Pondering the Possibilities of General Hospital


What if Emily could mutter more than a whisper? 

What if Lucky grew his hair out? 

What if Taggart came back and he and Carly fell in love? 

What if Sonny impregnated all the women of PC? 

What if we found out Sam was really Livvie? 

What if Courtney was wrong and she could have a baby?  

What if Jason became a real Quartermaine again and wore his hair parted on the side?  

What if Tracy was nice? 

What if the John Ingle came back as Edward? 

What if Biana’s baby was really Morgan? 

What if Sonny and Faith fell in love? 

What if Alcazar had a storyline? 

What if it was really Sherry who was the man thief? 

What if Mac had scars from the fire? 

What if Bobbie was more than just scene filler? 

What if Zander wasn’t really dead?

What if Laura really did set up Skye? 

What if  Sonny and Ric actually got along?

What if the PCPD solved a case for a change?

What if we never had MTV in the 80’s? 

What if Katrina had one night alone with Blake Gibbons? 

What if the hotel fire was all just a dream? 

What if Brook Lyn dressed like a real teenager? 

What if Mary wasn’t really a psycho? 

What if Mike had a life? 

What if Michael Jackson is really Latoya Jackson? 

What if Rosie the dog got to go outside every once in awhile? 

What if Michael had a line realistic of a kid his age? 

What if Carly left Sonny and supported her family all on her own? 

What if Jason has other facial expressions? 

What if Sonny got shot? Oh, wait. That’s already happened about 100 times.  

What if Courtney only had one coat?

What if each of the EOS readers donated $1 to EOS this month? 

What if Jax stopped trying to impress the women he tried to bed? 

What if Sonny let Jason think for himself?

For that matter, what if Jason thought of himself for a change? 

What if Maurice Benard winked at Kathy twice? 

What if Saddam gets off?

What if Faith becomes nice?  

What if Coleman made an appearance on the show? 

What if Carly and Kendall from AMC were after the same guy? 

What if Felicia and Alcazar hooked up? 

What if Mac and Alexis had an affair? 

What if Sonny isn’t really Kristina’s father? 

What if Sonny uses up his 9th life? 

What if Faith finally gets control of the territory? 

What if I can’t find my hair gel when I unpack? 

What if General Hospital had security on their lab doors? 

What if Ric didn’t act as police chief and Mac got more airtime?
What if Johnny didn’t really die?  

What if Helena and Luke were off on a tropical island having kinky sex? 

What if Nikolas falls for Leticia? 

What if Robin Christopher ended up an attorney on Law & Order? 

What if she had a case against Ric? 

What if Penny is gone for good?  

What if they do age Michael to be a teenager? 

What if Tracy and Lois became best friends? 

What if Alan Quartermaine takes too many of those little pills? 

What if Lois minded her own damn business? 

What if Heather weren’t so flippin’ freaky? 

What if Steve Burton winked at Kathy? 

What if Emily didn’t get rushed to the hospital for every little thing?  

For that matter, what if Rick Hearst winked at her too? 

What if I didn’t get such terrible PMS every month?  

What if there was a gay storyline on GH, between Sonny and Jason? 

What if Benny didn’t really die? 

What if God started talking to Emily? Would she then be Amber Tamblyn again? 

What if Vanessa Marcil wasn’t still on the cover of the soap mags at least once a month? 

What if Lucy came back but wasn’t married to Ian?  

What if everyone drove their cars instead of walking around alone at night? 

What if Lois starred on “What Not to Wear”?  

What if Ned had a love interest? 

What if Bobbie was it? 

What if Jason started repairing motorcycles again? 

What if Courtney lost the bet? 

What if Catherine Wadkins winked at Kathy? 

What if Alan and Felicia had an affair? 

What if TPTB brought back the nurses ball? 

What if Kelly’s closed down? 

What if no one walked on the docks anymore? 

What if Lucky and Faith hooked up? 

What if Luke came back with no memory of Laura? 

What if Scotty and AJ met and were spending all that cash together? 

What if Erika Kane tried to hide in PC? 

What if David Letterman did a Top Ten of General Hospital? 

What if Kathy, Sherry and I get to be escorts again next year?  

What if people stopped doggin’ on the soap websites?  

What if I were to tired to continue with these what if’s?  


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