Good Hair Gone Badly 

Iím often bothered by the simplest of things.  Today, my issue is hair color.  Not mine. Iím pretty satisfied with mine...for the time being.  Itís other peopleís hair color I canít tolerate.  Sometimes people change their hair color and I think, ďWhere are your loved ones? Hasnít anyone told you how incredibly UGLY your hair is now?Ē  I know that if someone I cared about changed their hair color and it was horrendous, Iíd tell them.  Nicely. I hope.  

Itís not like Iím walking the streets gasping at the ugliness of hair.  I donít really pay attention to other people unless they look like pedophiles or muggers.  Then Iíll give them the ďDonít come near me or my kids or Iíll rip your (Fill in your choice here_____________) offĒ.... Have you noticed how the hair-ugliness of pedophiles and muggers? Oh, thatís a different subject entirely.  

While I have a chance to watch soaps, I do notice things.  I notice clothing.  For example, I continue to notice that all the ABC soap writers do not understand the concept of seasons.  The actors are forced to wear little tiny-tiny skirts and halters in the middle of winter (I imagine during that time itís cold in Port Charles, Landview and Pine Valley) and long sleeves and jackets in the summer.  It makes no sense to me.  Which leads me to hair color and the fact that it often doesnít make sense in my book.  

Di/Dixie is a prime example of good hair gone badly.  Sure, she needs to Ďlook like Dixieí, though I fail to see any resemblance.  Upon her introduction to AMC as a prisoner with a purpose, she had dark hair.  I liked the dark hair.  Her skin was vibrant and appeared colored.  She had a sensuous appeal, boarding on the sultry side of attractive. Take off the prison garb and she was quite attractive.  Then David comes into the picture, offers up a chance at a new life and wa-la! Instant blond! Was it out of a box or did someone actually make that her new color on purpose? 

And tell me, how often does she have
to touch up those roots? 

(on a note of interest: Kelli Giddish (Di/Dixie) was born and raised in Cumming, GA, which is where I currently reside.  Good job of hiding that really southern accent Ms. Giddish!)  

Di/Dixie has lost all sultriness and color.  Sheís pale, withdrawn and almost too thin looking now from the change.  Before she had curves. I remember noticing them. Now sheís blond and her thin hair pulls down her face, dragging it to her toes.  Sheís flat to me.  Sheís colorless. Perhaps taking the color gradually to Marilyn Monroe color would have eased me into the change and Iíd be more accepting. Probably not, but it was at least worth a shot.  Her hair was fuller, softer and shinier with the darker color. Now itís simply bland. And it really does take away from her appearance.  

Next on my list of good hair gone badly is Greenlee.  Never mind she went on vacation and over-tanned her body.  What did she do to her hair? Last I saw, it was brown.  A nice, bright, shiny shade of brown. Someone told her to add highlights and whoops! Sheís a gray-high-lighted monster with a bad tan! She needs to wash that gray right out of her hair.  It does no justice to her cute factor.  Iím no professional, but if I were, Iíd tell her to have those highlights redone because someone screwed up. 

This was a good color change for
Greenlee.  It looked slightly highlighted,
but still remained true to the color.

Remember when Tamara Braun first came to GH?  She had a strawberry blond color and was bone thin.  Blond...blonder...blondest.  All to resemble Sarah Brown, who by the way went brown to match her last name. 

Tamara Braun did the blond well, because thatís really all we saw of her.  Who knew she was really darker in the real world?  I liked the blond.  But like Di/Dixie, it did make her skin pale and dead-like.  It did draw her down, making her hair more stringy looking and her body lanky appearing. 

Oh my, someone feed this girl!

This is a decent color but it really brought out the boniness of Tamara Braun.  

This color was best for the blond look.  She didnít appear so thin and her face had more fullness than with the previous color.  

I liked that they writers worked her hair color change into the storyline. Girl and boy split, girl does something drastic.  They couldnít have her lose a ton of weight like most women do after a divorce, due to the bony factor, so instead they changed the hair color.  It didnít work for me.  Why? Because instead of a slight change with build up, they went to the other side of the spectrum and one day it was this reddish color instead of something remotely close to the blond or her natural color. 

This truly does brighten Tamaraís
face.  Though I still think I prefer the
blond, she does have a naturally
coloring for this.  Her look allows for
change in color. Wish mine did! Iíd
 just look even more Italian with this
color. Trust me, I tried it once!

Quite possibly Tamara Braun has a red tint to her hair. I know I do.  Iím a former blond who grew darker and is now a highlighted blond wannabe.  I have red highlights in my hair from the natural progression of the bleach and natural sun.  Iím sure she does too.  But Iím confident the natural red isnít that burgundy color she came onto camera with sans-Sonny.   

Thankfully someone got smart and the tone-down began.  Upon leaving, Carly was brown, with a hint of red and a hint of blond.  The look filled her face, gave her color and sultriness and thickened up the bony factor of her appendages. It was a win-win all around.  It just took until she left to get there.

Then, in walks Carly number 3.  Now I donít know what her hair color was prior to the show, but if it was the mousy brown she came on with, then God help her.  Aside from the fact that the thickness of her hair is overwhelming (and I can say that, I have a lions mane for a hairstyle), the color did nothing for her look.  

Once the lightening up began, Carly3 started to appeal more to my sense of sight.  The mousy brown had the opposite effect on her facial features than did the brownish coloring of Di/Dixie.  It made her pale face stand out and her elongated features more present.  Lightening up her color made her imperfections less stark and her good features stand out.   

Here, the highlights began.

The short bang cut recently was a bit shocking, but theyíre bangs. They grow.  I like the lighter version of Carly3.  She seems less psychotic with the highlights.  Yes, she is sort of pushing the psycho line these days, which Bransford plays incredibly well, but the lighter hair makes me feel more sympathetic, like sheís just going through a rough time, not a psycho character that will be killed off in a few weeks for storyline purposes.  

Thinking about Carly takes me to Reese.  I love the long, thick hair and the easy flowing style.  I think a few lighter highlights might be in order to soften her features a bit, but generally speaking, her coloring works for me.

Remove the clip and weíve got
a good style here!

Have you seen Courtneyís new color?  Upon her entrance to our screens, and during her Pizza Hut ď$4. $4. $4.Ē days, she was platinum blond. 

Can you say, ďFAKEĒ!!!!!

Recently Iíve noticed some low-lights added in that tone down the brassiness and create a more refined, classy look.  Iím impressed.  Mostly because I did it first and sheís obviously following in my smart hair decision footsteps, but thatís not my point.  It adds to her coloring and makes her less Bay Watch Babe and more Foundation Fund Raiser Babe.  Good choice for the storyline.  Now if we could just do something to Jaxís hair.   

The funny thing about hair is its relation to storyline on OLTL.  The only person whoís ever really had a major hair change is Viki/Niki.  Personality disorders may tend to do that though, so thatís acceptable.  Plus, it was a wig and that made it much easier to deal with.   

No one on that show has had any real hair bloopers.  Natalie came on as a red head, though sheís really a brunette.  I was surprised to hear that because red is such a fantastic color on her. 

She wears it well. Must be the eyebrow
connection. Someone does touch ups often!

Some time ago Blair did a funky hair switch. Cut it way too short and all the bleached hair disappeared leaving her with a terrible rendition of my dishwater blond.  She smartened up and went back to the bottle quickly.  Sheís just too beautiful to be dishwater.


Sure, the body is hot, but the hair is not!

Who do I think has the best hair on ABC daytime?  Iíve given this quite a bit of thought and come up with two to tie for that category.  They are both truly stunning women who havenít messed up their hair with funky colors or styles and TPTB in the hairstyle category should use them as examples of a good look that stays good!

This woman has it goiní on.  A
few pounds would do her good,
but she has incredibly beautiful
hair and the coloring is perfect.  I
canít tell whatís natural and whatís
not.  Thatís what good hair is all about.


 Robin Christopher has beautiful hair. Sheís kept true to her reddish brown
hues and gone more red at times, which just gives her even more coloring on
her skin and a more sultry look. She can wear it up, down, long or short. She is
truly refined beauty.  


*Thanks to GHH2; ABC ONLINE; and each official website of these actors for the pictures...



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