Chris and Frances

I think our love story ranks with some of the best ever written...

A mutual friend thought Chris and I might like each other. She introduced us and two weeks later I told my mother (at the ripe age of 13) I would marry him. We were very young, but we knew we loved each other. After about a month of dating I realized I completely and totally loved him; and that was crazy, for we were so young. I broke it off and we remained the best of friends. We dated on and off for the next two years and then I moved away (rough home life dictated a move from mother to father which meant new town, new people and no Chris). He was devastated when I left. He had serious abandonment issues from his father and was sure I was walking out on him. I tried desperately to keep in contact, but after a while we lost touch and I wrote him off as my destiny lost. I got into a serious relationship that was terribly bad for me and finally, after two years, I ended things. The next six months I spent healing and gaining respect for myself again. At this point, I was 20 year old junior in college and I hadn't seen or heard from Chris in at least two and a half years. I knew where he lived and got his number from some old friends. I called, and called and called and dropped by and got no response. But I missed him. I missed him terribly and I wanted my friend back. In January of 1999 I showed up on his door step and we talked until 5 in the morning. I left, without even a kiss, and we saw each other everyday for the next three months. Then I got a summer job two hours away. It was then that we realized we could not and would not live without each other. I had one year of college left and he was moving two hours in the opposite direction for a better opportunity. He purposed and we knew we would be together. That year was the worst of my life. We spent many hours on the phone, many hours in the car and many hours in tears longing to be with each other. Finally, I graduated and moved to be with him. We were married in November of 2000 and are living happily ever after.

To top it all off, I was his first kiss when he was 16 and he was my first lover at 21! Through all the crap, I saved my self for him. I knew he was my soul mate and my destiny. He was worth waiting for.