė OUCH!)  Just seems to me instead of talking to her husband she is always running out the door and seeking comfort elsewhere.  Insecurity is not a good excuse to fool around.  From where I sit this character is nothing but a whore.

Note the way she grabs his face.  She likes it! 



Sonny gets to run around GH with a gun.  How cool is he?



I sure would not want to be John McBain and have to carry that heavy weight on my shoulders.  I donít even know precisely what his problems are I just know that they weigh down his shoulders like an ACME anvil.  What I wonder is how I can see it so clearly, yet everyone else seems to be missing the fact that this is a tortured soul.  John needs to give himself a healthy dose of self-forgiveness before he can be worth anything to either Evangeline or Natalie.  It was nice seeing Michael call him on it and seeing these two men just be brothers. 

I am positively amazed but so far the character of Blair has not annoyed me even a little.  She seems to have grown and matured and in a good way yet I know she is still capable of bedding Spencer Truman if and when opportunity presents itself. 

The comedy of Dorian and David always leaves me grinning.  Any scene with David in it is refreshing and I really am hoping they examine his past with his brother Spencer. 

I can see now why Antonio is no longer a cop.  He has really gone beyond any sort of sense.  I donít remember Antonio ever being so damn arrogant.  Makes me understand why Tess wants to keep Jessica away from him. 

The romance between Tess and Nash I have found completely enjoyable.  I love the way it has progressed.  Nash has totally fallen for this girl who drives him absolutely insane.  In some scenes you can tell he would just like to grab her and shake her, either that or throw her down and have his way with her.  The irony in this whole development is whether it was intentional or not Tess is becoming just like Jessica.  Tess is finding that she likes the idea of one man and having a place to call home if it is indeed the right man.  Tess is finding it harder and harder to keep her distance and her wall are crumbling a little bit more everyday.  I think what I like most is that their relationship is progressing (in a way) slowly so that the viewers can understand how this is all transpiring.  It is completely unlike what I am used to on GH where for example Jesse and Maxie cannot wait to jump into bed and are already making claims on one another.  Then I watched the next episode and saw Tess and Nash fall into bed.  Still I stand by my belief that it was a natural progression of things.  I really just want to keep Tess. 

Hayes was so delightfully insane I will be sad to see him go.  The actor played that part so well I found myself watching him tie up Marcie and talk to his Killing Club Dummies and I was there.  I was in that crazy Hayes head of his and I got it.  I felt the insanity that ran through this guys veins and it was good.  Bravo to what I found to be some excellent acting no matter how silly the whole story may have been.   

I wanted to like Layla.  I thought she could add some spice to the scene now that Tess is terrorizing NY.  The fact is I canít stand to watch a scene with her in it.  Everything about her is so over exaggerated.  Her facial expressions are over done and forced, as is everything else that she does.  I donít really understand why she is relying on a perfect stranger and not on her sister.  I am sure that even if Layla canít, Vangie can afford a hotel room for her.   

I have nightmares about Margaret Cochran.  That woman scares me half to death.  I am stuck on the comment Asa made to himself after he sent Todd in Margaretís direction.  To paraphrase he stated, ďMaybe this will kill two birds with one stone.Ē  It led me to wonder, could Margaret be pregnant with Asaís child in reality? 

Have a great week everybody! 

 Screen caps are from GHH2


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