Hello all.  This is not your average dimension column but a lovely little exchange of ideas between Evie of Evieís TV and myself.  We find ourselves loving to chat about GH (when we are supposed to be working)  and thought this would be a nice way to share with our readers our thoughts and opinions.  Let us know what YOU think! 


JustDianna:  Why is everything happening at the Pizza Shack all of the sudden? 

RatPackLady:  I know!  I never even heard of the Pizza Shack. 

JustDianna:  Actually the Pizza Shack was there a long time ago if memory serves me correctly.  I also think on PC (the spinoff) there was the pizza shack.  It was where Livvie, Jack, Allison and Jamal hung out. 

RatPackLady:  Is that right?  Huh.  Live and learn.   A few weeks ago, I maybe was watching one scene per show because I was fast forwarding so much, but itís become more watch-able these days.  Thereís more to love. 

JustDianna:  I loved when Sonny told Emily she was welcome.  When Amber was Em, Sonny was always very good to her then too.  They had a very nice dynamic even back then, not a perverted one.  I have been very surprised at how well these characters/actors play off of one another.  Funny how the most dangerous men in PC tend to make the women around them feel ďsafeĒ. 

RatPackLady : I agree that Sonny and Em have good chemistry, but I really feel I have ODíd on both characters, so, as an onscreen duo, their particular brand of magic eludes me.  Plus I still think our TVís might explode.  But, acknowledging the history Ė thatís what GH needs to do.  They don't do that enough.  Even a newbie like me can see that. 

JustDianna:  And if they allow Michael to go live at the Q mansion I will freak. 

RatPackLady:  I love Alan but Iím getting sick of him screwing with the Michael situation.  Michael living with the Quartermaines is never gonna happen.  Then again, LOLÖ 

JustDianna It is against everything on GH.  The only sensible place for Michael to go is back to Jason.  I think that is what should be explored.  The dynamic between Jason and Michael.   

RatPackLady: Jason and Sam should just go ahead and adopt Michael and Morgan.  Itís not like Sonny and Carly will notice.  Then Morganís name would be Morgan Morgan! 

JustDianna:  I forgot about Morgan.   He might actually be in the Q attic with Luke, Laura, Leticia, MikeÖ 

RatPackLady:  He might be at that!  And Reggie, Lesley, and Lulu.  Tony was up there too but he recently was released to perform the Georgie contrived plot miracle. 

JustDianna: Ah yes, Reginald.  My buddy.  How funny could he and Alice be together in scenes? And I miss Edward.  It is so hard to handle recasts with a beloved core character.  No matter how good the actor is. 

RatPackLady:  Reggie is still off mourning Lila, I suppose?   

JustDianna:   Who does Morgan even live with?  All I know is this 9 year old is out of control.  Jason and Sam did not even scold him for running off.  Instead they taught him to break into the Pizza Shack and cook their own pizza! 

RatPackLady:  If he does live with the Quartermaines, wouldnít stealing pizza come in handy?  But I am getting tired of Michaelís world, and even though, save for Alan, I like seeing him involved with the Quartermaines, Iím worn out from this story.  Although he could play video games with Edward, that might be neatÖthe thing is, as wonderful as Jed Allan is, he is simply too young to be Edward Quartermaine!   

JustDianna:  Definitely too young.  And he doesn't have that something that both Edwards had.  That devilishness.  So are you on the Carly Bandwagon? 

RatPackLady:  Nah.  Iím on the Jennifer Bransford bandwagon, but based on what Tamara Braun did with the character (which is all I saw) Iím finding it hard to accept that THIS is Carly.   

JustDianna: Carly is flat out scary.  She can't take a hint.  She has no clue when to stop.    She is like a steamroller and she just flattens everyone in her path.  She is even mean to Jason.  She is the worst mother in the world.  I don't even believe she likes her kids. 

RatPackLady:  That's what makes me so mad about Carly - she's always let her kids be second, even though there is no doubt that she loves them, but the switch from "I Must Protect MichaelÖ!" to "I Must Protect Sonny's Penis From Reese by Marrying Alcazar" was a little too ridiculous.   

JustDianna: The marriage was rushed.  

RatPackLady:  A joke.  I didnít even watch.  FF all the way, baby. 

JustDianna:  Did you see the scene with Diego?  Where she says her sons need a brother?  What they need is a Mom and Dad.   

RatPackLady:  Word.  Poor Diego.  At least he and Carly had some sort of, I donít know, camaraderie?  I think Diego is being way too understanding about Alkieís marriage. 

 JustDianna: Does Diego have a room in their fancy house? 

RatPackLady:  He SHOULD have his own wing.  I hate that Alkie married her, I absolutely hate it.  She has affection for him, yes, but they have shown that her feelings for Sonny make any feelings she has for him inconsequential. When TB had Carly, she seemed more open to actually having feelings for Alkie and not just using him.  So how about this impending Liz pregnancy? 

JustDianna:   I think that this story is an accident waiting to happen.  Just maybe it will get rid of Courtney when Liz and Jax fall in love. 

RatPackLady:  I wish she would learn to listen to Lucky.  Then again, with Lucky stealing drugs and whatnot, maybe she shouldnítÖ 

JustDianna:      You know, at first I was appalled at Lucky stealing and taking dirty money.  Then I remembered, Lucky IS a Spencer.  Lucky was taught to survive early on by any means necessary.  Luckyís idea of an emergency kit did not include band-aids but a stash of cash, a new identity or two and some fake credit cards and what not. 

RatPackLady: What are your thoughts on the Maxie/Georgie story?  I know you were upset about Kristina Wagner leaving, but are you watching the story? 

JustDianna:       I think Kristen Storms is doing an excellent job as Maxie.  At the same time I think that for long time viewers it is a complete decimation of history.  The BJís heart story is not one that should have ever been redone.  BJís heart lived on in Maxie and was like a taken of the past.  The only commendable thing I have gotten to see is the involvement of Monica, Bobbie and Tony.  And Mac too of course. 

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