PLEASE NOTE:  This column is a "rebroadcast" from 2002 when these episodes first aired.


ORIGINAL POSTING:  March 16, 2004

Well, it's been awhile, believe me, I know. But I'm back, and ready to take another (and hopefully many more) swings at it. And honestly, I don't really know where to start. First of all, congratulations to BP for the Emmy nomination! Finally, PC is beginning to get the recognition for acting that it so richly deserves. I'm disappointed that there aren't anymore nominations, but I can say this about the character of Jack Ramsey. I never would have gotten into PC if it hadn't been for him. I didn't really start watching until the summer vamp storyline, and everyone did an EXCELLENT job. It was a little out there, but it worked marvelously, and I'm glad to have a soap that's not afraid to take on ideas a little out of the ordinary. We watch these things to get away from everyday life (remember the 'great escape' logo) so why not go all the way. I enjoy every episode of PC. It's great. I've even got some of my friends hooked on it and their only protest: 'It's only half an hour?!'  My sentiments, exactly.

Only two or three more weeks now (I lost track) until we find out who fills that fifth chair, and I really have been anticipating this because I have no idea who it's going to be, though I do have some suspicions. All the soap mags are predicting Ian, but that seems kind of drastic to me, he's one of the show's main characters. No matter what the storyline, he usually has a spotlight. (which can get annoying, but we can get into that later?) So, who do I think is going to get it?

Ricky: A very possible candidate. The only person he's really connected to is Casey, and she's leaving soon. Unless they find this guy some friends (who are actually alive) I don't see him sticking around too much longer. He had potential when 'Gigi' was here, but after her exit (and a very sweet exit it was) he?' not left with a lot to work with. BUT, if it is going to be him, why have the ?death? scare now, with a few weeks left to go. Unless, they plan to make him suffer with a nasty infection. Poor guy. I really do like the way his accident was played. We, the viewers didn't get to see his face until he saw it for himself. (which is a good thing, cause I don't know how long I could have looked at it). I will miss him if he gets killed off. Like Casey, he was more than mildly annoying in the beginning, but he grew on me after awhile. I'm sure they could find something to do with him if he stuck around.

As for anyone else, Kevin and Christina have already had their near death experiences. Alison is too obvious, especially since she already came close to death as well. Remember the gas leak. (I almost did.) Jack and Livvie haven't been around that much too just come out of the woodwork and die for the sake of a storyline. My guess is that it will have to do with whomever Amy is close too, and right now, I'm throwing out Eve and Ian as possibilities. So, who's been hot on Amy's tail ever since she arrived?

Chris: Sure, he's been around since the beginning (right?), but it would be the perfect ending. Of all people, he seems one of the least likely to end up in heaven, but the irony is great. And he'll definitely need some help crossing over. Hopefully, Amy won't be the one to give it. You'd think the big guy upstairs would get a clue and zap her back before she causes some real damage. And where, exactly is Harris coming from? Is he just in her head, or do inhabitants of down-under get fieldtrips too? All I can say, is Chris had better look out, because he definitely fits all the requirements. Instead of worrying about Eve, he needs to watch his own back, cause it seems as if no one else is.

So will one of my predictions be ?dead? on? Pun intended. I wonder how many bad jokes I can get out of this storyline.

There are some other things I'd like to get off my chest. Does anyone else get the idea that Paige and Lucy are not the best team? I mean, I knew Paige was an airhead from the start, but unfortunately, it looks like she's rubbing off on Lucy. I almost couldn't believe my ears when they were studying the tarot cards. 'Young girl? I don't know any young girl?? Hmm, let's think, how about the one you tried to take up into the pearly clouds with you? Does Christina ring a bell? My theory, if these two can collaborate enough brain power to figure it out (thank the Lord, Kevin is stepping in soon), is that Julie and Paige are probably distant cousins or something, which would make Paige, Christina's second aunt or something. I can't think of any other female character she would be related too.

Here's a lightning bolt I just had. If Chris is the fifth chair, then he'll be able to reunite with Julie, assuming that she has already taken her glass elevator to the sky. Just a thought. That would be the best way to end this.

So, I wonder if Rafe will be sticking around. My guess is that Ed will find a way to keep him on Earth to be with his lady love, because all other solutions to this problem are just not going to fly with me. There is the possibility that Alison will go running back to Jamal after a week on her own, since it appears she doesn't know how to be single. Or, she WILL be alone, but be miserable, which I don't want to watch either. But who knows what will become of Jamal if Rafe sticks around. Hmm, what's a guy to do? Personally, I much rather watch Jack and Livvie right now.

Well, it's been fun, and I'm enjoying writing again. I'll check back in soon when inspiration strikes.