Q:        I have a question(s) about Elizabeth Webber and Jeff Webber.  I know her father is Jeff Webber, but has it ever been stated who her mother is?  Was she conceived/born while the character of Jeff was still on General Hospital, or after the character was written out?  Does Elizabeth have any other brothers or sisters besides Sarah?  Wasn't Monica Quartermaine married to Jeff Webber before she married Alan?  Also, since Lesley was once married to Rick Webber (or still is?), doesn't that make Laura and Lucky related to Liz? Thanks for any info you can provide.  

T. Marie Sigmund

A:        The name of Elizabeth’s mother has remained a mystery for years.  Jeff left Port Charles in 1981, and went to Sarajevo to work.  Soon after that he asked Heather for a divorce because he had found someone else (Liz’ mother?).   That was 19 years ago and Liz is approximately 16-17 now, so she was definitely born after he left GH.

Liz has two siblings, her sister Sarah, and a half-brother (Jeff and Heather’s son) named Steven Lars.

Yes, Monica was married to Jeff when she first came to GH as an intern in 1976.  They divorced when Monica had an affair with Jeff’s brother, Rick…the same Rick who later married Lesley.  Later, Monica, of course married Alan (twice).

     Lesley was married to Rick in 1981, then she had an automobile accident and was presumed dead.  Rickthen married Ginny Blake in 1984.  Since Lesley didn’t really die, you  could say that Lesley is still married to Rick. 

Elizabeth's Dad, Jeff 
Webber with girlfriend
Annie Logan


Now, let’s see if and how Laura and Lucky are related to Liz, shall we?  Laura is Lesley’s biological daughter, but not Rick’s.  Jeff is only Rick’s half brother, as they had different fathers.  So-o-o-, this would make Laura, Jeff’s step-niece.  Jeff would be Lucky’s step-great-uncle, but not a blood relation.  Liz is Laura’s step-cousin and Lucky’s step-second cousin.  After all this, we can safely say that Liz and Lucky are in no way blood relatives. 

Q:        Are Mac and Robert Scorpio half-brothers?  I thought Robert had a partner, O’Reilly, when he first came on the show, who was played by Billie Hayes.  When O’Reilly died - didn’t she tell Robert that she was his mother?  Does Mac know of this or has GH just ignored it.  I don’t remember this ever being addressed.  Elizabeth Wilkinson

A:            Elizabeth, I have checked all my sources, but cannot find it stated anywhere, that O’Reilly told Robert she was his mother.  What I found out  is this:

            O’Reilly was an elfish woman with a quick tongue.  She had been on many missions with Robert, as an agent of the WSB.  She affectionately called him, “Sonny”.  During a confrontation with the Cassadines, she was gunned down on the docks of Port Charles.   She died as Robert held her in his arms, and he vowed revenge on the Cassadines.  

Billie Hayes On-Line

          Note:   For years Robert hated his brother for stranding him, his fiancee and their parents out in the Australian desert after a plane in which Mac was piloting, crashed.  Their parents both died and Robert held Mac responsible.  It wasn’t until they were reunited in Port Charles, that Mac explained to him that after the crash he had gone for help, and by the time he returned, Robert was gone.

            If his brother Mac knows that they are indeed half-brothers, he has not made it known to date.  But from the information I have been able to gather from various sources, we can safely assume that they are full brothers.

 I would be happy to post any additional information anyone can provide concerning the possibility of them being half-brothers.   And thanks to Leigh and Vanessa for helping to research and brainstorm this bugger of a question!"


Q:        Helena Cassadine..Who doesn’t love to hate her!  Please give me some information on the actress who plays her.  Thanks.  Barbara H. 

A:        Helena Cassadine has been played by two actresses, since the introduction of the character.  In 1981, Elizabeth Taylor guest starred as Helena in five episodes, then in 1997 Constance Towers took over the role, and has been doing an excellent job ever since.

Constance, who is nothing like the evil Helena, started her film career in 1955, starring in “Bring Your Smile Along”.  In 1959, she co-starred with John Wayne in “The Horse Soldiers," and in 1960 she appeared in “Sergeant Rutledge.”

 In 1960 Constance also made her professional stage debut in “Guys and Dolls”.  A year later she starred in “Anya”, a musical adaptation of Anastasia.  She has made hundreds of appearances in revivals of such classics as “South Pacific”, “The Sound of Music”, and “The King and I”.

 During the 60’s and 70’s she also hosted her own daily talk show on radio.

 From my own personal experience I can tell you that when I saw her on stage at the Miami Beach Theatre for the Performing Arts in the 70’s, she was wonderful as Anna, in “The King and I”, opposite Yul Brynner.  I walked out totally awed.  She has a beautiful singing voice and her overall performance was excellent. Yul Brynner wasn’t bad either.  : )

 Constance Towers Gavin Official Fan Page


 Q:        What is the name of the guy who plays Nigel, and what is Nigel’s full name?

I think he is wonderful.  Kelly S.

 A:        Peter Bartlett plays Nigel Bartholomew-Smythe, Asa’s valet/handyman/peacekeeper/little buckaroo, and has been in the role since 1991.


Q:        How many actresses have played Dorian Lord?  I know there were several.  Shelly H.

 A:        The role of Dorian Lord was first played by Nancy Pinkerton from 1973-77;

Claire Malis from 1977-79;  Robin Strasser from 1979-87, again in 1993-Present; and Elaine Princi from 1989-1993.


Q:            Whatever happened to the evangelist chick that Todd was obsessed with, who was in love with that creepy Powell guy?  She was HOT!  Tony

 A:        The character’s name was Rebecca Lewis, and she was played by Reiko Aylesworth.  Rebecca was a loyal follower of phony evangelist Angela Holliday.  They came to Llanview in May of ’93, and set up the Tabernacle of Joy on the outskirts of town.

 After Todd was injured in his attack on Nora, he went to Rebecca at the Tabernacle and played on her sympathy.   He later proposed to her, but she tenderly turned him down, as Powell had already asked her to marry him.

 BTW, Powell Lord was Kevin Buchanan’s cousin.



Q:        I have only been watching AMC for the last 6 months, so I still need a lot of catching up.  Please tell me this.  Why does Hayley hate her mother so much?  I know Arlene is a drunk, but has she done something so terrible to her daughter?

Colleen Renquist, Brooklyn NY

A:        Oh Colleen, if you only knew……  

         After Hayley’s father, Harry Vaughan died, Hayley could not wait to get away from her  alcoholic mother, so she traveled to Pine Valley and moved in with her uncle, Trevor Dillon, whom she called “Uncle Porkchop”.    Her mother came to town after her, to bring her back home, and while she was there, she ran into Hayley’s biological father, Adam Chandler, whom she had had an affair with years before.

            When Hayley found out that Adam was her real father she was devastated, as she had always loved him and thought of Harry Vaughan as her father.  

Hayley and her mother have had a rocky road!

            Arlene was constantly doing things to disgust Hayley.  Her drinking was out of control and she was man crazy to boot.  Hayley met Alec McIntyre and the two became engaged.  She was unaware that the only interest Alec had in her was her company, Enchantment.  When Arlene found out about Alec’s  intentions, she threatened him by saying that she was going to tell her daughter the truth, because underneath it all, Arlene loved Hayley.  It didn’t take much for Alec to talk his way into Arlene’s bed, as she was a pushover for any man’s attention.  Alec had no intentions of making this a long term relationship, but Arlene had other ideas.  She told him she would keep quiet about what he was up to if he would continue having sex with her.

            At the same time while this was going on, Hayley met Mateo Santos and they were attracted to one another  almost immediately.  When Alec found out about Hayley’s interest in Mateo, he decided to push the wedding up and they eloped.

            Taking full advantage of her trust, Alec talked Hayley into getting a joint bank account.  It didn’t take him long before he helped himself to Hayley’s money.  When Arlene found out, she knew it would be a perfect time to remind him of her hold on him (his plans to get Hayley’s company).  So she again threatened to expose him to her daughter, unless he continued to go to bed with her, only this time Arlene had an ulterior motive.  She secretly placed a video camera in the room and got all the grisly details on tape.  She also got him to admit what he had been planning to do.

            Hayley’s father, Adam was very protective of her, and when he got suspicious of something going on between Arlene and Alec, he decided to throw his own monkey wrench into their little twosome.  He made Arlene think that Alec was having an affair with nurse Gloria Marsh.  Naturally, when Arlene thought that Alec was sneaking around with Gloria, she confronted him, but he became thoroughly disgusted with her and rejected her then and there.  Rejection was something Arlene could not tolerate, and she told Alec that she was going to tell Hayley everything.  Alec, seeing that he was in a corner, agreed to meet her one last time.

            Meanwhile, Hayley was beginning to see the light concerning  Alec and her mother.  When Alec made plans to meet Arlene at a motel, Hayley and Mateo followed him.  When he got to the motel he had a bottle with him and tried to force Arlene to down the entire contents.  He knew she was an alcoholic and that this would probably kill her.  At the last minute, Hayley and Mateo forced their way into the room and stopped him.  Hayley saw to it that Alec went to jail for what he had done.

            To sum their history up, Arlene does love her daughter, and does not quite understand why it is not mutual.  She has continuously screwed up Hayley’s life in one way or another.  At one point she even told Hayley that they were just alike.  Hayley, being a dry alcoholic, came very close to falling off the wagon many times because this statement kept coming back to haunt her.

            Now, Hayley has finally gotten to the point where she will not allow her mother to influence her life.  Though Arlene tries to get her daughter to love her, she has so many emotional problems, that she cannot understand why Hayley feels the way she does.

Q:        Adam Chandler is my favorite character on AMC.  From watching the show for a couple of years I know that he’s been married more than once, but I’d like to know who all his wives were, and how many children he has, and by whom?  Patty G.

A:        You’re right, he certainly has been married more than once.

Adam’s first wife was Althea, whom he met and married when he was living in Europe (pre-AMC).  They had a baby girl, Antionette “Skye”.  Althea was an alcoholic, and had gone into a coma and died after Adam left her.  Skye later traveled to Pine Valley where she found her father.

Erica became the next Mrs. Chandler in 1984, right after he moved to Pine Valley.

In 1989, Brooke English married Adam.  Brooke already had a daughter, Laura, who was killed by a drunk driver, but she was not Adam’s.

In 1989, Dixie Cooney moved in with the Chandler’s.  When Brooke and Adam found out that Brooke could not give him a son, he had an affair with Dixie, and she gave him a son, Adam “Junior”.   They married the same year.

Adam next married Natalie Hunter, in 1990.  Natalie died a few years later.  No children with him.

Adam and Erica remarried in 1992.  She never gave him any children.

In 1993, Adam married nurse, Gloria Marsh.  She gave birth to a baby girl, Anna Claire, but the baby died shortly after birth.

In 1996, Adam married Liza Colby.  She became pregnant, but the baby was stillborn.

Adam and Liza remarried in 1999, and had a baby girl, which she named Colby Marian Martin.  The story behind this is that when Adam and Liza were separated, she decided she wanted a baby.  So she and Jake Martin got together and he agreed to be the sperm donor.  When Adam found out, he bought the fertility clinic, and managed to switch Jake’s sperm with his.  When Liza gave birth, the baby was actually Adam’s.   She did not find out about this right away, but when she did, she let him know in no uncertain terms that she was not a happy camper.

In June of 2000, after Liza divorced Adam, and he lost his brother Stuart, he went a little berserk and married Arlene Vaughan, Hayley’s mother.

Q:            Whatever happened to Langley Wallingford? Karen

A:        Ruth Warrick, who plays Phoebe Wallingford, was interviewed a few years ago and stated that Louis Edmonds, who played Langley, was written out of the storyline for about a year in the late 1980’s, while he dealt with throat cancer surgery and radiation treatment.  Ms Warrick also felt that the writer’s simply ran out of storyline for them as a couple, mainly because of their ages.   From another source I found that he is now retired.


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