I cannot believe how sick I was.  I thought Strep Throat was reserved for younger children, but boy does it kick your ass as an adult.  For 6 days all I could do was lie there, in my bed, unable to focus or concentrate on anything.  It was absolutely awful.  While I was sleeping summer came and I am really starting to think it is the gym that does it.  No lie, every time I work out I get sick.  It has to be a sign that I should not be there.

Thankfully I am back on my feet again and ready to dish some soaps.

I found John and Evangeline’s relationship very odd.  As a matter of fact until they broke up and I saw the flash back scenes I never really believed they were a couple of that magnitude.  In their scenes with one another I always sensed a distance, like two people dancing around one another but never really connecting.  In my 4 weeks of watching OLTL I just sort of got the feeling that they claimed to like one another but never really committed to one another.  I never saw any sparks in the room with these two characters.  With John running around being super cop and Natalie running along after him I just thought the whole Evangeline issue was a front.  A ploy developed strictly to create a triangle for Natalie, John and Evangeline.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the hot sex on the table scenes with the groping and half naked bodies.  Whew!  I am sorry I missed that one the first time around.  Still, my feelings remain that perhaps this is one horse that is better off dead.  Seems to me John has some serious emotional baggage that he is lugging around, or he is just a typical male who hates to say I love you.  Either way, Evangeline would do way better without him and is starting to look a little foolish to me. 

I used to love Nora.  When I watched OLTL her and Bo were the cutest couple.  All smiles and grins and dancing and cuteness all through their courtship and Chuck Berry wedding.  Something major must have happened while I was away.  I am afraid I don’t understand why Nora actually spit venom at Bo when she coldly informed him that she would be sure to hide her true feeling for Bo (her hate) from their son Matthew.  What did Bo do?  Is this a classic case of shoot the messenger?  From where I sit she needs to thank the man for saving her and her son from living with a stone cold killer.  Everything else it seems to me Nora has bought on herself by making very bad decisions and hardly being the strong courageous women I once knew. 

“Come on ride the train…”  I’ll be damned if that song doesn’t pop in my head every time Tess pops out.  “…It’s the choo choo train…” That insane little vixen.  I am pleased at how much I enjoy Bree Williamson as Jessica.  Unfortunately, I am not at all sold on the DID, split personality story.  We have seen this done so many times on so many soaps, not to mention this very soap that through the years has explored this story more than once.  I am not sure that this is a storyline that is ready to be recycled; we all know how it will go.  The alter is a party animal, that sleeps around, ruins Jess’s life, eventually probably tries to kill someone or burn something, blah blah blah…

I think this is one train ride I might be better off skipping. 

Some of Llanview is a little strange to me still.  I keep seeing all these Kramer’s and Buchanan’s existing together and sleeping together and I remember when they all hated one another.  Now Blair is going to check on Vicki and Todd is watching out for Jessica and Kelly still lives on Buchanan property, everyone is existing so nice and peacefully.  I really cannot get used to Heather Tom as Kelly.  That was a non-sequitor but I thought it so I wrote it.  I think that Adriana is a Kramer and she seemed quite comfy at Renee’s house with this Duke guy (who I think might be Kevin’s son with Leann Demerest but I don’t understand why he and his Dad look about the same age so maybe I am wrong.)

David and Spencer have some serious chemistry going on.  I totally buy they are brothers and that they are really arch-nemesis.  I love it.  I love seeing David being all tough guy mach man.  David is many things, a con, a scammer, a charmer, but mostly he is usually just loveable.  It is just so fun seeing him try to beat up on Spencer and it was even more fun seeing Spencer finally get tired of swatting David like a little annoying gnat and get serious.  If my eyes did not deceive he stopped David dead in his track with only his thumb.  One thumb.  How hot is that?  I am surprised to be so into Spencer.  It must be that classic attraction to what may be dark because I never liked him over on GH as Paul wishy-washy Hornsby.  I don’t know where this Paige chick fits in but if it breaks up her and Bo I am all for it.  I am finding Spencer delicious and right now I’d be happy to see him with Blair, or maybe Jessica or hell he can even give Nora a shot while he’s at it.  Just bring it on.


Over on GH, while I fast forward daily, I see some flashes, mostly they are of Sonny and Emily though so obviously not much has changed there in 4 weeks.  I do stop to watch Luke and his gang, but to be honest their partner switching on every other episode is going to get old real fast if the don’t kick it up a notch.  Someone else on EOS said that they just didn’t see Skye and Luke as a couple and I have to agree.  They make great partners; they should have many adventures and capers all the time, but I don’t think they should sleep together.  Actually right now I think Luke would be best off Romantically involved with Alice.  That’s a woman for him.  Coleman is a dirty and scheming as ever and I love him for it.  I like any story that puts him on the screen and I will always stop for that handsome face.  Wait that is a lie.  I cannot stop for him when he is in scenes with Courtney.

Saint Emily appears back at work.  Making all right in the world for Michael, letting Nik kiss her, and getting therapy, while taking a time out to tell off Carly and cheer for Sam.  Sadly GH has decided that we viewers should get to watch a violent, vicious scene, but should in no way take part in understanding what a rape victim must go through in order to recover.  Contrary to what GH would have you believe, torching the location of the attack, having maybe 2 therapy sessions and then pretending to have a “first” date with your husband does not make for an effective cure.  Never fear though, Saint Emily will once again be of sound mind and ready to make love to her husband who looks just like her rapist in no time flat!

Tell me again why neither Carly nor Reese realized they knew each other before Reese got another boo boo? 

This has been fun.  I feel oddly cleansed.  Until next week my friends….

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