We gotta talk.

Sounds serious. 
What's going on, Mo?

It's Cassadine. 
He's getting scenes like crazy.

You mean Tyler? 
He's in the young set. They're allowed.

Um... no.  Not him, the other one.

Nichols?  He just got here. 
They always do that, then
fade them to the background.

Well, I don't like it. 
Call Bob and tell him I don't like it.


You handle it?

There's a meeting.  *dingdong*

You rang?

Uh, yeah. 
I'm not diggin all these scenes you're getting.

But I've barely been on since my return.

Too much!  You gotta go.

Go?  I was promised scenes with Tony!
He's be on vacation for months!

I SAID, you gotta go.  Don't worry.
Your last scene's with Tony.

Does he still have creative license?

Pfft.  What do you think? 
Now here's how it's going to be.

God, these fleas in my dressing room
are driving me crazy.

Where are you going, Mr. Nichols?

Off to play a rapist, evidently.
Get me Chris Robinson's number and that
nice young man, Sage.  We have some
work to do.


Good Bye, Mr. Nichols
We'll miss you.