Joe's Wedding Album


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How could a mom not weep!  My baby boy is all grown up!  Second picture is Joe (left in the pic) and my sweet baboo, Eric (right in the pic).  Third is Delena, my daughter, who was the ring hauler.  Last is my beautiful daughter-in-law, Sandra on her dad's arm.

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The ceremony.

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The totally kick-ass cakes I made.  *whew*  It had been about 10 years since I did a wedding cake, so the confidence I showed to Joe about my ability to whip one out was a tiny bit of a facade.  The flowers in the middle of "Humphrey" on cake #2 cover a boo-boo.  Left out the "h" and had to revamp.

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The wedding party.  Joe, Sandra, Eric, Sandra's sisters and Delena.  Next is me with my sweet baboo, gettin' a cuddle.  Seein's as how I'm a fat cow, there are not many pictures of me.  This will be my "before" picture one day.  Anyway, I put my fat chick picture next to the food picture.  Eric is holding our son, Nathan, who is 14 months.  Last in this row, the happy couple.

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Awwww.  *sniff!*  I'm going to cry again.

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My husband with the "bookends" of my sons:  the youngest and the oldest.


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Their first dance.  (Notice Delena on the stairs)