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Well. Well. Well. What a week! And it’s only Tuesday! (When I started this column, that is!) And no, I’m NOT talking about General Hospital! I’m talking about that other soap opera… You know, the one “I” star in? The Life and Times of Carolyn. You have one too. The Life and Times of __________(fill in the blank).  This week my soap opera has consisted of hurt feelings (some mine, some other peoples); education on who is really my friend and who isn’t; what extremes people can go through to hurt and manipulate others and most importantly that you simply have to have faith and trust or you just might not make it through this world with happiness. Oh and also, I’ve learned not to expect too much from other people because I’m likely to be let down. It’s been a great week so far! I’m thinking I should start writing for soaps. No, my world isn’t filled with mobs, fires or treasures, but it IS filled with love, betrayal, friends, enemies, family; all the good things that make a soap opera fun! Unfortunately I can’t write about my life because people in it read this website and my husband is already frustrated with some of his ‘idiosyncrasies’ being publicized for all! Have to cut the guy a break. He’s really a wonderful man and I shouldn’t make fun of him (that often, at least!) 

Since my life is boring and drab, I thought I’d ponder a bit on the likes of General Hospital. Whadda ya tink? First and foremost, I have to say how funny all of you are! It never fails, I write something that is quite possibly, one might say, borderline, maybe just a tiny bit on the negative side and I get WHOLLOPED with emails of agreement! We’re all suddenly a family of sisters, joined forever more by our angst and trepidation toward our daily dose of drama. BUT…if I write a somewhat positive column with a few lighthearted, almost Kathy-happy-like feelings I get NOTHING! NOT ONE SINGLE EMAIL! So much for our sisterhood. I’m ousted like a bad pair of pumps! Oh well, I’m sure this column will present something in the form of email because honey, it ain’t gonna be all positive! With that being said, here’s my take on the longest day in the world of GH.  

Why’d TPTB have to kill off Cameron? He was a decent character who wasn’t given the chance to develop because the writers simply couldn’t figure out what to do with him. They should have come to me (or Sherry, perhaps, who has a total Lane Davies obsession goin’ on). I could have given a plethora of storylines for the guy. Wrap him up in a great relationship with Faith. He could have been her ‘court determined’ doc due to all of her issues with poison and all. He could have actually attempted to have a relationship with his son. Oh and the possibilities with Alexis were supreme, if only she’d have resembled something close to her former character and if Cameron could have seen the ‘real’ Alexis. Something. Anything. But no! Not the wonderful actor Mr. Davies. He got nothing. Kudos to him for dying with character and respect. I will miss him.  

Yes, yes. I will give credit to the writers for allowing Luke and Alexis to hold a memorial (even though none of the esteemed hospital staff chose to attend) for Cameron. Luke's comments were appropriate, especially those about Cameron loving Alexis.  

Blaze. Love it! Too bad rumors say Skye won’t get pregnant. Fair is fair and since Laura has a Cassadine for a child, wouldn’t that be fun to find out Skye is a Cassadine and Luke knocked her up? THAT would be a great storyline! It could continue the Spencer/Cassadine feud for years to come. I really, really, really like Luke and Skye together. They play off of each other well and it’s made Luke attractive to me again. Too bad his comments regarding the perishing of Nikolas were rude and highly inappropriate. Considering he’d been visited by the Spirits of Christmas and showed a bit of respect and even liking for Nikolas after that, you’d think the character would have been at least sadden for his ex-wife and children. Speaking of, don’t you think Luke should have run to see Lulu after being dropped off the helicopter? Just my opinion, but I think it would have been realistic. Then again, this is a soap.  

I’m still revved up about Lucky, Alcazar, Jason, Courtney and Capelli being able to move back and forth through the stairwells without even a surface burn, yet everyone else had to beg and plead and wait for the darn helicopter! And why didn’t the state of NY band together as they have in unfortunate and tragic real life catastrophic events and loan the city of PC another darn helicopter? I just don’t get it! You know what else I don’t get? Characters being two places at once. Apparently Lucky and Alexis have that ability. In either Wed or Thur’s episode both of these characters were in two places at one time, scenes one after the other. (Lucky with Luke and Lucky with Emily. Alexis with Carly and Alexis with Emily/Helena.) The only person that was a few places at once but could realistically move from one scene to another, giving the illusion of travel and not scene repetition was Emily. Hotel. Hospital. Mansion. That worked for me, but the others just felt too unreal.  

Courtney should be in movies. Or at least a night time drama similar to something like Alias. She is a butt-kickin’, ass-whippin’, hate-spewin’ powerhouse with temper problems. Actually, (here’s where the positive stuff comes so for you negatives, close your eyes or skip this part…) Alicia is doing a great job of acting, given what her character is made to do. I’m fairly impressed with her portrayal of the character and am anxiously anticipating her good fortune and potential relationship with Jax-ass. That’s a couple that might be entertaining to watch. Do I like either of the characters? Nope. Not really. But then again it’s all about chemistry, and they just might have it.  I found it quite humorous that her first thought when the guy with the envelope approached her, was to kick him in the nuggets. Yeah, that’s my first thought when someone walks up to me too. Now if they gave me a check for 10 million I’d certainly offer to have those nuggets repaired or even replaced!  

Tracy, Tracy, Tracy! I so love this woman! I love how she greeted her sons and I love how she’s handling the “Edward” situation. She is absolutely priceless! The interaction with Dillon and Tracy about her love for her father was exceptional. Both of these actors need to interact more. I can’t wait to see how Tracy handles Helena and what revenge she’ll seek when she discovers Skye is the recipient of ELQ.  It’s like a big ole’ piñata- bursting with candy, the surprise will be wonderful!  Sure, she’s trying to gain control but how many times has that been done just to be undone? Justus is supposed to be an excellent attorney so I’m sure there’s some kind of loophole to be found in the power of attorney.  

Didn’t I say this would be a negative column? Eek! I can’t believe it’s true but I could have been wro…wron…wrong. Phew, that sure was hard to type! It doesn’t happen often, me not being right. So don’t worry. I’ll try not to make that silly mistake again! Besides, in the few days it’s taken me to write this column I got a lovely email from a reader thanking me for the positive comments! So there is someone out there who likes to read the positives! I knew there was!  

Now back to the show… 

I’ve got to admit, I THOUGHT we’d get a fill of those characters we don’t see often; you know, Carly, Sonny, Jason and Courtney? Oh, wait. I’m confused. I mean everyone BUT Carly, Sonny, Jason and Courtney. That’s right. I get that confused. Either way, all we’ve got out of this “CA” is basically the ‘SSDD’ (for those of you who don’t know what that means, it’s ‘same shit, different day’!) Here it is in a nutshell:

  1. Carly Corinthos stars as the victim that always comes out okay, typically rescued by
  2. Jason, playing the leather jacket wearing mob hit man who, though brain damaged to some extent, knows more about everything than anyone and is smarter than any police officer in the whole state of NY who works for
  3. Sonny, portraying the selfish and ever-depressed Mob King who accepts no TRUE responsibility for his actions and thinks it’s okay to be verbally abusive, believing he is the almighty ruler of all, including his sister
  4. Courtney, starring as “Kung Fu Courtney”, ass kicking good-doer who ALWAYS ends up breaking the law for some stupid reason that goes against everything she professes to believe in in the first place!

Don’t believe me? Let me give you a few imprudent examples:

  1. Carly gets caught in the elevator. Carly is passed out and near death from smoke inhalation. Carly falls through a floor. Carly. Carly. Carly! (Anyone else see Jan Brady runnin’ around the internet saying that? I swear, it’s her!) Carly and her inability to not get in trouble (but thankfully get rescued by someone, or actually save herself for a change) took up quite a large sum of the last several episodes.
  2. Jason saved those two terribly scared children and Brian the stupid cop. He dictated and directed, smashed windows, shot locks off of doors and fed water to the children. Brian, or shall we call him, Brian without a brain, couldn’t even begin to think of any of those heroic actions and instead gets himself shot by some hooded dude and mistakenly accuses ‘innocent of all charges’ Jason of the shooting! Now come on, let’s not get carried away here! Jason, the be all and end all of well, all, would NEVER do something as silly as shoot a cop and allow himself to be identified! Geez, that would take someone with say, brain damage!
  3. Sonny. Ufta. I loathe Sonny. “Carly, I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you and I’ve never hated anyone as much as I hate you.” Um, hello? Is it me (because I know it’s not Kathy, she liked those lines!) or am I wrong in thinking that was the most pathetic example of romance and professing of intense love ever on daytime (or nighttime for that matter) TV? I wanted to spit nails at the TV when he said that! But then I thought, eh, why bother hurting my mouth over some nincompoop? Interspersed throughout the shows recently, while Sonny is busy either trying to get out of the fire or acting like an ass in general, is the spewing of idiotic comments about his terrible wife and her criminal boyfriend. Need I comment more on the stupidity of that? Won’t a simple “ENOUGH ALREADY!” to TPTB make the point? Say it with me folks…”ENOUGH ALREADY!”
  4. Courtney. Hmm? I’m already at  2237 words for this column and it would take me another 2,300 or so to elaborate on her power surges but suffice it to say she has continued to kick butts unnecessarily, screamed her point to the masses and drown herself in repeated buckets of guilt about all of the stupid stuff she does. Again, enough already!

It astonishes me to think that with all the potentially intense material available to the writers from this storyline, so much of it is wasted on the Drab Four. The opportunity to further Luke and Skye; destroy Sam and Jax (individually and separately); the Q’s and their humor and trauma; Helena; Lucky having lines of more than 3 words; Scotty stealing the treasure; Coleman stealing the treasure…there’s so much there to play with, yet it still lays in the hands of the Drab Four. That in and of itself is totally disappointing for me.  

I’m hopeful however, that we’ll see more growth to the stories presented in the fire. Now that it’s over and we’re watching the aftermath, there is still great potential for excitement. Maybe, just maybe, someone in PC will remember Valentine’s Day and we’ll see a rose or a romantic moment? Probably not. This is Guza after all. He’s not one for love and romance in the afternoon. He’s more of a shoot ‘em up kind of guy, huh?  At least we’ll get the sappy reunion of Nikolas and Emily. Though I liked this couple in the beginning, the pirate story left me embarrassed for them and completely bored with their storyline.  

One more thing…don’t all police officers get some kind of government funeral? All guns and uniforms? Where was Brian's? Sure, I can understand crooked cop Capelli being quietly buried but Brian was a decent cop and should get something from the whole dying while being a hero thing. Again, just my opinion.  

Whatever happens, well, it happens. Regardless of what we say or want. Usually there is something worth watching in the hour (including commercials) GH hits the screen. Today I found Skye and Luke, Helena, Tracy and Coleman to all be worth watching. I even enjoyed Ric, getting all nasty and swarmy at Capelli. There’s a lot to look forward to. Now that the fire has been put out there should be a lot more fires on the canvas still burning, damaging those who cross its path. I’m looking forward to those little fires. After all, that’s what a soap opera truly is.  

Go yonder and purchase a fire extinguisher!


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