I read some columns and I did some thinking and then I watched a whole week of GH in one weekend.  I wanted to see how my reaction to what was going on in front of me would change if I watched with a new set of eyes based upon what other people wrote and thought.

The truth is it did make the whole show different for me. 

I’ll start with Reese who really has done nothing for me.  I read a few writers’ opinions that Reese has been a good presence and has played her character realistically.  I read that so far she was liked as well as can be expected when she has to come into a show and play the good guy in a place where the bad is revered.  I had not considered that before and when I did, it made much more sense.  Reese is the FBI and as badly as it stinks of a Hannah redux, Reese is far more outstanding than Hannah ever was.  Reese never intended to take Sonny down; she only wanted to find the children.  Finding and saving the Corinthos clan was her only motivation and that right there gives this character some depth.  I have heard mention of another kidnapped child that Reese was unable to save and I actually want to hear her story.  When I remember Reese’s motivation it no longer looks like she is another woman who came on canvas and caved to Sonny.  The fact of the matter is Reese used the resources she had to try and find the missing children.  Those resources included Sonny and Jason and maybe she did bend the law I now see it was for the kids and not for Sonny.  I only wish they would play the future romance where Sonny PURSUES Reese.  I am tired of Sonny being chased; I want to see him do the chasing.  It would be good for his character and it would be a real nice change of pace in Port Charles.  I am willing now to give Reese a chance.  (Let’s all sing along now…) 

My next eye opener was Carly.  At first I really thought she played the grieving mother well.  Not phenomenal or anything but just done well.  Then I read a column that pointed out that Carly reacted to the news of Michael’s death in exactly the same dramatic way she reacts to breaking a nail.  Every Carly reaction is dramatic and features some yelling, screaming and falling down.  Really these scenes were nothing new to us long time viewers.  We have seen it for 4 years and most of us are glad we won’t have to anymore.  It’s funny, I didn’t care for Carly the character for a very long time and it was not until Sarah Brown left that I appreciated her.  I think of the Carly who was “Carly-Babes” and who set up AJ to look as if he fell off the wagon and I know that only the Carly of then could have pulled these things off.  My Carly was never weak, she never stopped fighting and she was smart as hell. 

I watched Rachel with new eyes this weekend.  Of her my opinion stayed the same…anyone who makes Courtney miserable can stay as long as she pleases. 

Can someone tell me when and why Bridget decided to stalk Diego?  Were these just filler scenes because the writers had a brain fart?   

How I love thee Jason let me count the ways.  No matter what GH tries to convince me of I know that Jason is Michael’s real father.  How cool would that be if it were true and we find out AJ engineered the DNA results way back when?

Jason’s teary-eyed gazes are right on the money.  When I watch Jason even I miss the little redheaded mobster (and believe me that character irks me to no end).  For me, for this story to play true, it has to be Jason who finds Michael, as always, as promised.

Sam’s quiet support had been nice to watch and I like that Jason finally has a woman in his life that doesn’t want to change him or force him to feel something he doesn’t.  Sam is letting him grieve in his own time in his own way exactly as it should be. 

I am appalled at the way AJ is psychologically damaging this already damaged child by telling him his parents don’t want him.  That is the absolute cruelest thing to do to any child.  Sadly, it fits with the selfish AJ we all have come to know.  It saddens me that the writers would have AJ stoop so low when there are other ways they could have built a relationship between AJ and Michael.  If TBTB plan to recast AJ and keep him with us, I hope they find some way to make him even slightly redeemable.  At this point the character has sunk so low that all his poor me excuses wouldn’t buy a bus ride. 

I want to feel bad for Emily, really I do but right now I only feel bad for Elizabeth for having to take Emily’s abuse. 

I thought it was adorable when Skye made a point of reminding Georgie and Dillon to use protection.  I found it incredibly strange that both Georgie and Dillon told Brook and Diego that they were sleeping together.  I found it pretty amazing the Dillon did not get “bed head” and his hair still stood straight up the next morning. 

All in all it was a good week on GH.  I’m sad to see Luke take off again and I only hope he comes back. 

Maybe I am learning that Soaps, like many things in life are all a matter of perspective. 

Have a great week!