Why I Watch Soaps

Because your TV only gets four channels?  Itís the only time you get a chance to eat bon-bons?  You canít stand Judge Judy? The kids are napping?  Your radioís broken? Youíve already returned the movies you rented at Blockbuster?  You stayed home sick? Youíve got SoapNet?  You feel you have no life?  Your mother forces you?  Youíve got nothing better to do?  The TV is close to the computer you work on at home?  Like the clothes? Looking for a new hairstyle?  Trying to write a soap opera type novel?  

Why do you watch soaps?

I know why I do.   

1. Limited amounts of chest hair and lots of amounts of chest muscle, not to mention a six pack or two...

(Does he not look naked in this pic? The shorts are just the right color to make you look twice, arenít they?) 

2. Iíve been watching since the Ď80ís and I remember the good olí days.

(Wow! What happened to this?) 

3. I like to see the latest fashion trends in jewelry. 

(Hey, cut me some slack here. I make jewelry! Honest!)

4. My ďPlayGirlĒ subscription expired.

(For those of you who canít recognize this lovely rendition of the male physique, itís Greg Vaughan. Gives you chills, donít it?) 

5. Because itís nice to have a few men around the house

6. A good suit goes a long way.

Heís just got the best face. Iíve never seen a man look better in glasses. Plus, he can act. 

9. Did I mention my subscription to PlayGirl expired?

To think, Eva Longoria let this get away! What a waste!

10. Thereís lots of eye candy!






What I miss about the soaps these days... 

This is one character/actor I wish we could see again.  A few years back he made a surprise visit to the GH fan club luncheon and I would have loved to have the a chance to say hello to the best lookiní secret agent ever.  In my eyes, this man beats out Sean Connery as James Bond any day!  

This is another actor I miss.  Okay, so when he was on, he was practically illegal but he had such a great face and hair...then he left the show and apparently lost his stylist and couldnít find him...what a waste.


Yum. Miss him.


*These photos were taken from a private collection hoarded off the net.  Honestly, I don't remember where I got them.  If these are exclusive to any site, please let me know so I can give credit or replace them if you would like for me to do so. 



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