General Hospital: A Positive Column
Carolyn Aspenson

What?! A positive column you say? Unbelieveable! Carolyn doesnít do positive. Sheís the queen of negativity. Right? Wrong. Iím miss happy; happy to be alive; happy to be watching General Hospital and mostly, happy for SoapNet! Iím most thankful for SoapNet because Iíve been so busy this week Iíve barely had time to watch General Hospital. But what I did get to watch was good. Real good!

Iím so excited at the thought of Carly and Sonny breaking up. Itís not that Iím a total anti-Sonny and Carly fan, because I did like them for a long, long time. Itís more that Carly needs to grow some of those Ďkahunasí she once had back and start standing up for herself. And to do that, she needs to be without Sonny. Besides, good soap operas are based on relationships coming and going. There are few couples that ever truly stay together. Luke and Laura divorced, so it can happen to anyone.

I like that theyíre taking Carly into the direction of her husbands mortal enemy. What a play on drama. That, my friends, is good soap opera. I like that she is conflicted and confused and doesnít know fantasy from reality. Sheís lost in a world of what if, surrounded by fluffy clouds of dreams so seemingly real she canít see any truth. Upon seeing her Ďhusbandí she shows us angst and trepidation and when we see her with Lorenzo, she lights up. Thatís good soap opera. I even like that the relationship she had with Jason is lost to her and whatís better than a woman so confused and disoriented sheís not sure she loves the children she gave birth to? Love it! L O V E Love it!

I like that Sonnyís taken off the drab suits and is now wearing something that makes him look hot. As much of a jerk that he is, I still think heís attractive. Now if we could get Jason in something other than a tee shirt, life might get even better!

I like that Zander is finally saying ďscrew youĒ to Emily. Itís about time. I think itís great that Liz, in an action that, lets admit it here folks, all woman want to do at times...sleep with someone else when the man you love has hurt you unforgivably. Way to screw it all up Liz! Thatís great soap opera. Now sheís going to be pregnant! What promise that brings! Iím so excited to see how Zander, the infamous child-man, handles that responsibility and what it does for the Em-Liz relationship, not to mention the Liz-Ric relationship. And hopefully, if weíre lucky, that is, weíll get a taste of Lucky feeling what he missed out on due to Hells brainwashing...great potential.

Iím excited to see that Courtney might take a turn on the dark side and become interested in someone other than Jason. Brian isnít as odd as I thought. Iím still not sure what it is about his face, but it is getting a bit better looking. Any man in a uniform is a turn on to me though, so Iím a bit biased.

Okay, Iím not interested in Jax and Sam and I donít like either character, but at least weíve got Tracy back ad sheís got the cards and that will be a whole lot of fun! And Luke and Skye? Gosh, I sure hope they donít make them related. That would totally bum me out because theyíve got great chemistry and the opportunities for them are limitless. When she fell on top of him by the water, I was almost standing up and screaming ďGO FOR IT LUKE! KISS HER!Ē Then I remembered they might be related and that made me feel yucky. So letís just home the related idea goes away.

Friday, when Dillon (the next Jonathan Jackson, in my eyes) introduced Tracy to Georgie and she said ďIs she pregnant?Ē I about peeíd in my pants. Love Tracy! Welcome back! I love Dillon, I love Georgie and bringing Tracy into the mix will add loads of laughter. Iím excited to see his Thanksgiving special. I recently read an interview about him in either SID or SOD and heís a trip. He said he was shy, but personally I canít even begin to imagine that. And he said he didnít have a girlfriend but I personally saw him leaving the hotel with a cute girl in his car...maybe heís already given her his walking papers.

Sage. Sage. Sage. Iím a bit confused about the sudden switch, to an actor weíve already had on screen in the past few weeks, but hey, weíll see what happens. To think that a young girl can walk around a court house carrying a gun in these times is a bit odd to me, but then again, Iím supposed to suspend reality here at 3pm. Iím interested in seeing whatís going to happen. Iím interested to see what Lorenzo is going to do with this little girl. And whomever comes back into his life...which may be Sophia, adding even more drama to the soap!

Okay, okay, even though Iím really liking General Hospital right now, I do have a big problem with some of it. Please, somebody do something to Lorenzoís hair! Itís HORRIBLE!

Have a great week. Enjoy General Hospital! I sure am!


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