Iím Still Alive,
I Promise!


Hi. Remember me? Iím that gal at EOS who occasionally writes a column or two either about General Hospital, something else thatís entirely unimportant and even a column about cleaning. Any of that ring a bell? Come on, think back a bit! Dig deep into the recesses of your mind and youíll find me. Thatís right, Carolynís World. Carolyn, the Diva of Clean! You got it!

Thanks for remembering me, I needed the ego boost!! 

Katrina sent me an email the other day and without saying it, said ďWhen the heck are you going to write a column? People are asking where you are and Iím getting tired of telling them youíre off with Ted King!Ē Okay, so she really didnít imply that either, but it sounded much better than, ďHey, where ya been? Got anything interesting to write? If so, send me something cuz people are asking aboutcha.Ē  

The problem is, I really donít have anything interesting to write! Iíve caught barely a glance at the TV between the hours of 3 and 4pm in almost a month. And I canít stay up much past 9:30pm to watch the SoapNet version of GH. The truth of the matter is, if it were even remotely interesting to me, Iíd make the time. Instead I schedule dentist appointments, doctor appointments and whatever else I can to fill the space once devoted to Ted and the Gang. Fear not, fellow GHerís, as with anything in life itís a cycle and I will again make the turn to tune into GH sometime in the near (hopefully) future.  

So what have I been doing since my last few columns? Actually, Iíve been very busy. We put the house on the market and I went around like a wild bunny in heat painting, de-cluttering (my version of clutter is quite different than most), pre-packing (yes, I know, itís a disease, I cannot help it!) and tossing out any and everything I possibly could. The house is almost perfect now, except for the painting of my kids rooms, which I figure Iíll do when an offer is made and the new buyers pick a color. I absolutely HATE to paint but Iíve done so much that I can now say Iím very good at it. That actually stinks because now my husband knows I can do it and will expect me to when I say things like, ďGee honey, the master bedroom really needs to be painted.Ē I hate it when I do things like that! So far weíve had a few fish at the house, but nothingís biting just yet. Weíre taking our time to move so Iím not overly concerned.  

Aside from the major hassle (though not nearly as major as Katrinaís move) of pre-selling organizing, Iíve been working out at Goldís Gym like my life depends on it. Aside from my recent obsession with Snickers bars, brought on by a serious bout of PMS, Iím doing quite well, thank you very much! Iíve lost 11/2 percentage points of body fat along with 6 whoppiní pounds of the stuff. Iím lifting weights with my good friend whoís extremely fit and happens to be a personal trainer, doing three Ė four spin classes a week and then also lifting on my other off days. Iím now fitting into clothes I havenít worn in almost three years. Still not fitting into my ďafter JustinĒ was born clothes, but Iím getting there! Iím extremely motivated and have to say, this is the first time in a long time Iím actually enjoying working out. Letís just hope it lasts.  

Over spring break we took the kids to Navarre Beach, FL. Itís just a hop, skip and a jump away from Pensacola and is a lovely little family area. We rented a condo right on the beach and made sand castles, sand turtles, sand sphinx and sand everything else. We went on a Dolphin Cruise and saw groups of them just playing around the boat. It was a great time and itís official, I want to live on the beach. Oh, and having these implants in a bikini was a whole lotta fun for me, if I must admit! Iím hopeful weíll make trips to the beach a yearly thing, but weíll see!  

Remember the friendship I wrote about last? Well, yaíll sure did miss a whole lot on that front! Iím planning to write a column about it, but let me just say that the shit hit the fan and everything is now ruined, beyond repair. Since it all ended, I feel much, much better. My husband and I joke about the influence our friendship with that family had on us because since ending it, we are getting along much, much better, we have a better attitude in general and not that you care, but weíre having a lot more sex too! I feel like Iím at a good place with it and when I feel like dredging it all up again, Iíll fill you in on the details. For all of you who wrote to me about what happened, I really appreciate the kind words and support. I really do. Thanks for that, you were there at a time when I really needed support. How cool is the internet for that?  

Something else Iíve been doing, actually, have been doing for a few years now, is making jewelry. Itís really been more for fun than anything else, but itís become an addiction of sorts. I use semi-precious stone, Swarovski crystal, sterling and bali silver and other beads to make bracelets, earrings, necklaces, anklets, lariats, watches, chokers, bookmarks, wineglass markers, you name it. Recently I had a few friends over who didnít know how serious my addiction was. They saw my ďbead roomĒ and all the jewelry Iíd made and went on a total shopping spree! It was hilarious! They ended up buying a whole bunch of stuff and one of them was gracious enough to have a showing of my stuff at her house and I sold a LOT of things! It was really exciting for me. To think that people actually liked what I made is pretty incredible! I spoke with Katrina and she has offered to let me attempt to sell my stuff online, so I think I might do that. If anyone is interested in anything, let me know and I can email you some samples. Iím going to create a website at some point, just not sure when! However, in the meantime, the big thing now is ďmotherís braceletsĒ so if you want one, let me know and Iíll get it to you before Motherís day! Who knows, maybe Iíll end up being a famous jewelry designer!  

Okay, thatís really all thatís been going on in my life. Exciting stuff, huh? Right now Iím in the middle of serious PMS with a headache the size of an Expedition, so Iím going to quit writing. I just wanted everyone to know Iím still alive and thanks for sending me emails asking me where the heck I am. Iím here, physically if not mentally.  

Have a great day!

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