Happy Happy New Year to All!  Let this year be filled with all things wonderful and many juicy soap opera stories. 

I admit I have been loving GH to the max.  Ok, I don’t feel desperate to see each new episode, but I enjoy each one and I am fast-forwarding less.  I have found though, that it is really no fun to write about a show you can’t bitch about but then I remembered some fine material. 

Tae-Bo Courtney has been back with a vengeance.  No matter how good GH gets I can ALWAYS pick on Courtney.  She kicks ass, makes out with Jax, plays Mommy to a teenage boy and counsels Sam and Jason.  Man, is there anything this girl cannot do?  She really needs to stay out of Jason’s business and stop trying to play little, miss, social worker.  She needs to stop beating up very powerful men (like Lorenzo) and getting away with it.  GH has created a monster and she sends me screaming…in a very bad way.

Now I just read in Soaps in Depth that Courtney convinces Bridget to move into her loft (hope that extra room is done).  It really sounds to me as if Courtney is looking to steal a baby of her own.   

Give me more Flea and Durant, please.  I have always loved Felicia, the character, and Kristina the actress and now that they brought her back let’s see her.  What better way than with a Durant Romance?  Maybe her and Carly can even become friends, Felicia was after all, bestest friends with Lucy (I wish they would bring her back).  If you can be-friend Lucy, Carly should be easy.      New Years started with a great kiss and since all reports say Durant is sticking around awhile I would love to him get involved with someone.  

I don’t like Diego.  It is a bad character and I am not sure any actor could portray it with depth.  Diego seems to go through the motions but just doesn’t convey and real emotion across my screen.  I can’t feel what he feels, I don’t get his actions and I don’t buy into it.  Perhaps they are trying to re-create a Jagger Cates of sort but whatever the intention the effort has fallen flat.  He has no chemistry, his relationship with Brooke seems forced and unbelievable, and not to mention it happened so quickly I pretty much missed it.  He is not a bad guy but I have not seen him once show any gratitude to anyone that has tried to help him out.  The whole thing frustrates me and this whole “fun in the sun” thing is not making him any more endearing to me. 

Another tidbit from Soaps in Depth states that Ted King had a lot to do with the re-cast of Maria.  It was his feeling that Maria needed to look at least 35 years of age and that King and the first Maria were not “clicking”. 

Jason and Sam are great.  I really wish he would kiss me like that, yummy.  Sam is really beginning to get her own identity and I like that she can be playful while Jason tries to stay stoic.  They make a very pretty looking couple and I think it can work.  It would just be nice to see a whole lot of romance and a little less misery on my soaps. 

I keep hearing a rumor this awful rumor that Connor is going to rape Emily.  I hope this is not true.  That story would be awful and to be honest I am not sure the current actress could pull it off.  I was never an Em hater, but I have become a nEm hater and by extension I feel no love for the current characters.  Tyler Christopher produced some of the most awesome scenes during his memory loss, but his stint, as Connor is doing nothing for me.  That may be just because the character is very unlikable.  The thought of having to endure 9 months of “whose your daddy” yet again, even with different players, twists my insides.   

I hope the writers realize that Carly and Lorenzo are over.  I realized it when they stopped to chat in the hospital and when she spoke of him to Courtney.  She genuinely likes the man she got to know, that not many have seen, but there is no passion there.  Next I hope they realize Carly and Steven never should have happened.  Once upon a time Carly and Jax had a little chemistry, how about that for a triangle? 

I think that about sums it up and I definitely complained less than I thought I would. 

Quick notes on the primetime situation…expect an excellent Lost episode tonight and mostly we have only had repeats for the holiday season.  Next column we’ll have a little prime time discussion. 

For the Desperate Housewife fans I read an article that they are all looking for more money except Terri Hatcher who is the only actress on contract making the most money per episode.

Josh Duhamel of Las Vegas is happily dating Fergie of the musical group “Black Eyed Peas”.  I really wish I were she for 24 hours. 

Happy Week! 



Thanks to W2W for the screencap!