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I am trying to find the name of the song they played on All My Children the first part of this week. It was during a scene where they showed several couples who were breaking or getting together.

Our newest regular PC and GH columnist, Sherry Mercurio, tells me that the song is by Jeffrey Gaines and is not yet available to the public.  AMC has used two of Gaines' songs before at Lorenzo's christening, "In Your Eyes" (a Peter Gabriel song) and "Always Be," which is a title track from a Jeffrey Gaines CD.  You can get to Jeffrey Gaines Official Website by clicking on http://www.jeffreygaines.com/home.html.   Thanks to Sherry



I only started watching GH a few years ago and I was wondering why Ned came to PC.  I know he's Tracy's son, but what else was his reason?

I researched this for a week or so, trying to find deeper meaning, but the only spoken reason I've been able to find for Ned's appearance in Port Charles comes from the episode in which he was first shown (aside from his affair with Monica at Green Meadow Spa, where he was working as "Ward," a tennis instructor).   In that episode, Alan tells Monica that he has finally found his "missing nephew," Ned, and has brought him to Port Charles for a visit.  Later, at a family dinner, Ned ventures (to bait Monica, for whom he still has feelings) that he might just decide to stick around.  Since he had just earned an MBA, Edward put him to work at ELQ straight away.  Seemingly, the only underlying reason he was brought to Port Charles was to create panic for Monica.  The rest, as they say, is history.  At that time, by the way, Ned was played by Kurt McKinney.  You can read a biography of Ned at http://www.eyeonsoaps.com/GH/bioned.htm.  


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