I Stand Corrected
Carolyn Aspenson

I was wrong. It's 'CHUTZPAH', not shutzpah.
Geez, you people are PICKY!

See ya!


Note from Katrina:  Carolyn got FORTY-NINE letters correcting her spelling while she was away on her trip.  C'mon people, lighten up already!!!  I sincerely hope that all 49 who wrote to tell her she spelled a word wrong in her column also were people who have PREVIOUSLY written her to tell her how wonderful she is!  If you only write to fuss, SHAME ON YOU!!  Carolyn is a dedicated and valuable member of the EOS staff and I really, really hope it was forty-nine of her dearest, closest net-friends writing to gently mention the spelling error amongst a great deal of gushing and thanking and praising for all the hard work and talent she devotes to our site and our readers!

OK, I'm finished. 


Carolynís Commentary on General Hospital


Who else? Carolyn Aspenson 

Sometimes I find it hard to write a column. There are many reasons for that: life gets in the way; my creative juices arenít flowing; Iíve got PMS and couldnít care less; GH sucks. Right now itís the life gets in the way thing, but Iím going to try anyway.  

This weekend I had my first annual ďToys for TotsĒ Holiday party. Everyone that came had to bring a gift for a child which we then carted the very next day to Starbucks for their ďStarlight FoundationĒ charity contribution. I admit I did this for selfish reasons. Free coffee. Come into Starbucks with 30 kids gifts for their charity and youíre guaranteed a yummy, froufrou coffee drink and a fattening pastry. I opted out of the pastry choice but took the Decaf latte because Iím all for free coffee. The party was a lot of fun and I have to admit, Iím quite proud of my Martha Stewart capabilities! Typically Iím rushing to Sams Club for their frozen mini-quiches and sandwich rolls but not this time. I made homemade pumpkin dip, hot artichoke dip, BLT dip, sausage stuffed mushrooms, bacon croissants and a plethora of other tasties to die for. My husband, the ever talented man he is, made homemade truffles, fudge, peanut butter balls and pumpkin spiced peanuts. I think he made a few other things but after a few glasses of wine I didnít care. I was too concerned about being mushy to all my friends who came to celebrate with us!  Needless to say, I was more than impressed with this unknown talent! Not only is he good looking and smart, he can build anything, paint gorgeous, extremely artistic paintings, but he can cook too! Have I got a winner or what!  

Thursday we take the kids to Disney World, so Iím in preparation mode for that now. Iím excited and a bit hesitant because my son when tired, becomes a raging brat from Ďh Ė e Ė double tooth picksí and Iím not excited to wear him out. Hopefully heíll be so excited to be there that he wonít cop an attitude and weíll survive. Weíve purchased our walkie-talkies incase we lose each other enroute to a bathroom and Iím getting the packing started today. But first, I have to write about GH.  

I think the best way to say what I have to say is to do it in sections because thatís how the show is done anyway, right?  

Luke and Skye: LOVE THEM! I read theyíre going to kiss so Iím thinking that takes them out of the Ďlong lost relativesí possibility. I hope TPTB wonít make them related after the fact because thatís just sick and wrong! The Ned and Skye thing never took off and it was related first, sex second so letís pray they donít make a similar mistake with Luke and Skye. It will be nice to see Luke tortured with his love for Laura but his attempts to move on with his life, perhaps with another woman, not just another hobby such as the Haunted Star. And since we continue to see Skye pining away for that bast#@! Jax, Iím hoping she can find a man to really appreciate who she is. Luke is that man. As much as I liked Luke and Laura, Laura always went with Luke and his antics because she loved him, Skye would because itís in her blood. They have excellent chemistry and since Lukeís been back you can see Tony Geary has been shoving his seniority in the faces of the writers, getting the good stuff. It was nice to see him and Sonny in the same scene for a change. Last I knew they werenít friends anymore but to see them laughing and smiling together reminded me of their excellent repertoire and makes me long for more.  

Sam and Jax: Iíd rather watch my laundry dry. For so much hype there is truly no chemistry. Kelly Monaco is a fairly good actor but she shines much more with Tony Geary and Maurice Benard. I hope they find a way to stop this couple so I donít have to be subjected to such flat acting much longer. And excuse me, but does anyone else agree that Jax giving her a job as a Vice President isnít just the stupidest thing since Average Joe? Come on, the man is supposedly a harsh and shrewd businessman; heís not going to hire this chick as a VP. Give me something believable and I might enjoy it, but this doesnít work. One minute he doesnít care for the girl and the next sheís kidnapped and heís all over her like white on rice? It just doesnít work for me. The rumors are flying that these two donít get along in real life and theyíre going to bust the couple up soon. Iíd like to think thatís true but I think those rumors are really meant for another couple on another show (Natalie and John on OLTL). Oh well, one can hope, right?  

Sonny and Carly: I was so excited to see Carly not be in love with this man I about peeíd in my pants. Then I woke up, because I was obviously dreaming. Letís face the facts. This couple is continually voted number one (some readers say because the die-hard fans manipulate the polls) and thereís no way TPTB are going to break them up for good. Not when theyíre so popular. We may get bits and pieces of what we want (the Fan February episode as a terrible example) but weíre never going to get Tamara Braun with anyone else on that show. She has such amazing chemistry with so many other characters youíd think theyíd utilize that more often, but itís not happening. Watching her shine with Ted King (someone I would shine bright as the sun with, let me tell you!) was fun, bad hair and all. She did a great job and she is wonderful with Steve Burton and Tony Geary. The character of Sonny is so rotten to Carly I canít stand it. He shoots the woman in the head and CAUSES brain damage and ACCUSES HER OF BETRAYING HIM when she goes to Alcazar! HELLOOO! WTF is that all about? Get over yourself Sonny, youíve made your bed, now lay in it, will ya? I just canít stand to watch these two Ďrefallí in love. That character needs a serious shot in the head to get over this guy. Apparently the one she got wasnít serious enough!  

Sage: Officially the second worst Ďquick recastí on General Hospital. No, Iím not talking Jacob Young for Lucky, (that recast took what, a year? But yes, it was still terrible.) Iím talking Robin Miller as Lydia. They ruined the character with the recast and theyíve done the same thing with Sage and the recast. Not that I thought a teenager dancing on a table at Kellyís wasnít stupid (because it was) but replacing an actor who obviously has talent and potential with one that looks horrible with dyed hair and has no talent (the walk just makes me want to puke!) is just plain bad management. Too bad because as much as I like Georgie and Dillon, to see Georgie beat out the Ďoriginalí Sage would have been fun. Sheís the type you love to hate. Think Rebecca Herbst when she first came to GH. She was not a nice girl but they reformed her and we love her (well, most of us anyway!). It was fun to watch the first Sage, but this one is b o r i n g!

Faith: If those rumors of Cynthia Preston leaving GH some time ago were true, itís obvious theyíve been squelched. Placing her with Tony Geary sets her in stone, for the most part. Her scenes are fabulous! This girl can act. I know this because when I saw her at the Fan Luncheon in August she was the most genuine person around. Someone that genuine who plays someone whoís just well, a bitch is a great actor. She cracks me up with her expressions and her comments. Itís obvious the writers like certain characters because they give them the funny lines. And Faith gets them. She interacts wonderfully with Robyn Christopher and Tony Geary. This partnership will be fun to watch. Faith is a psycho but sheís one of the few women who actually has some shutzpah on GH these days.  

Speaking of Shutzpah, anyone see Alexis lately?  

Nikolas: For those of you who donít like the guy, what are you, CRAZY? (Sorry Sherry!) Come ON, the guy is hot! He can spit and kiss me any day of the week and I wonít complain. Sure, the scenes are getting a little overboard with Emily but any scene thatís got the hot guy Tyler Christopher in it is too fun to pass up. Check out his website. Thereís photos of him when he was in high school. Itís cute! The man simply eludes sex and I canít help but be caught up in it!  

Jason and Courtney: Could it be? Is it possible? Will they break up? Heck, Courtney should dump the guy in my eyes! If I were married to such a hottie (wait, I am!) and I didnít get sex often or at least a peek at those pecs every now and then, Iíd dump his butt faster than you can say ďBuh byeĒ! These two havenít had sex since their honeymoon was cut short by annoying Sonny showing up in their penthouse! Rumors abound that Steve doesnít like playing the romantic part so if TPTB want to keep him, heíll likely turn into the mob boss without a heart. Iím liking Courtney sticking up for what she believes in and the tortured ďI love you but I canít be with youĒ storyline is classic soap. It reminds me of that 80ís song ďNo one is to blameĒ. I loved that song! Heck, I loved all of the 80ís songs! (sorry, a tangent was starting, but Iíve stopped it!)  

Zander: I love Zander. I didnít for a long, long time. I thought the guy was stupid. But I like Chad Brannon (especially since he got that funky hair flip cut off) and he was such a joy at the fan luncheon I canít help but like him now. I like him mad at Emily for a change because the chick deserves it! Go Zander! But I liked that he couldnít push ďLittle RedĒ off the dock. A mob goon with a heart. When Faith said ďMeal ticket leavingĒ the other day to Zander I cracked up. These two are great together. A May December romance might be fun to watch!  

Ric and Liz: Shoot me, but Iím starting to forget what a slime Ric is and like him pursuing Liz as honestly as he has been. Do I think heís the love of her life as itís been stated? NO! Thatís JJís Lucky. But we all have those young loves that weíll never forget even when we move on to the loves who kidnap woman in an attempt to steal their babies. Rumor has it Jason will get close to Liz during the baby story (think Carly and Jason with Michael?) so this could add a great twist to the reunited Ric and Liz. Again, meeting Rick Herst at the fan luncheon gave me a new view on himÖa fan asked, ďHow do you justify Ricís actions?Ē WITH A PAYCHECK, was his response! Hello! Letís not forget this is FICTION people! FICTION! He was funny and charismatic and I just liked him so now I see that coming out in his character and I canít help myself. Okay Robyn Scheller, I know youíll hate me for liking them, but hey, I have to call it like it is and we know weíll never see a Jason and Liz reunion!  

Lorenzo Alcazar: Iím sad to say Iím not impressed with Ted King. Well, wait. Thatís not true. Itís Alcazar Iím not impressed with. The character started out strong (with good hair) and now heís turned into a whiny, manipulative, love struck stalker with no substance. Since weíre going to see a reunion of Carly and Sonny, whatís in store for Lorenzo? Supposedly heís got a secure storyline to go with his contract but we all know the drill. We saw what happened to Billy Warlock so God only knows what can happen to Ted King. What a waste. Maybe they could hook him up with Sam? Maybe thereís a bit of chemistry there?  

Thatís about all I have on General Hospital today! But I do want to make a few comments about a show that Iíve really started to watch: All My Children. Iím not a daily watcher but Iíve got to tell you, I really like Ryan and Alicia Minshew, who plays Kendall, is an excellent actor and simply beautiful. I hope she goes far.  

Thatís all for this week. Iím off to Disney! Have a great week!  


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