You guys will never believe this but GH has finally done it.  This is big breaking news and I know you all will be shocked.  I have left General Hospital.  Thatís right kiddies, I am taking a break from this show.  We have all been frustrated.  Then I watched Ric turn on Alexis, learned Reese was not only an Agent, but also a child psychologist and a lawyer, found out Maxie was recast and the straw that broke this camelís back was a Felicia Scorpio-Jones recast.  I heard this early yesterday morning and I snapped.  How can someone else besides Kristina Wagner be Felicia?  This isnít even actor loyalty, were that the case I would have left with Brenda.  The reports I saw claim Kristina walked when her request to be put back on contract was refused.  I donít blame her..  I realized I could not watch a show that has absolutely no respect for what the fans want.  TIIC puts forth any storyline that we hate.  If we hate it it, it will happen.  If we love a character, they will die or runaway, but if we hate them they will become front burner. It isnít that TPTB are stupid it is just a slap in the face.  The bottom line is they DO NOT CARE.  Why should they?  They just won an Emmy.  They look at me and say fuck you and I, for one can no longer be a part of.  No one talks to me that way.

I went home for lunch yesterday and I reset my VCR and I recorded One Life to Live.  I went home last night (Monday) and I watched and I enjoyed.  This is not my first foray in Llanview so some of the characters I already knew.  Other characters were brand new.  What I noticed first though was that the women were not being degraded at every turn.  They were respected.  Jessica, Nora, Vicky, Evangeline, no man ran around yelling at them or smacking them or belittling them.  Yeah so what?  Noraís current husband is having an affair ďgaspĒ with another man.  This stuff is juicy.  (Donít blame me if I am a little off, I am still learning what is going on.  I apologize in advance if I get anything wrong.)

I felt like that childhood show ďRomper Room.Ē  I saw Vicki and Bo, and Nora and RJ.  It was like visiting old friends.  Bo has a son now and his son was actually respectful.  Both Bo and Nora actually talked to Matthew (the son) instead of talking at him or about him like he was not even there. 

Nora and RJ are still friends.  That shocked me because I recall they had a very rocky past and I still have to figure out why Antonio and RJ are fighting for custody of the same child, but Iíll get there.

On first take, I believe Bree Williamson portrays a decent Jessica.  I was prepared to see her and only think of Erin, but after being away so long I found her believable.  I am actually looking forward to seeing where she is at and learn more about her alter ego, Tess. 

I heard rumors that Carlo Hesser and Alex Olanov will be returning and if memory serves me right that always spells fun and hijinx.

Michael Easton was a sexy vampire on Port Charles and he is still sexy as a cop.  The man is not traditionally good looking, but in my opinion he oozes sex appeal.  Hey, he isnít for everyone but I sure enjoyed him on my screen, paired up with Bo.  And that brings me to the police department.  It didnít look corrupt.  I could be way off but it actually looked like they were going to do some good.  John and Bo and hottie Rex were all working towards a common goal and the guy they were after might actually be guilty.  What a change.

I didnít hit the fast forward button.  I am watching something through virgin eyes and it is fun.  I have some hot guys to look at which is always a plus and I think this may just become a good relationship.

I cannot wait to see Dorian and David as I remember Davidís first time around.  I want to check out the new face of Todd and Iíll even be nice to Blair for a little while.  Things are fun when they are new and fresh.  Iíll be back with more.  I recommend everyone try this because a fresh perspective is extremely refreshing to a frustrated mind.


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