Updated 06/25/2004

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Sneak Peaks

Monday June 28

Jason agrees to let Carly help him discover Sam's secret

Oh anything that lets Carly and Jason work together makes me a happy girl.  I've always thought those two characters were fun together.

Monica wants to be part of Sam's child's life

That would definitely guarantee her some screen time!

Faith begs Sonny for forgiveness and learns he's the father of Sam's baby

All in one scene?

Emily confronts Mary

And the gloss



Lucky admits he is falling for Emily.

Yeah, well, the Luckster had best get right back up again because that's going to be a short tumble onto some pointy rocks.

Sonny orders a hit on Faith when he learns she hired Nico

Guess all that begging for forgiveness just turned him on or something.

Faith warns Sonny that if anything happens to her, Carly will learn he fathered Sam's baby

Yeah, that will last about 29 seconds... maybe even a whole commercial break!

Jason and Carly learn that Sam is a fugitive

That will just make her fit into the family all the more.

Nikolas tells Emily he will never trust her.

Good call!  Sounds like Connor is much smarter than Nikolas.

Sam insists that she did not intentionally kill her mother

Just sort of accidentally burned her down.

Jason and Sonny vow to protect Sam, which infuriates Carly

Yep, it's a goat getter!

Police arrive at Jason and Sam's penthouse but it is empty

Awww.  All that nice furniture gone?  AND the pool table??  It would have made such a great nursery!  They could keep playtex nursers and bottles of lotion in the pockets and diaper wipes in the ball depository!

Nikolas has a flash of real memory.

Maybe he'll remember Gia or Katherine and go looking for them.

Nikolas realizes who he is but does not recall his past

That could be good when you are a Cassadine!

Jason hides Sam at a safe house and promises to fix the trouble she is in

Has she heard how dangerous the "safe" houses are in Sonny's stable?

Georgie and Brook Lynn argue

Poor Georgie just can't get along with anyone, can she?

Lois confronts Sage and Trent about their after-hours recording sessions.

The character of Trent was supposed to be a more major character, but I heard he was trimmed down.  I'm expecting he's not going to be around much, so he should savor the moments when Lois is bitching him out.

Ric badgers Sonny about Sam's disappearance

and the weather and the traffic and about anything else that is likely to be Sonny's fault.  Tiresome, dude.

Jason tells Sam they should leave the country for a while but she resists

This girl is just determined to stay in the line of fire! 

Lucky refuses to help Emily and Elizabeth force Nikolas' memory to return

I'm just grateful he finally knows his brother is alive!

Emily doesn't believe Lucky is in love with her

Maybe the fact that he isn't furious with her for keeping the info to herself that Nikolas is alive isn't enough evidence for her that he's a smitten kitten.

That does it for me!  I'm outta here for another week.  Have a good one, folks.


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