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Carolyn Aspenson

WAKE UP! What are you people doing snuggled warmly in bed, covers pulled up around you while I sit here, feet frozen, attempting to be creative? Itís 4:31 AM! You should be awake with me!  Thatís one of my greatest frustrations. I love sleep but despise when the rest of my family sleeps and I play insomniac games like Spider Solitaire. Itís completely unfair.  

My mind, now numb from the flipping and moving of computer generated cards still canít find sleep. In an effort to relax, I write. Thatís what us writers do and after all, Iíve officially decided Iím a writer so Iím aloud to say that now.  

We all know Katrina pretty well now since Iím sure everyone is addicted to her journals as me. But no one knows me that well! And we all know, in my life, itís all about me. So Iíve decided to take a hint from our paper soap mags and do a Carolyn write up. Keep reading, maybe youíll discover we have something in common!  

Name: Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

DOB: November 10th. Scorpio, the ďGoddess of loveĒ. Apparently men stand in line to experience me. Iím still lookiní for that line!

Place of Birth: Gary, Indiana with the likes of Michael Jackson, but raised in Indianapolis and the NW Chicago Suburbs

Currently Reside in: A house I love but would love more if it had two more rooms in Alpharetta, GA

Favorite Actor: Andy Garcia

Favorite Actress: Reneí Zellewiger (though I canít for the life of me figure out how to spell her name!)

Favorite Movie: I have a few, actually, ďWhen Harry Met SallyĒ, ďShawshank RedemptionĒ ďThe Usual SuspectĒ

Least Favorite Movie: Anything where Jim Carrey uses too much physical comedy like The Pet Detective Movies. He gives me a stomachache with those facial expressions!

Favorite Book: Anything by Janet Evanovich. Her Stephanie Plum novels are laugh out loud hilarious!

Least Favorite Book: Anything Harlequin

Favorite TV Show: Right now itís a triple tie between Law & Order, Tru Calling and Joan of Arcadia

Least Favorite TV Show: Please end Friends. They havenít been my friends in years!

Biggest Regret: Not finishing college

Biggest Success: Showing my family I can make it on my own and being a fairly decent parent

Biggest Fear: Losing all of my teeth (Stop laughing at me! Iím serious!)

Biggest Annoyance: People who donít do things my way!

Favorite Food: Pizza, sushi, Mexican

Least Favorite Food: Chinese. It does terrible, terrible things to my digestive track. (Gee, bet youíre happy to know that!)

Hobbies: Making beaded jewelry, reading. Iíd say writing, but itís no longer a hobby, more like an obsession

Something Iíve always wanted to do but havenít: Compete in a triathlon

Something Iíve always wanted to do and did: Compete in a marathon

Best Quality: Loyalty

Worst Quality: Controlling

Biggest Mistake: Staying in a relationship that should have ended just after starting

Best thing Iíve ever done: Continuing to Ďdateí my husband when I thought he was too Ďweakí for me and weíd just be friends. (The man is anything but WEAK!)

Favorite Era: The 80ís!

Favorite Band: Wisconsinís best, the BoDeans!

Least Favorite Band: Most of the cruddy music out there right now. Iím extremely picky about my music and like stuff most havenít heard of

Favorite Season: Fall. Used to be summer but since being pregnant my body temperature is screwed up and Iím hot when itís 40 degrees out so summers are starting to kill me!

Least Favorite Season: Winter. I simply HATE snow! I hate the way it sounds when you step on it. Itís like someone scratching a chalkboard to me!

Political Side: I favor republican, with a few disagreements in theory

Woman I admire most: Hereís the cheesy ones first: My mom because sheís dealt with more drama in her life and lived to tell about it more than anyone I know and my step mom because sheís accomplished many things in a time when women werenít Ďcapableí. And Barbara Bush because sheís just taking life as it comes and enjoying it, while still being relatively anal retentive

Something I donít like to do: Cook

Something I do well: Clean

Something I lack: Self esteem

Something I have: Excellent writing skills

Things that hurt me: When people let me down, when children are killed or ill

Favorite 80ís Band/Singer: Journey and Steve Perry

Least Favorite 80ís Band/Singer: Poison and whomever sings for them

Drugs? Nope, never tried any, never will

What I want out of life: Security

What I want for my kids: To be happy and grow up being able to take care of themselves

Am I tired yet? Nope

Religious Affiliation: Donít really believe in Ďorganizedí religion, but am a Christian

What I wanted to be growing up: In law enforcement

What I never thought Iíd do: Stay home with my kids

Favorite Color: Green

Favorite Piece of Clothing: A good pair of loose jeans and a black tee shirt

Favorite Toy: My new 2004 Volvo S60

One thing I wonít give up: Highlighting my hair, even if we canít afford it some day!

One thing I can give up: Starbucks, but Iíd rather not

One thing I did give up and have stuck with: Caffeine

Something I need to improve on: Self control

Are you tired or reading about me now: Most definitely! 

Well itís now 5:02 AM and Iím off to try and sleep again though Iím still not even remotely tired! Itís going to be an interesting day! Have a great one!


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