More on the Biggest Event in Daytime History

Feb 12, 2004

My, oh my! I received an abundance of emails about the fire/doorknob/Carbon Monoxide /etc.etc.etc from various EOS fans and frankly, I’m terrified! I’ve never met anyone who knows as much about fire as these fans. I think we’ve got some closet pyromaniacs out there! Look out world! Don’t piss off an EOS fan or you’re in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!  

With that being said, I’d like to take credit for anything I was planning to write from their wonderfully intelligent emails, but unfortunately I became delete button obsessed and I’ve deleted all the information I planned to use in this column. Suffice it to say they had a bundle of knowledge, several studies conducted from various colleges (dorm fires, perhaps? I thought you weren’t allowed to have toasters in dorm rooms!) and a significant amount of complaints regarding the current ‘event’.   

What have I read from all you fans, you ask? Really, not much about the storylines themselves, mostly about how the fire is being directed and executed. Door handle issues; stairwells blowing up but stairs staying in tact; poor computer graphics, etc. etc. Stuff I’m sure we’ve all seen and made us giggle.  Sure, we can all play judge and jury and critique each and every minute of these episodes determining what could be done better, but when all’s said and done, they’re doing a hell of a better job than I would ever even begin to do so kudos to the GH staff for even considering to try and pull off this kind of production. I may sound like Kathy here, a bit too positive for those readers of EOS who see the glass as half empty rather than half full (you people know who you are! J ) but I’m taking a stand and saying, with all its’ imperfections, this event is actually a pleasure to watch. Gasp! Did I just say pleasure? Amazing! 

There are a few things that have me baffled and I can’t help but mention them.   

Why oh why can Lucky get down the stairs and out of the fiery hotel (from the top floor where everyone else is?) yet the rest of the hotel patrons are trapped, waiting desperately for the helicopter to land? And Capelli got out too. Oh yeah, let’s not forget supremely courageous Courtney who seems to be capable of walking through fire to save those she loves (and constantly bitches at while rescuing them!). Amazing Alexis was so swift she escaped the fire (after acting like a child, being scared out of her panties during ‘the elevator is going to crash’ scenes) went home and showered and came BACK to see what was going on. Now maybe it’s just me, but if I were near death and freaked that I’d just told the biggest mouth in town that my daughter is actually a future Mafia Princess, I’d be at home spending as much quality time with her as possible. Then again, I’m funny about that kind of stuff.  

Here we also have Faith. How I love Faith! I can’t wait to see Cynthia Preston because I’m almost tempted to kiss the ground she walks on. She is the most fiendish, wanton and generally worst behaved gal on the planet. What’s not to love? And she looks good with ash all over her gorgeous face. That’s a definite plus. She’s been so much fun I felt the urge to jump into my TV and ask her if she wanted to play! I like the chemistry between Faith and Justus and am interested to see where this goes.  

What a nice, hot kiss between Carly and Jason! Now that storyline moving forward would be GREAT soap. Think it will happen? Nah. Why break up Sonny and Jason over a chick?  

Tracey is delicious. ‘Nuff said.  

Edwards scenes on Wednesday made me sad. Not only because I felt the pain Edward was feeling but also because I am going to miss John Ingle so much it almost brought me to tears. I wonder what time Days of Our Lives is on in Atlanta?  

Luke and Skye should be the next super couple of Daytime TV. Their scenes are beautifully played, the acting, unspotted. (Do you like that word? I got it out of my handy thesaurus!) The potential storylines to come of worldly Luke giving his love to insecure Skye are limitless. I absolutely adore these two together. Do you see the glow around the TV when they’re on? I think my TV gets so happy it lights up the room. Those two have undeniable chemistry. Of course they both could bring a brick wall to tears on their own so it was bound to be electric when they paired.  

Is it just me or does everyone else think Tom/Travis was a Beagle in another life? I see him walking around thinking “dopedy dopedy dope”. In high school I dated a jock. He was 6’4” to my whopping 5’2” and just the epitome of an 80’s ‘babe’. I loved this boy with all my heart and truly believed, as did all puberty stricken high school girls who listened to too much Air Supply, that he would be ‘the one’ forever. My father, God love him, just didn’t see the attraction and often said my boyfriend wasn’t the brightest bulb on the tree. He believed the only words the guy could muster around him (and anyone else for that matter!) were “Um, duh.” As a 37 year old mother, I now see my father’s version of my true love in Tom/Travis. How sad for the younger Carolyn!    

Watching Georgie telling Dillon that she still loved him and hates that they wasted so much time, again brought me back to that “the one forever” relationship. After Jock and I broke up, heading into our sophomore year at Indiana University, I wanted so much to be with him and had been told (much later, when it didn’t matter anymore) that he wanted the same. Neither of us trusted ourselves enough to say that to each other. Or maybe it was that our egos were too big and we didn’t want to get hurt. Well, whatever. But watching those scenes, I can almost picture myself and Jock standing there, in that hotel room, the building bursting in flames telling each other what Georgie and Dillon said to one another. I guess you could say I’m reliving my childhood through General Hospital. My teenage years that is, sans fire, of course!  

Thursdays episode showed that the ‘fireman with the treasure’ (he dropped the one bag and gave Carly oxygen) was Scotty, so we know for sure that he didn’t die. (phew, I was scared they’d really have the kahunas to kill off one of my favorites, even though he’s been quick a schumck lately). I liked that he saved Carly, the gal that was always rumored (to us, anyway) to be his daughter, the gal that his former girlfriend gave birth too. Sure he steals the treasure from all those people who lay claim to it, but I’m grateful to know he’s going to be hanging with AJ on some wonderfully sunny, white sanded beach, perhaps beginning a new life as a lifeguard. Doesn’t AJ have some experience in that anyway? Oh, wait. That was another show. Sorry. Sometimes I confuse Baywatch and General Hospital. You know, all the skimpy clothing… 

So yeah, everyone is right; there are a bunch of mistakes going on during this event. It’s not a perfect situation and frankly the behind the scenes crew is likely learning as they go. I don’t care. I’m enjoying the fun and trying not to be too upset that characters I like may be gone or replaced. It’s a soap opera. That stuff happens everyday. And besides, if I could get over Jock back in 1986, I can get over this.  

Enjoy the fire! And remember to Stop! Drop! And Roll!


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