Luke and Laura:  Forever in Crisis
By Naomi Hersh Clackum

Written in 2002

In 1982 Laura was abducted by Stavros Cassadine, with his mother Helena’s knowledge, to avenge Luke’s destruction of the Cassadine family.  They held Laura prisoner on a remote island of the coast of Greece. 

During that time, Helena managed to convince Laura that her beloved Luke had died in an avalanche.  Laura, out of desperation, thinking she had lost her entire world when Luke died, agreed to become Stavros’ bride.   After two years passed, Helena, becoming tired of this game she was playing with Laura, decided to let her go.   

Over the two years Laura had been gone, Luke decided to set his sights on the mayor’s seat.  With the help of his good friend Robert Scorpio, Luke won the election.  On the day of his inauguration Laura returned to him.  They moved into the mansion and looked forward to continuing their lives where they had left off two years earlier.

Stavros Cassadine, still being obsessed with Laura, had other plans.  One night while she was upstairs getting ready for bed, Stavros made his move on her.  A move that would ultimately cost him his life.  He broke into her bedroom and attempted to rape her at knifepoint, while Luke, tied to the bedpost, watched helplessly.  Fortunately for Laura, Luke broke free of his bonds, and using the bedpost that had held him, whacked Stavros across the head.

As in all good soaps, the chase then commenced.  Luke and Laura quickly ran from the bedroom, down the stairs, with Stavros in hot pursuit.  As he chased them he stumbled down the stairs.  He later died in the hospital, but not before he placed a curse on them.  (Probably written in by the writers for use in a future storyline).

Luke and Laura found it difficult getting their lives back on track, what with the demands of his position as mayor.  Putting their private lives' first, Luke decided to resign as mayor of Port Charles, so he and Laura could finally regain what had been lost during their two year separation.  They left Port Charles.

In the years away from Port Charles, Luke and Laura had a son, whom they named Lucky.  They owned a little diner in Canada, and were enjoying their quiet life until someone planted a bomb in their pick-up truck.  Fortunately for them, they were not in it at the time, but they did lose a good friend in the explosion.  They both knew who was responsible for this…….their longtime enemy, Frank Smith.  Now that he had found them, they decided it might be safer to return home, to Port Charles.  They sent Lucky ahead to stay with his Aunt Ruby, until they could get there.

Luke wanted to be free of Frank Smith, only to find himself forced into helping him escape from prison.  Meanwhile, Laura did not want to start running again either, as she loved Port Charles and wanted to remain there.  Then she found out she was pregnant and told Luke.   They came to the decision that the only way to be free of Frank Smith permanently would be to find some type of information on him with enough clout to stop him in his tracks.  This they did, by traveling to Atlantic City

and meeting his daughter Jennifer, whom they found enough more than enough dirt on to stop the vendetta that had been going on for years.

Laura gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, whom they named Lesley Lu, after Laura’s mother.  Soon after, Luke went to Puerto Rico, where he had a final showdown with Frank Smith.  In a moment of heated argument, Luke shot and killed him.    After that time Laura thought their lives would finally return to normal, no more running, no longer fearing for their lives.  But it seemed as if trouble followed Luke wherever he went.

He decided to go into business with Sonny Corinthos.  They invested in a blues club that they named Luke’s Club.  On the night of the grand opening,  Luke was proudly showing his new venture off to his family.  As they were leaving, the club was firebombed.  They escaped harm, but Laura was haunted by the thought of the mob threatening their world once again.

Sonny found out it was not Luke that had been targeted, but Frank Smith’s lawyer, Phil Cusack.  One of Sonny’s men informed him that Joe Scully, another gangster, had ordered the hit on Cusack.  A short time later, Cusack was found murdered.

Sonny, having regarded Joe Scully as a father, felt as though he owed him, but not as much as Scully thought he did.  Sonny discovered that Scully wanted to become the head of Frank Smith’s mob, and have a part of Luke’s Club as well.  Luke, worried about the safety of his family, told Laura to take Lesley Lu and go back to Beecher’s Corner. 

In a nutshell, Sonny and Luke decided to run a sting on Scully, using Lucy Coe and her company “Deception” as the bait.  In the end, Scully was busted with a truckload of drugs.  He went to jail, placed bail and returned to kidnap Lucy.  Luke managed to save her, while Sonny ended up shooting Scully and killing him.

Soon after, Laura and Lesley Lu returned home, but peace did not prevail, as another mob decided to go after the Spencer’s, the club, and Sonny’s girlfriend, Brenda Barrett.  The attack was planned to machine-gun all three at the same moment.  Brenda, unaware of anything happening, was taking a shower in Sonny’s penthouse and fell to the floor, screaming, as a hail of bullets flew all around her.  At this same moment, Laura was home when she saw someone taking aim at Luke.  Thinking fast, she managed to get a gun and shot him.

For Laura this was the proverbial “last straw”.  As much as she loved Luke, she refused to allow her family to be exposed to the danger that followed him, any longer.  She had a heart to heart with him, then asked him to leave their home.  Their separation lasted for months because Luke could not promise her that the danger was at an end.

In time, and because it must have been kismet for them, they reunited and the vengeance of the mob ceased.    As time passed, they once again faced a crisis in their lives.  Their daughter Lesley Lu became extremely ill.  They learned that she would need a bone marrow transplant.  Sadly, the right donor could not be found.

Unbeknownst to Laura, her past was about to catch up with her.  She received a call telling her that, indeed, a match had been found.  Upon her meeting with the person who gave her this good news, she discovered it was none other than Stefan Cassadine.  (dum-de-dum-dum)  She had fallen in love with, and had an affair with him, while married to his brother, Stavros, on the Greek island.  Stefan blamed both Luke and Laura for the death of his brother years earlier, and took inner pleasure in knowing that he alone held the key that could save their daughter’s life.  Laura did not trust him, as she did not trust any of the Cassadine family after what they had done to her, but she was desperate enough to accept his help, although she would not tell Luke, for obvious reasons.

A long held secret was about to be revealed.  When Laura was held captive on the Greek island, she became pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy, while she was married to Stavros. They had named him Nikolas.  She had not seen him since she was allowed to leave the island.  Tests were performed, naming Nikolas as a perfect donor for Laura’s little girl, Lesley Lu.

Eventually Laura had to tell Luke the entire story, going back to when she was held prisoner by the Cassadine’s.  Of course Luke was devastated by this, but because he loved her so deeply, he eventually forgave her.

When Laura finally came face to face with her now grown son, she tried earnestly to make him understand why she had no choice but to leave him back on the island.  Stefan, being the manipulative, calculating individual that he was, and being his mother’s son, had done everything he could in those early years, to alienate Nikolas from his mother.  Even with all Stefan had said against Laura, Nikolas could not deny that he loved his mother and felt an undeniable closeness to her.

In the months to come Laura would do everything possible to wipe away the tears he must have shed, thinking she did not love him.  He would come to realize that Stefan had lied to him for all those years. 

In the days, months and years to come, it is almost inevitable that Luke and Laura will experience crisis after crisis.  Their lives will be in danger again, as will their children’s lives.  Life will never be boring for the Spencers.  The question is, is their love really strong enough to endure anything?  What will lie ahead of them to test their loyalty to one another?  How far will they go to save their marriage?  How much grief will each be willing to take from the other before calling it quits for good? 

Having been a diehard fan of both Luke and Laura from the debut of their characters on GH, I will forever want them to stay together, and will hold out hope that when my grandchildren are old enough to watch General Hospital, it will still be there, …and so will Luke and Laura.