This will be a pretty brief column as the events on GH are moving at a speed slower than molasses. 

I just had a lovely four-day weekend (it pays to work for the Board of Ed) and being back at work with the schools closed makes for a deadly silent office.

Iíve done some surfing on the web, read a few spoilers and came to the conclusion that everyone pretty much is having the same feelings about GH.  We have all enjoyed having some Qís on our screen, we love Tonyís stellar performances as Luke, Skye can do no wrong and Jason and Sam still work.

I think Kari Wuhrer has some cosmetic work done.  Her face just looks wrong to me.

I remember her being much cuter.  Now she just looks a little strange. 

Her whole presence for that matter is strange.  She just does not belong and she hasnít had a single spark with anyone in PC.  No sparks with Sonny or Jason or Sam or Ric or Alexis. 

It has to be hard not to spark with none of these very talented actors.  GH needs to stop trying so hard to find a Brenda replacement for Sonny and just let him spark naturally with someone.  It all goes back to what we are all complaining about.  We donít want to be force-fed the next super couple; we want to find them ourselves. 

I am reserving judgment on Rachel.  So far she is just another sociopath walking the streets of Port Chuck.  I need to see more before I can make any determination.  She is definitely creepy, Iíll give her that, and I love anyone who sends Courtney off balance.

I sorta wish she would ask me to kill Steven.  I wouldnít hesitate for even a second. 

Brooke Lynn and Diego do nothing for me, they only help to make my GH watching time shorter.  It is funny that GH cannot manage to sell me on a teenybopper storyline.  I love teen shows, I watch the OC and Gilmore Girls and One Tree Hill, how come GH canít find a way to integrate some teens and young adults?  It is something they used to be very good at. 

I canít say I am all broken up about rumors of Carly leaving, but I canít help but wonder if perhaps maybe it is time to just let her go.  Maybe we donít need a recast at all.  Itís something to think about.  The John Durant story has fizzled and at this point GH has backed the talented man in a corner with very little to do.  The Steven Weber story was a complete failure as we all well know and really he probably isnít far behind.  Seems quite possible Courtney or Rachel herself could kill Steven and Rachel can stay.


I missed LOST last night so anyone who has a re-cap please e-mail me.  My darn tape ran out.