Dianna’s Dimensions 

I want to know what happened to Maurice Bernard’s 3-month paternity leave?  I think I must have missed something.  When did Sonny become just down right nasty with Jason?  Through all these storylines over the past few months and starting from Sam, Sonny has been down right awful to his right hand man.  Jason, who takes the bullets, takes the abuse and takes the arrests.  Jason ran Sonny’s territory so that Sonny could just come back and take it all back along with a few other things that were never his to begin with.

It all started when Sam moved in with Jason.  Jason was given the opportunity to raise one more of Sonny’s spawn to later have the baby ripped from his grasp.  We all know had that baby lived, the day would come and Sonny would take that baby back with hardly a thank you. 

With the death of the baby and Kristina being so sick Sonny never bothered to even acknowledge the grief that Jason must be going through.  Instead he expected Jason to hold his hand and fight his battles and help him get custody of Kristina.  Where was Sonny when Jason needed help fighting for Hope?

Now Sonny is adamant that Sam has stolen Kristina and won’t listen to a word Jason says.  Jason is the only person making sense.  Sam has no motivation.  Had Sam stole Kristina it would be one more little girl that she knows she would lose.  That alone is defense enough.  Sam has nothing to gain and everything to lose.

Sonny has not once ever asked Jason how he feels.  I know Jason has brain damage and I know he doesn’t process feelings like everyone else, but we all know he has them.  It is just that Sonny can never stop thinking about himself.  I have heard Sonny mention in passing that he stole Carly and Michael from Jason, but he just never seemed sorry.  Never seemed to get the real sense of loss Jason felt even if he still sees Michael often. 

Jason deserves respect from Sonny.  He has worked hard and has proven his loyalty over and over again and the Sonny I once knew would commend that and acknowledge Jason as more than a doormat.  Ask Stone.

It seems somehow Jason has become the one who must always be logical, always do the right thing, and always thinks of everyone else before himself.  I want to see Jason be selfish, just once I want him to have something that he really cares about and gives some meaning to his life. 

I commend GH on having Coleman let Emily go.  Coleman is many things but a killer is not one of them.  I wish we could see more of him as he had such great chemistry with so many characters, Tamara Braun not the least of which.  No pun intended but Coleman is exactly the sort of thing our old Carly would do. 

Nothing makes me happier than knowing Courtney was never legally married to Jason.




Thanks to W2W for the screencap!