This is just sort of an update column about my week on OLTL.  Guys, it has been so great!

Viki is as wonderful as I remember her.  I had a blast as she teased Dorian pretending that she was going to try and date David.  It was absolutely perfect when she smiled to herself after Dorian left and scolded herself ďBad Viki.Ē

David is so adorable.  I love his humor and his charm and I do believe he belongs with Dorian.  They are indeed soul mates and they seem to bring out the best in one another.  They are a fun pair, always scheming and planning, and despite their best efforts they are in love.

Watching OLTL has brought me the humor that has been missing from GH for so long.  I have found that I like to laugh with my characters just as much as I like to cry with them.

I cried with Antonio.  I felt his pain as he cried over his daughter.  I believe he is a man distraught.  I am also shocked that any judge would give a child to the likes of RJ but it may be a different soap, yet Iíll keep in mind it is the same network.   


Nora must be OLTLís equivalent of Alexis.  I always loved Nora but back in the day she was a much smarter and stronger woman.  Since it is a soap and requires the drama of a public outing I understand why she had to push Bo to make announcements in the open.  Except recalling sensible Nora, who was indeed intelligent I am surprised she didnít know better than to push the issue.  It reminded me very much of the character assassination of Alexis on GH.  Taking once smart, savvy and independent women and turning them to mush.  


Welcome Dr. Spencer.  He definitely arrived with a bang.  He showed up and made the Hotel concierge go all a-flutter.  I am surprised no one has ever asked him to play Superman.  I so see a resemblance.  My feeling on the actor that portrays Todd are currently mixed and my feelings for Blair have always been mixed too, but I saw instant chemistry between Blair and the good Doctor.  Nothing makes a woman more grateful that saving her child.  It will be interesting to see what kind of trouble Spencer brings to town.


Over on GH all the blonde is blinding me.  There are blondes running amuck all over the place.  Too bad the first person I saw JenCarly have chemistry with is soon to be leaving PC, Rachel.

I know I said I quit but I canít help it.  GH has been a part of my life for so long that I still have to tape it and make sure I donít miss anything.  I do however watch mostly in FF.

I did however enjoy the scenes of Carly trying once again to sabotage Courtney and Jax and getting so caught in the process.  Really Carly, what kind of friend are you? 

What in the world make Reese and Ric think they are going to get away with keeping their sordid little secret?  Ric knows by now he has never successfully kept a secret in Port Charles.  Reese at least only just got there and maybe doesnít fully comprehend the fact that there are no secrets among the residents.  If there is something that somebody does NOT know, Emily or Liz will be sure to rectify that situation.

Hereís to what I hope is a great week of soaps. 


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