Sept 1, 2004

The Mapping Your Birth Chart Report for

Katrina Rasbold

September 5, 1961

11:57 AM

Augusta, Kentucky
(Calculated for Covington, Ky)

Calculated for:
Time Zone 5 hours West
Latitude: 39 N 05
Longitude: 84 W 31
Tropical Zodiac, Standard time observed.

Positions of Planets at Birth:
Sun position is 12 deg. 52 min. of Virgo
Moon position is 25 deg. 02 min. of Cancer
Mercury position is 1 deg. 12 min. of Libra
Venus position is 8 deg. 25 min. of Leo
Mars position is 12 deg. 39 min. of Libra
Jupiter position is 27 deg. 50 min. of Capricorn
Saturn position is 23 deg. 38 min. of Capricorn
Uranus position is 27 deg. 13 min. of Leo
Neptune position is 9 deg. 07 min. of Scorpio
Pluto position is 8 deg. 02 min. of Virgo
Asc position is 21 deg. 20 min. of Scorpio
MC position is 2 deg. 19 min. of Virgo


You have probably read your horoscope in the newspaper or online, and you sometimes find it
applies to you, sometimes not. Occasionally you laugh out loud because it misses you so
completely. This interpretation of your chart takes a look at the Sun, the Moon, each of the planets,
the Ascendant, and the Midheaven. By looking at all these points in your birthchart, you get a more
complete understanding of the variety of energies at work in your life.


First and foremost, the Sun and its sign reflect your individuality. This is the core human expression
that each of us is born with.

Sun in Virgo:

The essence of the earth element is sensation. The essence of the mutable mode is flexibility. Thus
Virgo exemplifies an adaptable approach to the material world. You have innate skills of
manipulation. You can help yourself and others because you can see how to make meaningful
changes without upsetting the entire system. Your methodical mind is willing to examine the details
of a situation to find the gems of body, mind, and spirit within them. Then you work with other
people, using the information you have gathered.

You learn early in life to identify things that are not working, and you have good ideas about how to
fix them. You also learn that there is a compassionate way to communicate this information.
Sometimes you only indicate an area of difficulty, and allow others to find their own mistakes.
Because you strive for the correct behavior for each situation, you generally are capable of
satisfactory communication with whomever you meet.


Where the Sun reflects your individuality, the Moon reflects the less conscious part of your
personality. Its position in the birthchart can reveal a lot about where your emotional stress comes
from, and how you react instead of consciously respond to events and situations. The Moon is also
where you find information about how you assimilate and store information - about how you learn,
and about how your memory functions.

Moon in Cancer:

Traditionally the Moon is associated with the sign of Cancer. The element is water and the mode is
cardinal, or active. On the physical plane this is the very essence of water flowing downhill. It
moves at the rate that the slope and gravity allow. Because there is a natural flow, the person with
Moon in Cancer is emotionally strong and consistent. Whenever this emotional current is disrupted,
there can be digestive problems. Thus the body acts as a barometer for the emotional weather, and
signals when it is time to relax, rest, and regain objectivity.

Domestic relationships of all kinds are important with Moon in Cancer. Whether you live with
parents, children, spouse, or friends, the home environment is a primary influence on your state of
mind. Less is more in the home department. You can have comfortable, beautiful things around
you, but it is more important to have organization and neatness. You can be happy just by meeting
your own basic needs. Because you have a good sense of "flow" in all areas of your life, you are
good at making sure that home is a safe, comfortable spot.

The Sun and Moon as a Team:
Science teaches us that the Sun is a huge, very hot object, and that the Moon is a much smaller
cold one. However, what we experience is that the Moon and Sun are the same size. This means
that when the Moon passes directly in front of the Sun, a total eclipse occurs. When the Earth
passes between the Sun and Moon, we experience a lunar eclipse. These eclipses occur with
striking regularity, in nineteen-year patterns or cycles. The astrological significance of this pattern is
revealed in the joint functions of the Sun and Moon.

- Conscious and Unconscious - The Sun represents consciousness and the Moon represents the
less conscious side of our minds. When the Sun is eclipsed, we experience a moment of profound
unconsciousness. Something similar happens with lunar eclipses. This time there is a momentary
disconnection from unconscious processes. To a certain extent each lunar phase connects us to the
less conscious natural processes of life.

- Spirit and Form - The Sun reflects spirit, while the Moon is the essence of form. The Sun
provides you with a picture of what spirit means for you personally. As you grow and learn, you
return to the energy of the Sun because you find your true strength there.

- The interplay between the Sun and Moon allow you to move back and forth between conscious
thoughts and feelings on the one hand, and the less conscious world of memory and dreams on the
other. In this way you can recall your memories, and you can put them to use in your daily life.


The sign on the Ascendant indicates a focus for your life beyond the Sun and Moon signs. The
Ascendant is not the same as the Sun or Moon, or any other planet for that matter. The Sun
indicates your individuality - who and what you actually are. There is an undercurrent of less
conscious activity that is represented by the Moon. The Moon also indicates how your nature, as
shown by the Sun, is likely to manifest in your life.

The Ascendant indicates how you show yourself to others, and what you choose to show. You are
on stage, in a way, and the Ascendant indicates the sort of character you generally play - the mask
you wear.

Ascendant in Scorpio:

The Scorpio Ascendant thrives in an aggressive environment. You are able to fight life-and-death
battles, whether real or metaphorical, with style and determination. If life is too placid, too easy,
you look for ways to increase the urgency. This means that you are stressed a lot, and you may
create stress for others through unnecessary agitation. You are a good person to have around in a
crisis, as you have developed crisis management to the nth degree.

A large part of your sexual magnetism is actually driven by an instinctual desire to procreate. You
enjoy wild passion, too, but it is the desire for children that fuels your intense magnetic attraction.
Both sexes marvel at the energy that radiates from you. They are almost certainly more timid in this
area than you, and they may believe you are much more active sexually than you are.

Under your very assertive exterior, there is a reserved, rather cautious person. You are ready for
action, but it is because you have prepared yourself with a lifetime of thought and practice, as well
as research into the current situation. You are the metaphorical emergency medical technician who
has the proper equipment and training to handle the blood and gore. You can make quick decisions
when you have to.


The planet Mercury represents communication and how it works in your life. As such, Mercury is
neither assertive nor receptive. The sign Mercury occupies indicates your typical communication

Because Mercury is the messenger, this planet indicates how we bring ideas together. Mediation
can be between social factions, or it can be between psychological positions within our own minds.
The concept of mediation hinges on the possibility that we will experience conflict, and that we can
achieve harmony by engaging in conflict in a meaningful way. If we can perceive or establish
communication among the parties, we can usually find the middle ground. Diplomacy is paired with
intellectual skills of analysis and awareness to reach some level of agreement.

Mercury in Libra:

You are able to take a system of thought or a group of ideas and work within the set boundaries.
As you do this, you apply your thoughts to how to "work" the system. You are able to compare
very different sets of information to find the commonalities. Your social skills are obvious in tactful
conversation and you may even be a skilled mediator. Because you can see more than one side of
a situation, you are a valuable team player.


The role of Venus in the astrological chart is to reveal the qualities of love, harmony, and art in our
lives. Venus also indicates the way we perceive physical attraction. It is through Venus that we
experience the richness of living.

Venus in Leo:

You enjoy living well. You begin with yourself, choosing your clothing carefully so that you always
look elegant and refined. Then you address your home with the same attention to detail. In the
process you can spend a lot of money, but your expensive tastes stand the test of time, as your
selections don't go out of style and they fit together into a unified theme.

You enjoy the social circuit and attract romantic partners easily. Because of your deep feelings, you
may jump into marriage or a long-term commitment prematurely. You very much enjoy the game,
so a permanent relationship will require a partner who likes to play. One of you has to take care of
the business of your relationship if it is to be successful.


Mars is a planet of energy and action. Regardless of its placement in any chart, Mars shows where
the action is, and that action is single-minded. It can be the ultimate indicator of self-centered
activity. There is another side. We use energy for everything - muscle movement, power for
machines of all kinds, all creative actions. Energy has a very positive role in our lives.

Mars in Libra:

Mars in Libra indicates enthusiasm for teamwork. In fact it indicates general enthusiasm. You are
able to think through problems and devise cooperative solutions. You also are able to plan
everything from coffee breaks to three-week vacations on other continents. You take the larger
perspective and break it into workable units, and then you share the work with others in your
family, social sphere, or work group.

You are subject to moods. Sometimes you cause major disagreements that won't even matter to
you when the mood has passed, yet you will have to deal with the consequences. Usually quick on
the trigger, you may need to cultivate patience. If you wait even five minutes, often you will find you
have changed your own mind. In this way you preserve those oh-so-important relationships.


Jupiter is the planet that indicates how things work in your birthchart. For most practical purposes
the form of things we perceive is rigid and relatively changeless. Atoms usually remain the same,
they form molecules, and the molecules group together in certain predictable ways. Similarly, the
planets reflect certain kinds of energy, and that energy is fairly predictable. Where Jupiter is
involved, however, we can investigate the function of each energy, and through this examination,
we can adapt the function of each planet's energy to our own needs. Jupiter expands our thinking.

Jupiter in Capricorn:

Your sense of responsibility is strong where it is needed, and it may be intrusive where it is not
required. You are not in charge of the world, and you don't have to take responsibility for
everything that happens. Still, your strong leadership is built on your ability to take the heat for your
team members. You have the talent of keeping one eye on the goal and the other on weaker team
members, helping them do their very best.

Don't get a big head just because you are nearly always successful. Remember, you couldn't do it
without the rest of the team. Your family and associates deserve a lot of credit for their

Because your ideas are an open book, people may count on something you mention, and be hurt
when you do something different. You benefit from learning how to clearly state your opinions and
distinguish them from decisions. You establish your trustworthy character in this way.


Saturn's goal is perfection. Saturn is seen as the reflection of all of life's most difficult lessons, in the
hope that we learn and grow to become confident, dependable individuals. There is another view
of Saturn. Saturn relates to structure. Structure can be understood in terms of the physical, mental,
emotional, and spiritual content of our lives.

Saturn in Capricorn:

Saturn is comfortable in this sign, so slow advancement through concentrated effort may be an
adequate payoff for your efforts in your career. Your narrow focus, however, can lead to a
somewhat one-sided view of life. To balance your egocentric nature, you can consciously develop
and use the energy of other planets in your chart.


The key principle for the delineation of Jupiter is function; that for Saturn is form. In researching
Uranus, the principle of equilibrium is a central focus. You may experience disruption where this
planet is involved, yet Uranus' role is actually to reestablish balance.

When people describe their intuitive capacity, they are describing a Uranian process. We
experience feelings, visions, and other information over a period of time, and then suddenly we "get
it." Something happens and all the pieces fall into place. The pivotal event seems sudden, but the
chain of intuitive insights occurred over a period of time. The impact-the realization-comes
suddenly and resolves misunderstandings or inconsistencies in our thoughts.

As we cultivate our inner vision or voice of intuition, we become more skilled in listening. Our
feelings become more meaningful as we observe them and work with them. Our dreams present
clearer pictures of the inner self and its message, matching our intuition about the outer world. We
also develop ways to test intuitive information as we go along, instead of waiting for flashes of
insight that previously were connected with apparently sudden events.

Uranus in Leo:

You are bold. I could stop with this remark, as it is the hallmark of Uranus in Leo. Your boldness,
however, can lead you into either positive or destructive activities. On the one hand you love a
good adventure and cannot satisfy this side of your personality merely by watching movies. On the
other hand, you may be a powerful leader, and you need to take a bit of responsibility if you want
your followers to trust you. You are more successful when you resist gambling on uncertain


Neptune, like all the planets, affects every plane of experience. Its nature is diverse and wonderful:

- Physical - difficulty in diagnosis

- Mental - imagination

- Emotional - despair versus fantasy

- Spiritual - compassion

The most precise thing that can be said about Neptune is that there is nothing definite about its

Neptune in Scorpio:

People with Neptune in Scorpio are deeply committed to the study of metaphysical, and even
mediumistic, subjects. They can reach the depths of depression or the heights of imagination. This
placement indicates sharpened senses. Notables with this placement include Honoré de Balzac,
Ralph Waldo Emerson, Mary Shelley, Tom Cruise, Madonna, and Caroline Kennedy.


The energy of Pluto has two distinct expressions. One is the Trickster archetype. Pluto indicates
the area of life where we experience profound change that is so intense that we say it transforms us.
The second archetype is the Fool. The Fool can be either a raw beginner or a person who has
been around the block a few times, learning lessons with each experience.

Pluto in Virgo:

The combination of power and discrimination creates the setting for powerful scientific research
into practical solutions to problems that plague us all. This generation is capable of accomplishing a
lot with what may seem to be limited resources. Once on the "scent," these individuals pursue their
goals vigorously. Florence Griffith Joyner is an example of this intense focus, as are Princess Diana,
Immanuel Kant, Machiavelli, Michelangelo, and Caroline Kennedy.


If you were calculating your chart by hand, the first thing you would do is determine the position of
the Midheaven. This review of your chart concludes with the Midheaven because the last thing you
truly understand is yourself.

We tend to misunderstand ourselves for several reasons: we are taught to be and act a certain way
by our families, teachers, and peers; we think of ourselves in terms of our own inconsistent motives;
and we are not mature enough to sort out our own realities from those of family, workplace, and
culture. As we develop, we come to understand ourselves largely through the experiences we have.
Eventually we achieve self-understanding through the Midheaven.

Self-awareness develops in two ways. The first way is through ego consciousness. As we
experience life, we relate all exterior experience to our inner experience. The second way is by
discovering an inner source of wisdom.

Midheaven in Virgo:

I know that I analyze.

The Virgo Midheaven serves others consciously. This means there are very few unintentional
blunders in your work with other people. You pay attention to nuances of personality and feeling
that others would miss. Your life of service is powered by your profound empathy. Your ability to
respond to the needs of others is supported by your ability to find the middle ground in any
argument. You manifest the possibility of agreement through your exploration of the differences
between the parties.

You are very comfortable in the midst of the details of any situation. In fact, when nothing much is
happening you may worry that nothing will happen. Empty space, for you, was meant to be filled.
The key to conscious living is to fill that space with something worthwhile. One way you do this is
to reach into your deepest inner resources. There you find empathy and the capacity for psychic
awareness. On the psychic level you will never find complete emptiness.

You consciously use your analytical skills in your daily life. You communicate clearly about the
basic demands of any situation, and you are able to line up the facts in an orderly progression from
your starting point all the way through to the end result. Along the way you align your goals with the
needs of others.


While astrology offers a lot more than this basic interpretation of your birthchart, you can see that
there is a lot to learn just by exploring the planets. You have probably recognized yourself in some
of what you just read. You probably also discovered some contradictions that will require some
thought. Then there are some things that just don't fit with your sense of who you are.

Take the useful information you find here and work with it. Life is full of contradictions, and
astrology is no different. Put this interpretation away, and come back to it later. You may find that
these ideas begin to come together and make more sense later.


Artist: Josephine Wall

Graphics: Enchanting Designz