Circle Pics, March 2005

The path from the house to the circle.  Eric has seated one set of rocks on the left and will do the next side before Ostara.


The circle from the end of the path


Looking to the left... and to the right of the end of the path.  Check it out!  We found these rocks on our property with these perfectly hewn holes, just the right size for a glass Mexican Candle!


The North Quarter (Earth)


The East Quarter (Air) - The sunrise candleholder in front of the sand pit will be replaced by a peacock censor soon.

The Fairy Ring Jennifer created.

Interestingly enough (and Jennifer made this on Saturday), when Melissa and I were working on the circle yesterday, in the dead center of the circle, right next to the main altars, we found these:

These are tiny little plastic high top tennis shoes.  They are made like Betty Spaghetti shoes.  Delena says she thinks they are from Bratz dolls.  The thing is, we have been all over that area in the past week or so, setting up circle and such and never noticed anything like them.  There is no dirt or anything on the shoes, indicating they were ever under the snow.  No kids have played in our circle area and we don't have any dolls that would ever use these shoes.  They're about an inch or so long.  I'm thinking Faery shoes!


The South Quarter (Fire).  The new torch (center photo) blazes like mad no matter how low the wick.  Also got a new salamander and faery that are visible on the left side of the far right photo.


The West Quarter (Water).  New mermaids!  The fountain is about to be moved to balance out the rest of the quarter, left side of the center photo.