It seems to me over on GH the only one making any sense is Michael Corinthos.  Michael is the only one who wondered why his father should go to jail for a crime he himself committed.  It is really sad when the only person who actually wishes to take responsibility for his actions is a traumatized 9 year old.  It is a fact that whatever Sonny, Jason and Carly have in mind for Michael will only hurt him in the long run and teach him once again a very false life lesson. 

I had to agree with Carly when she wondered aloud to Jason why it was that everyone elseís girlfriends got to comfort her son and she keeps getting yelled at to stay away from him.  Good or bad Carly is Michaelís mother and to be honest she is the only one who should be with her son.  Right or wrong, Michael has always been portrayed as a boy who loves his mother and he sure needs her way more that Sonny and Jasonís pick of the month.

Sam might actually cry more than Laura Spencer.  Every scene she is in lately she cries.

That may look like a smile but really she is wiping her tears.  Go figure! 

Sam has become nothing more than a support post for Jason.  Now he has someone to hug.

Skye looks absolutely gorgeous.  I love her hair, I love her dress, and I love her figure.  Basically I love everything about both this actress and her character.  And her and Lorenzo make quite the dashing pair.  

When Luke walked in on Dillon and Georgie announcing he needs help it was really cute when Dillon made the sign of the cross against him.  When Georgie did it, it was just annoying. 

I am excited to see Dillon get wrapped into another adventure with Luke.  No one does it better than he, and this pair really compliments one another.  It brings back memories of the days when Jonathan Jackson played Lucky.  I only hope he leaves Georgie home.  What started out as cute and fun became tiresome.  Georgie crossed the line from cute to nag at some point for me and she really has to do something big to change my mind back.

I am dreading the day NuMaxie shows up on my screen, as there was never a thing wrong with Robyn Richards.  I plan on trying to connect with the new actress and on the positive side the gossip and magazines keep promising me some real Felicia scenes.  As a long time Felicia fan I hope she gets some.  There are quite a few single, lost or just plain confused men running about PC including her ex.

I really feel for Alexis.  Everyday even with crap material my NLG puts forth a stellar performance and I commend her.  Even she must be so tired of uttering the same lines over and over.  Iíll be damned though if I didnít agree with her whole-heartedly when she gave Ric the ultimatum.  Granted she doesnít know the full circumstance surrounding Sonnyís confession, but she would if her husband confided in her.  Ric has gone from Sonny hater to Sonny lover so quickly I got whiplash.  Who can blame Alexis for being a tad confused, annoyed, frustrated and downright pissed off?  Alexis was right when she told Ric he has been swearing up and down since he stepped foot in this town that he would take Sonny down.  Well sweetie, hereís your chance, donít fuck it up!  This could have been a killer couple but in my opinion, once again, the writers blew them up.

Happy Dance.  Hardly any Courtney for days.

Tracy may have gotten water poured over her head but she still got the last word and took off with an excellent hair flip.  For the record, I agree with Tracy, Lila would NEVER pour water on someoneís head.  Emily must be forgetting, but if she is going to play Saint, fact is Lila loved her family.  Good, bad and evil.

I may be slightly uninspired but the opinions never leave.  I have to say though, I am very excited to see some more characters on my screen and I am greatly looking forward to Lukeís new adventure and all those he drag along with him.

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