New Beginnings is Frustrating Me!

A Few Comments on AMC... 

I love New York.  I lived in a Jersey suburb for a brief time and meandered my way into the city several times, falling in love with something new each visit.  I remember driving across the George Washington Bridge in route to an interview and getting lost. (No one told me there were two levels to the bridge!) I ended up in the Bronx in my little car with its Illinois plates speaking volumes.  I pulled over for directions and a wonderfully nice older man told me, “Honey, you’re in the Bronx.  Get back in your little red car and head straight back to Illinois!”  I took his advice, but just waited a few months.   

Again, I love New York.  I love the culture, the food, the museums, the shopping, the entertainment. But I have to be honest, I am not enjoying this NYC advertising All My Children is providing through New Beginnings.  Okay. I get it. They want to make it seem real.  I appreciate the effort and truly, it is a very clever concept.  But I want to watch All My Children, not New Beginnings. Adelphia Cable’s guide says that between 1 PM and 2 PM is All My Children, not New Beginnings.   

I feel as though I’m watching New Beginnings with a dash of AMC for good measure.  Yes, yes.  I realize that New York had a new beginning due to the terrible events of September 11th, 2001.  I am not discounting that in any way, what-so-ever.  But I still want my soap.  Remember, I watch these things to suspend my time in the real world. New York, Mayor Koch, 311...those are all a part of my real world.  Erica Kane is not. I can’t mix the two. It screws me up.  

I was dumbfounded when Erica was talking with Regis.  Obviously there was no Haley/Kelly Ripa tie in, which I can understand.  But how funny would it have been for “Haley” to have some famous New York talk show host that looks like her? I would have giggled at that.  I’m sure she was busting at the mouth trying to keep quiet with snappy Kelly Ripa comments that would have gone over with a hoot on AMC.  Opportunity lost!  

You know what gets me? Just the Erica in New York thing in general.  We all know it’s scripted. Yet in the same moment we know that this is a nod to NYC and that “Erica” is speaking for Susan Lucci also.  Again, where’s my soap?  Take me out of NYC and put me back into the world of fantasy and illusion.  This is why I watch soaps.  Not because I need a four day advertisement for New York.   

My favorite stories are being pushed back and drawn out to mostly nothing of importance so Ms. Kane can have her new beginning.  And I have to wonder, does Susan Lucci really talk like that, or is that just an Erica Kane thing?  

I’m hoping we’re not going to be subjected to all of the new episodes of New Beginnings and/or the summer season of re-runs!

And that’s all I’ve got to say on AMC today! 



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