May 3, 2005 

Welcome Back Luke!  It’s like life has been breathed back into PC once Luke steps foot into town.  The banter between Luke and everyone is priceless. Everything that comes out of his mouth is quotable and I have to believe this writing did not come from the GH scribes.  I could make a whole column quoting Luke from one half hour of Mondays GH. 

Luke to Emily:  “Hey, get a grip girl; you’re spilling your cookies.”

Luke to Sky about Emily:  “When did she come unspooled?” 

“I always though the Quartermaines ate their young.  Did someone spit her back out?”

“…before nut job jumped all over us…” 

Maybe I just liked that he was making fun of Emily.   

Classic Sonny.  If Michael doesn’t answer, yell at him.  “Don’t shut me out!  Don’t!”  That’s a great way to get your traumatized child to respond.  A better choice?  Listen to Reese, the newly appointed child aficionado and get the hell out of there.  I missed the episode where Reese got her Child Psych degree, I believe there is a highly qualified woman named Gail Baldwin, PhD. floating around somewhere but what do I know?  (Where is Gail anyway?)  The qualified physician that we did find though knows that Michael saw or heard something that he wants to forget.  This couldn’t possibly be that he was kidnapped, brainwashed, presumed dead, bit by a scorpion, in a plane crash, saw his Mom arrested and saw his own memorial?  Nope that can’t be it; he must have seen who killed AJ and it must be his Mom he saw do it.  

I guess now we are supposed to garner sympathy for Reese while she bonds with Michael and remembers her dead son.  Sorry, not feeling it.  I liked Reese well enough without the gimmick.  Not everyone in PC needs to have a tragedy or be victimized in order to become popular, when will the writers get it.  Bring on the strong, independent chicks that can kick ass.  I guess Alexis is a good example though, stand up for what you believe and you get shipped to London. 

I was into Sam.  She is beautiful and smart and she can be downright cute, but she is reduced to nothing but Jason’s shadow.  Jason comes on our screen and a few seconds later you see Sam trailing loyally behind.  Too bad no one told her the number one thing not to do.  Do NOT go against Carly, it will only bring trouble and if forced to choose, Jason won’t choose her.  Jason needs a strong woman, someone that can bring out the good and the kind qualities that we are supposed to believe that he has.  That he used to have when he carried a wrecked Robin off the stage at the Nurses Ball.  The man we saw raise Little Michael and try to leave behind his life of crime for that boy.  We need a woman next to Jason that humanizes him and makes him more than just a thug.  Sam has become little more than a panting puppy who adds nothing to Jason’s character.  Someone help her please, I hear Mac is single… 

Can someone please tell me what Tracy is wearing?            

No, No
Helena, Don’t touch the

This is so awesome, I must say.  Helena, Tracy and Luke have to be the best triangle in ages.  Not only are they all stellar actors and stellar characters, they are all manipulative and slightly mad (in the crazy sense.)  You just never can be sure who will be teamed up with whom because they would all double cross one another before I can say “Jason is hot.”  (Hey when you look good…)  Tracy’s expression when she found out Luke was faking being shot was positively perfect.   

Skye had good chemistry with Luis I think Skye might be damn good with Lorenzo.  He needs to stop pining over Carly, I cannot figure out what this woman has over these supposedly powerful and deadly men that makes them wimps anyway.   

Did anyone notice Lois is gone?  Anyone care?  Yeah, me neither. 

Not the DNA on the murder weapon again?  Doesn’t the PCPD remember the first time AJ was killed?  The murder weapon had Courtney’s DNA all over it, and by the way, it was planted there by Rachel.   

How come Ric seemed surprised, even outraged, that Sonny would use Kristina as leverage to free Carly?  Haven’t we been down this road before? 

I leave you folks with this quote: 

Sonny to Michael:  “Mama never breaks a promise…”

Does he know Carly?

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