The Biggest Event in Daytime History!

Welcome to the world of high tech TV. Fires; explosions; roofs collapsing; lives hanging in the balance. Itís tragic!  Itís dramatic! And itís NOT happening on NBC or CBS! Itís happening on ABC! Kudos to ABC for the massive marketing stunt and the advertising department for inundating the Atlanta area radio stations with commercials about the big event.

Tell me something. If there were a huge building on fire, a fire that started in the one specific room you were sent to pick up a hardened criminal; a fire that was so intense it had the power to blow two men almost fifty feet away from it, burning at least one of them terribly, donít you think they would have known not to open the door because the door handle would have been intensely hot?  I now understand why the PC Police canít solve a crime to save their livesÖtheyíre all a bunch of idiots! The officer with Mac grabbed the door handle, which by the way, TPTB made decidedly clear and it wasnít hot! It obviously wasnít even luke warm because neither of them jumped or questioned the door handle and were almost blown to lilibits by the flames protruding from within. Amazingly stupid of that cop and of TPTB to think we werenít smart enough to remember elementary school and what we learned about fire safety.  

Stop. Drop and roll. Remember that stuff? Apparently this isnít something the residents of PC learned. They all missed that day of elementary school. Perhaps they were living their lives of today but only the younger versionÖinstead of chasing treasures; they chased Tickle Me Elmoís or something like that!  

With that being said, I really do like the way Friday was set up. The hints at new storylines ran rapid throughout the episode, almost making me wish Monday came after Friday. I liked that Alexis and Carly were trapped together leaving us with the compulsory confession of Kristinaís paternity. The play out potential of this story is exquisite. Blackmail; fear; insecurity; powerÖall the elements of pure soap opera. Iím looking forward to where this will take these two characters. Iím hopeful Alexis will be strong and stand up for what she wants instead of playing the weak, insecure woman sheís become. Iíd like to see Carly stick it to Sonny, first by knowing the truth about Kristina and second by gaining custody of the boys. After all, in the real world a mob bosses home wouldnít be the most ideal place for two boys to grow up.  

I do have to wonder why it is that Ric, the ADA, is in charge of the missing (or actually, stolen) treasure investigation? I know the law. Trust me. Iíve dated many cops and I am an avid, devoted Law & Order fan. All of them. Law & Order SVU; Law & Order Criminal Intent and the regular, Law & Order. I know all about law and from all that experience (sometimes two or three episodes a night on Dish TV) I know for a fact that the ADA doesnít actually run the cases, they just follow them and advise. So what gives? Perhaps itís thought that if a criminal runs the investigation thereís a better chance of the case being solved. You know the theory, ďthink like a criminalĒÖNot that all that education and practice got Mac anything but well done on the BBQ. Lord of all Lords I hope his tight little buns werenít burned to a crisp because Iíd hate to see them things go to waste!  

Since Luke and Skye are starting some form of substitute for Laura relationship, does this mean Lucky is going to start sleeping with her too? Heís talking to her more than before. Maybe heís decided to seek revenge on dear oleí dad for the Summer fiasco? Could be. That might be an interesting triangle! See you just never know where the storylines might go!  

How fun to watch Edward demand Justus practice the keen arm of the law with Helena to be told in not so many words, to bug off. I will truly miss John Ingle as Edward. Years ago when the original actor (whose name currently escapes me) left, I wasnít pleased but in a matter of minutes John Ingle so endeared himself to me I simply fell in love. I was hooked.  As happy as I am for Mr. Ingle and his three year contract at Days, I will miss him greatly but I come to the new Edward with respect and hope. So far weíre two for two with that character, so Iím hopeful three will be a charm.  

In my last column I referenced putting the four Ďbitchesí in a room together. The four being Faith, Helena, Tracy and Skye. Weíre sort of getting that with the inferno and thatís almost hair-raising! Tracy and Helena spitting nails at each other, blaming the other for stealing the treasure. Priceless! Iím anxious to see what stunts are pulled into the battle of these two fem fatales. Iím up for a good cat fight that doesnít include Carly or Courtney! Adding a dash of Skye and a pinch of Faith to the mix can only make it more enticing for me. Strong woman are slowly but surely coming back to General Hospital and itís about darn time! Letís hope theyíre here to stay. TPTB must realize by now that you just have to spend money to make money and actors like Constance Towers are more than worth it. Thankfully for us even a little bit of Helena goes a long way! I didnít get a chance to meet the infamous Ms. Towers last year at the fan event, but this year I intend to bow at her gracious feet (possibly even kiss them, if sheís not wearing sandals of course!) and tell her how very much sheíd loved and appreciated.  

Iím still just a bit confused about why Mac and/or his officer would not catch that the door handle was blazing hot. I just canít get over that mess up. Originally Iíd thought Iíd write a negative column (because I always tend to be on the negative side of things; the glass is half empty in my world) but to be able to list all of the inferno mistakes, Iíd have to watch closely and with three kids thatís virtually impossible. Iím sure that even though billions and billions of bucks are being spent on the biggest event in daytime history, there are likely to be many mistakes. Iím hopeful Iíll catch one or twenty of them and will be able to humorous write them into a column or two! There is always something that bothers me on my soaps!  Imagine that! 

Speaking of something that bothers meÖremember when Tamara Braun first came on and she was so bone thin it was almost disgusting? Someone needs to give Kelly Monaco the same sandwich they gave Tamara Braun because that girl is sickly bone thin! When sheís in the hotel in that dress and her spinal bone and ribcage are bursting out of her skin it made my gag reflex go so high I almost had to leave the room. It was thoroughly repugnant. Iím not sure how anyone can find bones sticking out to be attractive.  

Something else totally unattractive? Spoilers saying that Scotty Baldwin is going to be killed off in the inferno. Hello?! We havenít even seen him there, yet all of a sudden out of nowhere he comes in and is burned to a crisp? I donít believe itís possible. I refuse to believe they will kill off such a strong character with incredible history. Oh wait, I remember Rick Webber so I guess anything is possible.  

Iím not sure about you, but Iím really enjoying the whole event so farÖexcept for the silly computer graphics on Mondayís episode, itís been pulled off pretty well. I liked Monday just as much as Friday Ė and I especially liked Faith and her plethora of hilarious comments (My nail polish is melting! Etc.) Letís see who dies, who lives, who escapes, who is the Saint of all Saints and who becomes friends. After all, according to Katrina, things are going to really change.  

Have a great week!


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