Amie and Bill

I have had a long series of ups and downs when it comes to love…. I’ve had some OK relationships, but a lot of really bad ones, thankfully no marriages…. And Katrina- I can definitely relate to the RFB’s  [Editor's Note:  RFB's are Renn Faire Bunnies - a pox on the relationship seeker] I have had 2 myself….  Plus one who went on from me to a relationship (without actually ever breaking it off, and I was pregnant- in some ways I’m glad I miscarried) with a famous SF author AND her husband, who have since gotten him into professional WRESTLING?!?!!?  He was a comic book artist when I knew him….  Anyway- that's a long time ago… 

I have known Bill for almost 9 years, almost as long as I have lived here.. I met him right after Dusty (now wrestler) and I split up, but we were just friends….  I had another relationship going and no plans on getting involved with Bill, he was little, computer geeky (his description) and he had a girlfriend.  We rapidly walked out of each others lives in reality, but he ran a BBS I hung out on and we’d spend hour taking after I got off work- I worked second shift, at the time he was looking for work.  Anyway- we started seeing more of each other in person, and rapidly became some of each others best friends.  Many of our friends tried to convince us to date, but we always refused, besides- for the first almost 4 years one or the other of us was always dating someone else.    

I became a single foster mom to Cassi (13 at the time- wow- that was 6 years ago now).  We lived out in Boonieville (AKA Milan MI) and since we didn’t have cable got Toledo TV stations and not Detroit/Ann Arbor.  Bill lived in Ann Arbor proper, and had a satellite dish.  She and I both loved watching Voyager, but I wouldn’t let her stay up to watch it on Toledo TV, so every Monday night we’d drive into Ann Arbor and watch it at Bill’s on his dish at 8.   As weeks went on he and I would visit more and more while she got to watch her few hours of TV on the dish.  Reception back at my place was crappy at best- this was most of what she watched all week. 

One night driving home, she asked me why we weren’t dating (at this point neither of us was involved with someone else, but we were so comfortable as friends..) anyway- apparently she said the same thing to him, and the next week, as she watched something, we went into his office and talked, and wound up sharing an earth-shattering kiss!   One thing led to another and a little over a year later we were living together and engaged to be married in another 5 years (can we say we were both a bit commitment shy?  We figured if it made it to the point of wedding we were safe) and we did it…  happy as ever, still best friends, homeowners and now husband and wife. 

He has a wonderful family, and gets along better then I do at times with mine.  He lets me watch my soaps in peace most of the time, though he won’t let me stay up and watch if he wants to go to bed, something I can’t argue about.. he puts up with my craziness and my artistic tendencies and treats me better then anyone before him ever did, my dad included. 

Below you will find 2 poems I wrote before my wedding and I am also sending (separately) a picture from our wedding day to be added to this. 

Wedding Day 

Being in love must be a blessing

A partner for life’s diverse roads

A place to go for safety and rest from woes

A hand to hold you up in bad times

One to share in the joy of good times

Someone to be with you through ups and downs

A being that requires no acting for acceptance

A sense of comfort and a feeling of happiness

A wish to share the emotions and feelings

The heart fills with peace

The body relaxes

Just knowing a loved one is present

Provides a sense of peace and harmony

The blessing of being in love



When we met I knew I had found a friend

As time went on, we became close friends, confidants

That friendship grew and changed over the following years

Until one day a teen pointed out:

            We were together more then most couples

            We loved each other, but wouldn’t admit it

Soon after we started dating

That led to love

Love that has grown and changed

Leading to today

We have helped each other through stressful times

            Built a house

            Survived a legal battle

            Gotten to know each other’s families and friends like our own

And through it all

            Our love has gotten stronger

Bringing us to this day

A day we share with loved ones

Those who helped us get here

Those who thought we were crazy

A day to make our commitment to each other formal

A day to celebrate

            8 years of friendship

            4.5 years of living together

            5 years of being engaged

All come together this day

As we signed the Ketubah

As we wed each other 

This last isn’t about our relationship, but it shows my emotions as I planned our wedding. I only used the first of the above poems at our wedding, I decided the second was too personal.

Garden of Love 

Garden of love

Garden of life

Sweet lavender

For devotion

As married couples share

The scent of rosemary

To remind each of us of our love

Beautiful ivy

To show our

Wedded bliss

And lifelong friendship

Plants with meanings

for our lives together.


Amie Ritchie is the author of "Port Charles Review" on Eye on Port Charles.