WOW! I Have a Difference of Opinion! Now THATíS a Shocker!

Well, being quiet sure has its advantages. I havenít read one interestingly spiteful thing about me anywhere lately. Or maybe itís there and simply went over my head? Aw, who gives a flying leap. Whatís more important is that when Iím quiet, the others at EOS stand up, take control of the Ďfloorí and speak like theyíve never spoken before. Okay, yeah, thatís a bit over the top; they stand up and speak all the time. I just wrote that purely for effect. It didnít work, but tough. Iím leaving it anyway because Iím tired of backspacing on this darn paragraph already!   

What Iím trying to say isÖ you have done well without my typically negative GH columns because everyone else has done a fine job of providing that commentary.  Except Kathy, who wasnít necessarily her be-all-live-all-and-encourage-all-Positive, recently, but she certainly wasnít the winner of the negativity award this past week or so. Iím thinkingí that went to Ms. Sherry for her dazzling column of angst toward GH!!! A good column it was. And most of the time I find myself agreeing, usually whole-heartedly, with Sherry. But alas, not this time.  

Iím really enjoying GH these days. What I get to see of it, that is.  This is the first time in a long, long time (since Carly Ďdiedí, if my memory is correct) that Iíve actually missed it and thought, ďGee, I sure wish I could tape this darn show because I want to see whatís happening.Ē Yeah, I have SoapNet but itís on at 10 PM every night and Iím asleep by then!  

Want to know what I like about GH? Huh, even if you donít, Iím going to tell you. Maybe it will change your mind if youíre on the other sideÖmaybe it wonít but it doesnít matter. Itís my opinion and thatís why I get to write this column!  

Hereís my list of likes: 

  1. Jax and Courtney: Was it Dayna that mentioned the teeth on that woman? Whoever it was is right. Does she get her teeth bleached daily? They pop out of the screen and blind me when she smiles! Pearly whites aside, I enjoy the banter, I enjoy the chemistry and itís nice to see Courtney not following Jason and ass-kicking her days away. As for Jax, someone Iíve truly despised, I like that heís not angry and bitter and that heís back to being somewhat flirtatious and charming again. Is it another take on a similar story? Sure. But we have to remember this is a soap and there are only so many storylines to be had. Sure, I talk a good talk and I brag that if I were writing the soaps theyíd be new and fresh, but the truth is, probably not. You can only do so much with what youíve got.
  2. Jason and Sam: No, Iíve not necessarily fallen for the ĎSam is really a good personí thing but itís better than seeing her dressed in black, boobs hangingí out, 24/7! Sheís developing a personality and I can finally see that she is a person instead of a Brenda wannabe dropped into out TVís to make us remember the past. I saw absolutely no reason for the relationship between Sam and SonnyÖit happened too fast and her personality changed too drastically for it to be even remotely real. It was pushed on me and fake and the chemistry wasnít there. It wasnít there with Jax either. (Notice how those ďthe next super coupleĒ commercials disappeared almost immediately?) BUTÖwith that being said, Sam and Jason have comical chemistry and real, genuine chemistry and Iím enjoying them. Anyone that can make Jason have an expression works for me. Yeah, Iíd like to see him with Carly but thatís just not going to happen so Iíll take Sam for the time being. Iíve given up on Liz and thatís okay since sheís been re-introduced as the new AmyÖeven making her a nurse to help with the concept. So itís Jason and Sam for me. Wouldnít it be funny if little Lila turned out to be a true Quartermaine after all? Now that would be a good storyline! Lotís of back story and lots of reason for the break up of the main super couple on GH since Luke and Laura! (Yes, Iím talking about Sonny and Jason!)
  3. Felicia: I love this woman. She speaks class when she walks in a room. When Frons (or was it Guza, I canít remember.) said she was matronly I about peeíd my pants. The woman has sex appeal written all over her. She is a fashion statement and I wish Iíd not colored my hair this horrible brown color because in looking at some pics, it was the same color as hers and Iíve always loved her hair (except during the Colton days because then it was just fugly!)  Okay, so her storyline is kind of silly but itís fun and light hearted and it gives a reason for her to be on the show, along with all those missing Quartermaines and the ever-wonderful Alice! More Felicia is a good thing. Now, throw her back in the sack with Mac (that was NOT meant to rhyme, honest!) and take the guyís shirt off (terrible fire scars and all, Iím sure!!! NOT!) and THEN WEíVE GOT A GREAT STORY! ďreunited and it feels so good! Reunited and itís understood!ÖĒ I love those two and hope we see more of them in the coming episodes.
  4. No Sonny and Carly: Need I say more?
  5. Carly looking for her father: I cracked up when she went to the hospital and in the middle of the floor asked Bobbie to help her find her dad. Didnít pull her aside, didnít take her some place private. Simply a total Carly move; itís all about her and thatís whatís important. And the look on her face when Bobby told her to drop it? Carly acted as though she would but her face said otherwise. Normally Iím not a huge TB fan. I like her and I think she does well as the character, but after all the screen time of all the same characters, it gets old. But when she interacts with other members of the cast I enjoy it and Iím glad to see it! When Bobby turns out to be a liar, I wonder how her daughter will react? Remember, only Carly can lie, no one else is allowed.
  6. Ric and Alexis: NG made a comment at her event that when she shuts up, she works more. Iíd like to know what she did to shut up so I can educate my kids on it. Theyíve been little chatterboxes since school started and frankly, itís wearing me out. OH, wait. Wrong subject. Ric and Alexis are charming, funny and a joy to watch.  I wonder if the Ďrumorsí of them falling in love will pan out? It would be interesting to see Alexis with someone that gives her strength, like Ric seems to. I wonder if age will ever play into this? We know Alexis isnít the youngest gal on the show but to me, she seems a bit older than Ric. HmmÖjust a thought. I really like the idea of Ric adopting Kristina, but wonder if thatís something Alexis would do because itís a bit risky for her personality.
  7. Helena is back: No more comments necessary.
  8. Coleman is back: No more comments necessary.
  9. Luke and Skye are coming back: No more comments necessary.
  10. Heather is almost done: Sheís only on a 6 month contract so Iím watching the calendar closely. Itís not that I donít like the character, I just think itís all a bit desparate.
  11. Nikolas and Emily are back together: I like them. I donít care what you say. Yeah, theyíre the Ďfairytaleí couple but I like them. I like Tyler Christopher, even when he snots up my tv. And I like Natalia Livingstonís Emily. I dare to say this, but I like her better than Amber Tamblynís. Okay, shoot me now. Send me the nasty emails, do whatever you have to, but I stand by my comment. I like her. I like that she is glamorous, self-righteous and holds herself above all. I like that she stands by her man and does whateverís necessary to be with him. I like the romance and the commitment of their relationship. And I certainly like looking at Tyler Christopher. Believe me, all great acting aside, that man deserves the flipping emmy for his unbelievable ability to make his nose all snotty during an emotional scene. Not one other soap actor can cry like him! All joking aside, sure the story is kind of corny, but the two are doing an excellent job and I really like their acting. I think they do well with what theyíre given and I just plain like them.
  12. Mary: What a bummer that sheís leaving. Ok so they ďwonít confirm her exitĒ but we know itís going to happen. At first she bugged the heck out of me, but lately Iíve enjoyed her. Sheís funny and crazy and if they could find a way to redeem her then I think sheís be a great addition to the show. Go figure. They always get rid of the good ones.
  13. Faith and Justus: I must have missed how incredibly gorgeous this guy is until recently. I like his charm and I like his ability to stand up for what is important to him. And I like that heís a part of Faith being nice. I like Faith nice or mean (except when she knocked off her grandmother. That was plain heartless). I see a good couple here and if they take Faith into a more, shall we say, friendly direction, this should be even more fun to watch.
  14. Did I mention thereís not been a lot of Sonny on lately?
  15. Alcazar isnít pining away for Carly anymore: So heís into the ever-annoying Lois. Beats the Carly deal. No, I donít like Lois. I didnít when she was played by Rena Sofer and I still donít. Itís not the actor, itís the character. But sheís much better to watch with Alcazar than Carly. Only because we all know that Carly will never end up with anyone but Sonny so whatís the point?

Okay, now letís talk about a few other things.

I realize everyone is pretty unhappy with this murder-mystery deal. I am too. Itís silly, but it brings on characters I miss. Besides, itís just a means to an end, only for the sake of grabbing onto those NBC viewers. Which reminds meÖtoday I heard an ad for a show, not Passions, I donít think, but one on that network (I donít know anything about the other networks so I donít know what channel itís on).  The ad talked about a woman getting married and being impregnated by her Ĺ brother. That, in my opinion, is taking things way too far. Itís just sick and wrong. I wouldnít watch anything like that so if they think that ad is going to gain viewers, Iíve got to think theyíre dead wrong.  

I apologize if this isnít really a column. Itís more of a generalized thought session typed out on my computer. Iíve been busy moving, unpacking, organizing, working, working out and getting my kids homework done. But I couldnít help but pass up the chance to say that basically Iím enjoying GH and having fun with some of the storylines!  

Have a great week!  


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