August 14, 2000

Q: Whatever happened to Asa’s ex-wife. The one who had the Egyptian wedding?  I missed a few months and never knew what happened to her.  The last time I saw her, Carlo Hesser was watching her through a two-way glass.

A: Alex Olonov, played by Tonja Walker, became mayor of Llanview and married underworld kingpin Carlo Hesser in October of ’96, pretending to be pregnant with his baby by wearing a cushion under her wedding dress.  All went totally sour as Asa, knowing Alex had had her tubes tied a few years earlier, pulled off her dress in front of the entire crowd, exposing her secret.   Carlo was livid, to put it mildly and told her, “No one ever betrays me.”

After trying to explain to Carlo why she did it, he wound up trying his best to choke her.  She told him she wanted them to adopt a child and everything she did was out of love for him.  In answer to this Carlo took off his wedding ring.  A few weeks later he informed her of a petition that was circulating to have her thrown out of office.  Using a little double-talk Carlo managed to convince her that he was there to help her (NOT!)  He told her for her own protection she should shred all her important and sensitive files.  She believed him and did as he said.

While she was busy shredding, Carlo was busy calling Hank at LPD to tell him what Alex was up to.  After she was caught red-handed, she realized that Carlo was the culprit who double-crossed her.  She then spilled everything to Hank about Carlo being the mad bomber of the Palace Hotel and the fact that he was the infamous “Poseidon.”Next, she hot-footed it to Todd to tell him about Carlo, in order to have it published in the Sun.  In other words, she was out for revenge.

Meanwhile, Carlo made plans to fake his own death in order to leave the country.  He arranged to have cocaine planted in Alex’ room as payback for her opening her mouth once too often. (Do these two ever quit??)  Alex was taken into custody.  Things got worse after the police found the drugs in her room.  Hank offered her a deal -- a plea bargain for information about Carlo.

Carlo was planning to frame Antonio Vega for his demise, because Antonio lied to him.  On this same night Todd was giving a huge party for Blair.  Everyone who is anyone was there, including Carlo Hesser.  All of a sudden the lights went out and next thing we know, Carlo is found dead floating in the water with a bullet-hole in his head.

From there, practically every major character in Llanview became a suspect in the murder, as everyone hated Carlo for one reason or another.  Alex, not to be forgotten in this, showed up later on with Carlo’s Will, which she forged of course, naming Antonio as the heir to Carlo’s fortune.

Months passed. Carlo’s twin brother, Mortimer, showed up in town and testified that Alex was the murderer.  Carlo -- er -- Mortimer got close to those in Llanview and was regarded as the “good” brother. 

One day Alex was sitting alone and discussing with herself (needed help at that point), the possibility of running for mayor once again.  Behind her she heard clapping as if in congratulations for her decision.  Carl – er -- Mortimer -- e r-- Carlo was indeed alive and was standing right behind her.  Alex, overjoyed, but a little taken-back by his sudden appearance, began to rehash everything she did to him and why.  (Obviously this girl had never heard the old expression “Let sleeping dogs lie”)  They are drawn together again  in Carlo’s limousine and soon disappear into the sunset, never to be seen again.

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