I crammed a week of GH into one weekend and I have to say I spent a lot of it in fast forward mode.  I am not really ďfeelingĒ much of anything these past weeks.  It is not good nor bad, just indifferent.   

I think I disagree with almost every storyline going on out there.  I donít think Carly and Lorenzo should have another go at it, I donít think Kristina needs to be kidnapped, I donít think Sonny should ever sleep with another lawyer and I definitely donít think Port Charles needs a Courtney. 

I remember being a teen with a major crush that really believed she was in love.  I have never engaged in conversations with said crushís parents or family members getting them involved in every aspect of my teen drama and angst.  What are they thinking over at GH?  Oh of course, no female is complete with out a male figure to lust after and follow around like a puppy dog. 

Hey Lois, I hear Miguel calling, he needs some help, hereís a plane ticket.  Donít worry, Grandma Tracy will give Brook some spine.  I cannot stand this simpering caricature of a woman I once adored seeing on my screen.  She has zero chemistry with absolutely everyone on the show. 

I donít know what to think of Elizabeth and Lucky.  They donít bother me but they also donít blow me away.  It could be nice but I donít know if it can become anymore powerful than that. 

I do not know how anyone can like Courtney.  She is the most self absorbed, empty shell I have ever seen.  The bleach has no doubt affected her brain and I wish someone would Tae-Bo her ass back to Atlantic City.  Where exactly did Courtney think Bridget planned to live with her baby?  In a cozy new house that Bridget bought with her two days worth of waitress tips?  Why does she just look at Bridget, looking slightly confused while stammering?  Courtney, say what you are thinking.  A simple ďBridget, what the hell are you talking about, you are NOT living here,Ē may have set the kid straight.    Courtney never comes right out and says anything unless it is incredibly stupid.  She had no problem belittling Sam yet with everything else she skirts the issue.  I wish someone would trip over her dead body on the docks and do a very happy dance. 

PS.  I donít want to watch another custody trial. 

When I grow up I want to dress just like Skye. 



The re-runs are pretty much over.  Yay!  On Charmed the Witches are about to bring in Utopia.  No more evil (we know it wonít work since if there was no more evil the sisters would have nothing to do therefore no show) and it looks like a really nice place to visit.  LOL 

My TV is ruled by sex and it is on all the regular channels at that.  Clark Kent over on the teen show Smallville is getting busy.  I try watching the new show Medium (puts me to sleep) and in the first two episodes the opening scenes are sex, one being with a dead body.  Over on Las Vegas it is always steamy and if there isnít sex being shown, it is being talked about.  Everyone is having sex and I keep being forced to watch and all I can think is, what if I had kids?  I wouldnít feel so good about what they are watching.  I am not a prude by any means I just find this casual attitude about sex kind of wrong.  No one emphasizes the love behind the act that has become sensationalized as nothing more than unfeeling physical machinations.  On C.S.I. we have wife swapping and on the O.C. a high schooler casually spends the night at his older girlfriends apartment on a school night.  I just have to wonder how we have gotten here and when all this has become so acceptable. 



Thanks to W2W for the screencap!