Are you a One Life to Live expert?  How many of these
bits of trivia about the show did you already know?


Recognize Darlene Vogel (Melanie) from a certain house?  Darlene played Danny Tanner’s sister on Full House.

Erika Slezak (Viki) was one of the youngest students ever accepted to the prestigious Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London at age 17.

Despite her immaculate appearance, Linda Dano (Rae) just loves to get down and dig in the dirt - of her garden that is.

Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio) comes from a musical family.  His brothers Daniel and Walfredo Jr., as well as his father Walfredo Sr (a famed percussionist), appeared on OLTL in 1997.  Also a percussionist, Daniel has worked with such artists as Don Henley, Jennifer Lopez, Stevie Nicks, Chris Isaak, Sheryl Crow, and former soap star Ricky Martin (ex-Miguel GH).  You may have caught Kamar in a Spanish-themed Toni Braxton music video recently.

Admirers of the dress that Viki (Erika Slezak) wore to her wedding to Ben will be in awe to hear that all of its embroidery was custom done.

Lisa Peluso (Gina) shares her July 29th birthday with someone very close to her heart - her daughter Phoebe Ann.

Thom Christopher (ex-Carlo/Mortimer) is the only actor to receive two separate Emmy nominations for two roles on the same show.  He was nominated for his role as Mortimer in 1993 and won in 1992 for Carlo Hesser.

Former head writer Michael Malone gave the name "Todd" to his new villain because it was very strong and it sounded like the German word for death.  Death Manning?  Thank goodness he went with Todd.

If long time OLTL viewers think the new Gina Russo looks familiar, they are right. Lisa Peluso first played Billie in 1987.

According to her husband (AMC's Michael E. Knight - Tad), Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) has vast soap opera experience. Not only has she been on six soaps herself, she has watched them since she was eighteen.

Do NOT get on James DePaiva's (Max) bad side - the man has a black belt in Kung Fu. Maybe if you are nice to him he will play for you since he was a professional musician for eight years after high school.

Don't be surprised if Kelly Cramer suddenly displays some vocal talent one day. Her portrayer Gina Tognoni is currently taking voice lessons.

When on Another World as Felicia Gallant, Linda Dano had then-Executive Producer Jill Farren Phelps (also former OLTL EP and current GH EP) to thank for making love scenes more comfortable to film.  Phelps always made sure that the crew on set was composed entirely of women.


Ever wonder what the "S" in Robert S. Woods (Bo) stands for?  That would be Sosebee.  As for the "B" in Hillary B. Smith (Nora), that would be Bailey, her maiden name. 


Kassie DePaiva's (Blair) first CD, entitled Naked, includes songs penned by Patty Smyth, k.d. lang, Oleta Adams, and Janis Ian.


The working title for One Life to Live was Between Heaven and Hell.  Ironically enough, the show has broached the heaven subject several times during its tenure and even went to hell once! 

Did you know that Robin Strasser's (ex-Dorian) full name is Robin Victory In Europe Strasser?

Whose last name was originally DiCrisoforo?  That's Robin Christopher (Skye).  Her great-grandfather decided a change was in order when he set foot in the US from Southern Italy.


Fans of Aerosmith and OLTL take note!  Jason-Shane Scott appears in two of their videos - for "Hole In My Soul" and "Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees)".


How do you show Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio) a good time?  Invite him over to clean your house.  He'll even wash underneath your refrigerator and behind your stove.  Whatta guy!


We should all follow Linda Dano's (Rae) example.  She never lies out of fear that it might come true.


What sparked Charissa Chamorro's (Sophia) interest in acting?  A production of Annie.  Later she became enamoured with the role of the phantom in The Phantom Of The Opera.  Living in New York is this theatre lover's dream.


Perhaps they are not sisters in this life but Darlene Vogel (Melanie) and Catherine Hickland (Lindsay) have an awful lot in common.  A passion for dogs, shopping, stunning good looks, and a dressing room at the OLTL studios.


Nine-year-old cutie Kristen Alderson (Starr) learns her lines by reading the script over and over again and then asking her mom to test her on it.


Erika Page (Roseanne) is a whiz on the basketball court.


In 1997, People magazine declared Kamar de los Reyes to be one of the world's 50 most beautiful.


Fellow soap vixen and best galpal Lisa Linde (ex-Ally DAYS) played the role of Erika Page's (Roseanne) matron of honor at her October 14th nuptials.


While still living in Cuba as a child, David Fumero (Cristian) held a special place in his heart for one chicken.  Sadly his beloved pet became the main course one night and David decided to go hungry in mourning.

Actor Tommy Lee Jones (Men in Black, Double Jeopardy) once indulged in an illicit affair with none other than intern Dorian Lord in the persona of Dr. Mark Toland.

Actors James and Kassie DePavia (Max and Blair) are active in the fundraising for advancement of medical breakthroughs to help deaf children hear again.  Their son has a hearing disability.

Actor Gerald Anthony (Marco Dane) appeared on General Hospital as the same character for a few episodes.

The role of Todd Manning was intended to be a temporary bit part.

The set of Eternia, the underground city from the 80's, is the largest set ever constructed for a daytime drama.

Tommy Lee Jones played Dr. Mark Toland on OLTL opposite Nancy Pinkerton, who played Dorian at that time. 

Reel and real marrieds James and Kassie DePaiva (Max and Blair) are active in fundraising for the advancement of medical breakthroughs to help deaf children hear again. Their son James Quentin has a hearing disability and underwent a cochlear implant operation. 

Linda Dano (Rae) was the first actor in soap history to cross over to four different daytime dramas as the same character.  She originated the character of Gretel Rae Cummings in 1978.  The middle name of Rae is actually Linda’s – she suggested to the producers that Gretel go by Rae upon her return to Llanview.

Todd Manning is not the only frat boy in Roger Howarth’s repertoire.  He briefly played Kent on the defunct ABC soap Loving.

Roger Howarth (Todd) has several tattoos, which the make-up staff must camouflage.  The same goes for Don Jeffcoat’s (Joey) large dragon tattoo on his shoulder 

The set of Eterna, the underground city from the 80's where a few Llanviewnites were trapped, is the largest set ever constructed for a daytime drama. 

Five-time Emmy winner Erika Slezak is not the original Victoria Lord.  She replaced Gillian Spencer, who held the role from the show’s inception to about a year later.  Gillian would then go on to play Daisy on AMC and write scripts for OLTL and currently GH.   

With her five Emmy wins, Erika is the most decorated actress in daytime.